Protesters converge on Topeka, Ks

Topeka, Kansas – Despite the cool, damp weather, about 400 protesters from around the state converged upon the capitol in Topeka to protest Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s anti-immigration policies and his alleged ties to a white supremacist group. The demonstrators were bused in from around the state to voice their opposition to Kobach.

Louis Goseland, an organizer of the event, said in a press release:

“Before taking office in January 2011, Kobach became the nation’s celebrity nativist after drafting Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant law SB1070.”

Goseland also points out that Kobach recently shared a stage with a white nationalist.

The demonstrators were peaceful and in good spirits playing music and carrying signs denouncing hate. The demonstrators also served the state with a Kansas Open Records Act request inquiring as to how Kris Kobach has spent his time since taking office.

Organizers of the event have shown that Kobach has spent a significant amount of time  traveling around the nation promoting anti-immigration policies since taking office.

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