Occupy Wichita Addresses State Legislators

Members of Occupy Wichita were in attendance to speak at a legislators’ public forum Tuesday night. About 150 people attended the town hall meeting, with around 25 state legislators. Speakers had to sign up on a list and each person was given three minutes to address the law makers.

Michelle Pawlak of Occupy Wichita addressed poverty in the state of Kansas:

“Don’t feed me that line about marriage healing poverty. Not knowing how you are going to pay your bills is terrifying.”

Janice Bradley of Occupy Wichita spoke to the issue of corporate influence over our legislature, specifically in regards to the American Legislative Exchange Council:

“Wall Street owns the country. Corporate contributions and lobbyists have taken over the Congress”

Charlie King of Occupy Wichita brought up concerns over plans to eliminate the state income tax:

“A problem I have with ALEC is the elimination of the state income tax. If we cut these income taxes where will we get the money to do anything?”

Doug Ballard of Occupy Wichita spoke about how the actions of the legislature affect the poorest Kansans:

“ALEC is a partnership of big corporations and state legislators. ALEC harms the most vulnerable”

Russ Patecky of Occupy Wichita voiced concerns over rising property taxes:

“Many people will fall victim to the foreclosure racket. What has happened to government of the people, for the people and by the people. ALEC is the science of corruption perfected to an art.”

Mike Shatz of Occupy Wichita (me) read a list of ALEC corporations and the legislators who enact the model legislation that supports the 1% at the expense of the 99%:

More video and coverage to follow.

And we have Tom James playing his banjo for the legislators, singing “Bread and Roses”, lyrics by James Oppenheim, music by Mimi Farina:

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