I am not trying to arrange a protest. I am trying to arrange 100 protests

Join us here to find out how you can stage a protest in your area.

The time has come. I am done trying to convince you that this country is not being governed with the American peoples’ best interests at heart. You do not need me to tell you what is wrong with this country. We can all see what is happening from our vastly diverse perspectives.

ProgressiveToo is staging its first demonstration.

How would our government react to 10 million people camped out in their respective cities, peacefully refusing to leave public squares? I think it is time we found out.

What are we protesting against?

1) The Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to make unlimited campaign donations to our elected officials

2) Tax cuts to the wealthiest .003% of Americans while our nation crumbles from the ground up

3) The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

4) The complete lack of government transparency that we were promised

5) The bombs our nation drops on other people

6) The war on collective bargaining rights

7) Education cuts and other budget cuts that enslave the impoverished

8) The simple fact that Americans work 40 hours per week for $10k per year

Participants need not agree with each of these stances. One will do. And of course, this list is incomplete and will grow larger as you complain to me about issues not on this list.  But these are the core issues that we will protest.

All you need to know to participate is that your government is not effectively representing your interests.

I have no money. I have no company. I have no organization. But I have a lot of like-minded friends. For a few days, I have been beating the bushes, seeking out those who are ready to get involved.

This is what a real grassroots movement looks like.

Do you have experience in staging grassroots demonstrations? Are you looking to gain such experience? I am.

Often, we sit around, waiting for the protest to come to our community. I am done waiting. The time has come to bring the protest to you. We need organizers in every state. You do not have to agree with everything I say to get involved. I am not a leader.

All that is required is honesty, civility and a burning desire to make our nation a better place for the next generation. I do not seek mindless followers. I seek thinkers, doers and motivators!

Being a true grassroots movement, we have no sponsors. Money will be an issue. But I don’t recall any provision in our Constitution or the Bill of Rights that states that only those with money have the right to assemble.

I have heard a thousand reasons why this will never work. That is how we got to this point. Assuming we are powerless has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We can either start organizing now, or we can wait a few more years and see what happens. Are you tired of getting ripped off and lied to, yet?

If you live in a city that is going to be hostile to your beliefs, do not plan to protest in that jurisdiction. Most likely, there is a more sympathetic community near you that will make things much easier for us.

The Tea Party does not stage its rallies in Spanish Harlem, because they know they are not welcome. We will show our political adversaries the same respect. We will protest in communities that want to hear our message.

Protesters should not show up expecting a screaming match. If you want to scream at people who disagree with you, this movement may not be the best venue for your brand of politics.

If you are going to make signs, use spell check first. People in other nations look at pictures and videos of these signs at these protests and deem us morons. And I don’t blame them. And the signs should be devoid of insulting rhetoric. We are not protesting American citizens who disagree with us. We are protesting a system that is not representing our interests.

For years we have said that nothing will ever change. And for years, nothing has changed. Perhaps it is time for a new strategy.

These protests will be fun. We will sit and enjoy music. We will share stories. We will politely and respectfully discuss issues with those who disagree with us.

And we will clean up before we leave, because real progressives do not litter.

Please come join the conversation at the ProgressiveToo Facebook page (very new, still in production but available now) where we are discussing just how we are going to create the largest grassroots movement in the history of America.

Get on, tell us where you are from and what you need to start a protest in your community.

PS: This movement is in desperate need of a name!

UPDATE: April 4, 2011 –

Due to a generous donation of time and effort we now have our name as well as our official logo. We are now RiseTogether!

8 thoughts on “I am not trying to arrange a protest. I am trying to arrange 100 protests

  1. I agree an will retweet this. Money may be a problem down the road but it doesn’t cost anything to JUST SHOW UP in your local areas and stand up for what is right.Im in Central Pa any help you can give me as to how to get started Im in 100 percent. Time to Stand Up and right the wrongs if we just sit around and moan and discuss nobody cares showing up and being vocal is what will get attention and hopefully the changes we need now!

  2. Michael –

    I have found that getting people to protest for the sake of protesting is incredibly difficult. These kinds of things work best if there’s a focal point for the protest – something that turns it from waving signs on a sidewalk into a direct action.

    I think you have some good ideas in what you propose, but I also think you’ll find more success if there can be a tighter focus. For example, the first item on your list is regarding unlimited funds in political campaigns. My questions are: Whose funds? Whose campaign? Followed by, can a concise message be developed that people can grasp, and turn into action?

    Here’s a hypothetical: We catch Koch dumping several million into an independent expenditure campaign on behalf of Mike Pompeo. In response, we go protest at Koch’s building in north Wichita. We have a simple message that can be easily communicated. Without that focus, though, it’s hard to get people motivated.

  3. Thomas, thank you so much for taking the time to lend your expertise. A mutual friend of ours speaks very highly of you and we love the Kansas Equality Coalition http://www.kansasequalitycoalition.org/ and the strides you have made towards individual freedom.

    We are currently narrowing our focus down, just as you suggest. Any further assistance you are willing to provide us with is greatly appreciated.

    Michael Shatz

  4. Regarding number one, the Citizens United v the Federal Election Committee, also allows for foreign corporate campaign funding, giving rise to others countries influencing our politics and political leaders. We will be tightening up on the many reasons for these large protests which will be posted on our upcoming Web site. Also, if anyone has anything to add, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment on the Facebook page. Thank you so much. We are ONE! RiseTogether!

  5. Some text I wrote for another protest:

    “Big-Money, Greed-Driven Republican despots who are trampling underfoot our laws, our lives, our democracy, our basic human rights and yes, even our dignity! If Richard Nixon is credited with ‘writing the book’ on ‘Dirty Tricks’, his lessons weren’t lost on this current crop of bullying, greedy, inhumane and uncaring GOP Big-Money shills.
    “Our democracy is being sneakily and stealthily yanked from under our very feet by a new self-proclaimed Master Race of the wealthy elite, who are dedicated to nothing less than the total destruction of the Middle Class and Poor, through the undermining of our public education system; by expanding the practice of ‘Welfare for the Rich’ already solidly in place thanks to the ‘Bush tax cuts for the wealthy’; by increasing the burden on those who can least afford it by making them pay the cost of private schools and school vouchers for the wealthy; by ending the minimum wage; busting up the unions and the right to bargain for a decent living wage; by unilaterally yanking people’s personally-funded pensions after a lifetime of work, justifying the action by spreading the lie that somehow the “state” has been paying all the costs; by declaring null and void the child labor laws; making sure that ‘affordable’ health care is only affordable if you’re rich; by taking away our rights of self-determination and our votes even down to the local level by implementing discriminatory practices and laws, and privatizing and even running themselves our local municipalities without our input, our votes or our consent. And, in spite of the fact that over 700,000 Americans gave their lives so that people of color could be free, there is an undercurrent of racism running through this newly-minted Oligarchy, reflected in discriminatory practices, laws and actions.
    “And if the Christian Right gets its way, we will become not only an oligarchy-run by the very wealthy for the very wealthy-but we will become a Theocracy as well, as religious principles will become once again bound into the fabric of our laws and our Constitution. This the very thing that the Founding Fathers came here to escape-a ‘State’ religion-Anglicanism-dictated from on high by a King and with full compliance to its precepts mandated by law.
    Is this the America we want? To paraphrase Speaker John Boehner – “HELL NO, WE DON’T!!”

    twitter tags #Christianazis #HypoChrists #Repuglicans #TheChristianWrong Other quotes: “Guns,God and Greed” “A Need to Feed the Creed of Greed” “FoxNews: We Distort: You Abide” #FoxNews: We Distort: You Deride” “FoxNews: We Decide:You-REPORT!” (The previous tags and taglines (C) Kenneth A Fischer (Caemoth Iasgais)2010 Permission for use w/ Cite #notmyamerica “It’s Germany, 1932, in Amerika” (C)2009 Kenneth A Fischer from “The Big Lie: Redux”

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