Rally for Justice in Wichita – Trayvon Martin Matters

Several hundred gathered in Wichita, Kansas to show their outrage over the senseless shooting of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin and to demand justice. Trayvon was shot while walking home in his Florida neighborhood. George Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed “captain” of the neighborhood watch, claims he shot Martin in self-defense, but mounting evidence shows Zimmerman to be the aggressor. Zimmerman has not been arrested.

Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Representative Melody McCray-Miller and Reverend Reuben Eckels were among those in attendance at the rally which started outside Koch Arena at Wichita State University. At one point, the demonstrators marched about a block down the road to a sub-station of the Wichita Police Department. The rally continued, with protests against racial-profiling and the “Stand Your Ground” law, which is protecting Zimmerman’s “right” to shoot an unarmed child that he chased down.

Activist Juanita Blackmon demands justice for Trayvon Martin in Wichita, Kansas.

16 thoughts on “Rally for Justice in Wichita – Trayvon Martin Matters

  1. Of cause world is not a perfect place and never will be. Racism also will remain. Question is how much racism involved and how much you would like to be involved? In a situation like this, there are racist people from, white, black, and another ethnic background and also the third kind, I called them vultures. This third kind is the most dangerous. They will appear in an even like Trayvon’s death and fuels the situation for their own political gain. Please be careful, nearly 200 years with all the love and hate, America came this far, for god sake now we have a black president, this is not 1950s Mississippi any more. 2008 America joined hands and made history for better or worst we did it without any hesitation. We have come this far. Please try not to go back to where we were

  2. BARACK with a stroke of the pen removed ones right
    to a just fair trial. Any individual can now be arrested
    where no charge made / no court appearance made
    no legal representation a situation where a individual
    is but left to rot in a prison cell for any period of time
    such poor souls be deprived of all their human rights.

    BARACK was put in a honoured position of office to
    to protect the right of the people // where he having
    done the opposite / in removing the rights of people
    unto the most treasured of right s/ that of a just trial.

    It’s for the american people’s in opening their eyes
    unto appalling injustice /which they are now victims.

    Politicians are being bought & sold by those whom
    having the wealth to do so /thus politicians work to
    the agenda of their financial backers // the people
    brushed aside /// treated as if being of no concern.

    It be a dire time for americans money has corrupted
    politics unto the point that ones vote is meaningless.

    $billions in bribes used for putting such politicians in
    place whom will support / as campaign for an attack
    a invasion of IRAN thus to continue the slaughtering
    of muslims / to continue a brutal act of mass murder
    under cover that its in defence of freedom / done in
    defence of democracy that it be done in Gods name.

  3. The article is false. Mounting evidence shows that Martin was the aggressor. The most credible witnesses have said that they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, beating him up. When police arrived, Zimmerman had a broken nose, bloodied head, and grass stains on the back of his clothes which corroborates the stories.

    But of course the truth usually doesn’t make as good a headline as “White Man Kills Unarmed Black Teen”. Oh, Zimmerman isn’t even white. He’s multiracial Hispanic.

  4. People need to step back for a minute and handle this matter in a more rational way. Ever so often, we have the explosion of the undercurrent of our American culture of racism and then nothing changes.

    The death of this young man is horrible and sad but it also exposes the underbelly of the judicial system in the USA. Why was the matter so shoddily investigated? Why did Zimmerman follow Trayvon? At least we have established that this young man was followed by a self appointed vigilante. He was not paid or on the employment roll of any organization. He just followed this young man and killed him in a scuffle. That is all we know.

    I think the larger issue we should be pursuing at this point is a lasting and meaningful end to racism. Failing that, to properly equip the Black community with tools for success in this country.

    Crime has a Black and now, a Brown face too in America. Our country is fraught with divisions that are constructed malevolently by the media and those with a vested interest in having a divided country e,g.. the politicians.
    It is not enough to demonstrate and focus on the symptom alone because the fervor and outcry will die down and young Black men will continue to live with the absurd fear that they can and will be stereotyped and killed for anything because of the American cultural racial canker.

    Yes, there is an immediate issue that needs to be addressed but there is a greater issue at stake. Why is America still so divided? Why does segregation persist in many communities and above all, why does the Black community appear helpless in challenging the view that a Black life is less than a White one.

    These are the larger and looming issues because unfortunately, stereotyping leads to fatal incidents which will not end because of this publicized death.


  5. Any loss of life is a tragedy, no doubt. However, condemnation should only come once all the facts are in. Even with evidence mounting against Zimmerman, which it no doubt is, there are still missing pieces to this puzzle; pieces which might change the picture completely. Judgement should reserved until all the facts are in. Condemnation should be based off reason, not passion.

  6. what “mounting evidence” shows Zimmerman was the aggressor?? An unarmed “child” ? he took Zimmerman to the ground with one punch and is over half a foot taller and a decade younger…the kid was prone to violence, (bragging about decking a bus driver on his twitter account – AKA “Slim – NO-LIMIT-NIGGA” ) and was trespassing through a gated community. Two eye witnesses have said it was Martin who punched Zimmerman from behind as he walked away, then got on top of Zimmerman slamming his head into the ground….your opinions do not support the facts in this case…

  7. The answer to the problem of division of fear of racist brainwashing
    to be found in one’s spiritual development. The explanation / giving
    guidance is not the problem // the means of peace not the problem
    the problem being in one ready in taking the vital steps / as needed
    in bringing one’s Spiritual Enlightenment in bringing completion unto
    one’s journey / through the many lives of one’s human development.

    What are the vital steps one taking / unto knowing the Spiritual Self ?.

    The vital last steps in taking / the last piece of the jigsaw in one fitting
    being that of meditation / in one turning the senses inward where one
    can experience the power of creation undiluted ( in undiluted I means
    one goes to the very source of creation) not as in one looking only to
    the material (where the power of creation is much diluted). One could
    give more understanding of such as to its reasoning however I do not
    wish in making a detour from giving the basic understanding as to an
    explanation as how one proceeding unto an final stage of the journey.

    How one can get the aid in ones learning in one turning to meditation ?.

    Throughout the history of humanity there’s spiritual teachers / amongst
    such teachers be the “Teacher of Teachers” present times the teacher
    of teachers be Prem Rawat / whom having dedicated his life / unto such
    imparting the knowledge of knowing ones spiritual self unto those whom
    desire such / those in having reached such a stage whom are prepared
    via meditation in turning the senses inward // taking belief unto knowing.

    On PC search put (words of peace) on site an selection of videos which
    Prem talks / as explains meditation // of one turning the senses inward in
    bringing an unfolding of the spiritual self. Not ideas. Not beliefs. Not of a
    heaven a paradise beyond the clouds / but that of one’s having practical
    spiritual experience that gifts a clarity of understanding / as answering all
    one’s questions. What be the purpose of life ?. Whom am I ?. Is there an
    God ?. Is there a heaven ?. Thus in meditation one finding the holy grail
    knowing the word of god as the breath of life. Seeing the light of creation.

    The cure in answering problems of humanity /is not a problem / problem
    problem being in one taking the needed steps in one accepting the cure

    Why the human race finding such few vital needed steps be so difficult ?.

    The reason for such is one’s concentration but focused on the material
    ones senses directed upon the material // thus one need re-direct their
    senses (not in one’s removing the material) but in one’s experience of
    the spiritual // bring a balance unto the the material // in bringing clarity
    unto one’s understanding as to the purpose of the material / in it being
    the human form via brain (understanding) that via heart (experience) is
    the gateway to heaven / that one can abide in both material & spiritual.

    Brothers & Sisters // as be said in the begin. The cure be known that in
    healing human need. Yet it only the individual taking the vital steps that
    needed / that will bring one’s Spiritual Enlightenment in knowing creator.

  8. I hear reports that several of what have been described as Neo-Nazi Militia groups have now entered into the area around where this senseless tragedy occurred and that they are armed and patrolling neighborhoods.

    If there is outrage being expressed about the “Stand Your Ground” Laws, then there probably ought to be outrage being expressed about these “Private” militias too.

    I think the combination of a “Permission To Kill At Will” Law combined with the militance of a private militia with guns and ammunition running the streets of an emotionally charged crime scene constitutes a volatile powder keg of negative possibilities.

  9. The western world having long learned / the art of divide and conquer
    such be how they having present control of the world / of most nations.

    Britain must be a example of such cunning & deceit .. in at one time it
    having great part of the world under an umbrella of the British Empire
    though it must be said for Britain they did try form basis of democracy
    & freedom & justice. Yet capable of brute force as often wrongly used.

    The USA never did learn the art of divide & conquer having a attitude
    lacking in little attempt towards justice / freedom / democracy / only in
    claiming superiority through brute force / their deprivation of freedom.

    The USA is today as t’was at the time of the end of the Roman Empire
    the political situation of Rome was that of an cancer of corruption that
    was destroying within thus bringing their own destruction their own fall.

    Rather a USA in holding power on the international stage / USA govts
    now having to take extreme measures to control their own population.

    The right of a just trial by a jury removed by the stroke of a pen / any
    individual now be arrested No charge be made. No court appearence
    No legal representation the individual simply left to rot in a prison cell.

    Holding power American politicians /use an divide & conquer strategy
    against their own people. Knowing not doing so / then the population
    would but rise as one against such present appalling state of political
    corruption. The appalling unjust ownership of the nations wealth that
    ten % hold eighty % of the nations wealth /// whom owning controlling
    the media / thus for decades / abled spin out appalling brainwashing.

    The nation brought to bankruptcy in a folly of seeking world military
    domination. $Trillions wasted setting up puppet govts // which being
    not accepted by the people’s puppet govt’s which facing only failure.

    If America / its people to survive / as come through an bad situation
    then the last thing that be needed is that they turn upon each other
    black agin white /poor agin rich / where police use brutality agin the
    people. / People whom already stripped of most basic human rights.

    It truly be a time for compassion of understanding of being human
    not the worst aspects of being human but the finer qualities where
    one approach the problems with a open heart with a helping hand.

  10. This distracts Americans from the real issues at hand. 49 People were shot on St. Patrick’s day but most people didn’t heard about that. Instead they only heard about this one case that is just a sideshow for msm to distract everyone. It’s a meaningless case that should stop being discussed, the judicial process will work itself out. This is the problem I’ve outlined here: http://politicalgforce.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/distractions-from-the-real-issues/

    1. politicalgforce / Of course you are correct / that far greater crimes committed
      than the one that being focused on by the media / however such the situation
      at present is BARACK if in getting another term in office needs the black vote
      thus we will have more such situations brought to the fore /black against white
      thus BARACKcan play the saviour of the black people / in securing his victory
      at the election / thus another term of lies deceit /where the american people’s
      again but treated as mere sheep to fleece / stripped of all basic human rights.

      If such media brainwashing fails then they will return to the threat of terrorism
      how IRAN threatens an nuclear attack upon the USA OR AS CHINA threaten
      an attack upon the USA // HOW RUSSIA is a grave nuclear threat to the USA.

      The reality of the situation. Rather than the development of the human brain
      USA govts for decades have gone for 24/7 media brainwashing // playing the
      people for fools // politics having become so corrupt that an election is but to
      replace a group of political fraudsters by another group of political fraudsters.

      Through the attempt at world military domination Amereic’s resources having
      been depleted // the nation now in a state of bankruptcy $trillions were spent
      wasted on wars / in setting up failing puppet govts. On an international stage
      USA govts having lost all respect /and are simply not trusted by most nations.

      How does one get out of such a situation ?. One must start freeing the media
      that the media can do as they are intended / in reporting the truth / in holding
      politicians unto account // thus its an complete mindshift from the present govt
      control /which having brought such a dire situation / for the american people’s.

      Of course the ultimate saving // is that of the individuals spiritual development
      yet present time the need is to restore some basics of true democracy having
      been lost in main done by people’s failing to hold politicians unto account / as
      that of politicians whom having abused the power of office // seeking only that
      of political power totally blind to the appalling behaviour they have resorted to
      no longer a voice of the people in upholding the law in serving justice be done
      but rather having placed themselves above the law where abled in committing
      the most appalling crimes // where free from fears of being brought to account.

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