Video: Occupy Wichita Occupies Senator Pat Roberts’ Office to Oppose #NDAA

Members of Occupy Wichita staged a demonstration outside Senator Pat Roberts’ office today, complete with detainees, a prison cell and private security personnel. Since President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law on New Year’s Eve, there has been little attention given to the detainee provisions of military funding bill, which according to civil liberties advocates, do allow for the possible detention of United States citizens without due process.

After performing a mock detention outside Roberts’ office, the “detainees” were escorted into the building to deliver a message detailing Occupy Wichita’s opposition to the indefinite detention of not just Americans, but people all over the world. Roberts’ assistant, Mel Thomas, let us into the office and even allowed us to film inside. Thomas was friendly and promised to pass our message along to the Senator.

While we staged our demonstration outside a Republican Senator’s office, we feel it is important to note that if President Obama had an office in Wichita, Kansas, we would protest there, too. This bill was passed by both Democrats and Republicans, with overwhelming support in both Houses. The president signed the bill despite “reservations” about the detainee provisions. You sign it, you own it.

Is this what freedom looks like?

More photos to follow…



11 thoughts on “Video: Occupy Wichita Occupies Senator Pat Roberts’ Office to Oppose #NDAA

  1. Americans simply do not understand the constant media brainwashing
    of which they be victims /TV news programmes appalling brainwashing
    the truth being ever diluted until its pure fantasy 24/ 7 24/7 24/7 24/7..

    Backed by newspapers & movies thus enforcng a world of pure fantasy,

    That now so many / in having independent thought /as free themselves
    from the brainwasing // is nothing short of a miracle .. The odds of such
    happening is thousands to one / yet it happens truely there be miracles.

    Its going to be a long road / testing times /yet the greatest obstacle has
    been overcome / in the brain abled grow being allowed its development.

  2. Thank you so much for posting about this! NDAA is one of many reasons why I’m immigrating out of the USA as soon as possible. I’m not waiting around to get “indefinitely detained” for a blog post (unlikely, but legally it could happen b/c of NDAA).

    I’m also glad to see someone fairly criticize GOP and Dems. You’re right, if Mr. Obama hadn’t approved of NDAA with his failure to veto it (silence is approval right?) we wouldn’t be having to deal with this right now. And as far as I’m concerned, any government official who voted in favor of NDAA, or did nothing to stop it, has broken their oath of office. That type of action could technically be considered treason. While I don’t advocate violence, I do advocate that anyone the people who broke their oaths of office be impeached and possibly go to prison. This is an egregious affront to liberty. Thank you for posting about it! Please follow my blog if you get a chance!

    1. tacitusrmars / Your saying one (UNLIKELY) “indefinitely detained”
      for a blog post /// shows how brainwashed your in having become.

      The law is now in place that any individual can bre arrested as an
      terrorist suspect // where having no rights to a lawyer or be a trial.

      Its a simple matter for lawyers in linking one’s words as in being an
      terrorist act /that a individual greatly threatens the nations security
      dealing with such a threat it for the benefit protection of freedom &
      democracy / such dangerious individuals be “indefinitely detained”.

      The republican media via TV / newspapers / radis / movies / ect ect
      would soon have it accepted / that the arrest of individual being just
      as they were a treat unto democracy // a threat to american freedom.

      Such is the way it works // through decades of brainwashing people
      in having but lost the ability of independent thought /thus accepting
      what they are told / when it’s but 24/7 being repeated via the media.

      1. William, you’re labeling the media “Republican”, but let’s not forget who signed the bill into law (signing statements be damned). This is not a Republican vs Democrat thing. None of our recent history or elections is or has been. That’s all a surface lie we’ve swallowed. Please look deeper. The media is not liberal or conservative. It is not Republican or Democratic. It is controlled, to be sure, but such distinctions do not serve us; they are tools of the controllers. Distractions. Distortions of the true situation.

        1. Tim / your a good soul in main. / Yet are limited in the picture you view.

          Republican as democrat are states of mental development which going
          back centuries as thousands of years names changing as be expected
          however it be the devil is the devil as a rose is rose by any other name.

          In use of the media Democrats ARE children compared to Republicans
          in use of media brainwashing / though over the last 50yrs / Democrats
          having learnt much as needed / unto the power of media brainwashing.

          It beyond the expectations of even the wisest / radio / TV / newspapers
          via satellite placed in space // has allowed Republicans in not only their
          extending of empire but having complete world domination of humanity.

          In regard to BARACK / signing away basic human rights there t’was no
          choice. Such choice made for him through circumstances. The internet
          has opened a gateway for truth // not brainwashing / resuling in people
          in opening their eyes unto the reality of the situation / no longer having
          to swallow govt agenda in being their only source of world as domestic
          news of events / as a true reality to what one being told one being feed.

          It be expected a conflict of people against corrupt political power.Thus
          the removing of ones rights which ROOTS is Republican not Democrat.
          The reality for BARACK ( force will be needed if govt to maintain order
          where having to face reality of a future where/ people challenging govt.

          How did such a situation arise ?. Republicans have gone mad in their
          dream of world domination / the nations wealth its resources in having
          gone to support the military // as $billions used in control of the media
          in spinning out the brainwashing // in supporting of countless conflicts.

          The result of such agenda having brought the USA its people unto an
          state of moral decay as financial ruin // the nation sinking into decline.

          The republicans in their re-gaining power know they must take control
          of the internet //// thus blocking any alternative voice unto their control
          however they know such a lost cause // unless taking the direst action
          to control the internet // ( such they try justify removing freedom of the
          internet // via any halfbaked nonsense / the back room boys dream up.

          Major govts have had to adapt to the internets developing effect upon
          people’s understanding / freedom of true information not brainwashing
          which in main has not been perfect // but they are coming to terms with
          it thus in allowing people a greater freedom / however /the USA such is
          not the case where an 1% having grown accustomed having the power
          having the wealth // where politicians are bought as sold / as to please
          where elections having become a farce // where both parties follow the
          same agenda of world domination backed by 24/7 media brainwashing.

    2. Tacitus, leaving America might actually be more dangerous than staying. Remember, Mr. Obama has already used drones to kill American citizens abroad. At least here you’ll only end up in FEMAnamo.

      1. Tim / there being much truth in your words
        however times a changing …. Republicans
        before having had full control of the media.

        Having been challenged over the years by
        the freedom of internet. Such resulting in /
        american people having another source of
        information unto the reality /not media spin.

        Thus present situation / Republicanns have
        lost their ability in having a complete control
        they are challenged // by their own people’s
        the result of such // Republicans now regard
        their own people/ as being also their enemy
        resulting in the people being stripped / of all
        basic rights / any individual now be arrested
        as a terrorist suspect they having no access
        unto a lawyer // or a trial // but kept in prison.

        It is but a matter of time where police brutality
        against the people // in being replaced where
        it the military whom be put on the streets with
        orders / shooting dead all protesters on sight.

        It be then a short step for the military in using
        helicopter gunships thus killing any gathering
        of protesters. The homes of those wanted by
        the govt then be the target of missle or bomb.

    1. Very encouraging to hear from you, John! From the beginning, many Occupiers have made the case for finding common ground with the Tea Party, but it’s been my impression that most Tea Partiers conversely want nothing to do with the Occupy movement.

      Imagine what would happen if we all stood side by side to demand the changes we agree on! Maybe we can all join forces when it warms up. Or maybe it’ll be a moot point by then. Either way, I’m grateful for your comment.

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