Investigate the Wichita Police Department for Rampant Corruption

The Wichita Police Department should be investigated by the media and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, not to mention the American Civil Liberties Union on charges of rampant corruption. Despite countless claims made by citizens over the years, the department has rarely found any cases of wrongdoing by officers. Police shootings have become a routine occurrence and the public is force-fed the police version of these stories, without ever being exposed to contradictory statements made by witnesses and victims of the department’s alleged crimes against humanity.

All across the nation, police departments are being openly investigated in far reaching corruption probes, ranging from cover-ups involving police violence, to outright thievery and drug dealing by officers. Yet, authorities and media outlets in Wichita remain largely silent towards numerous claims of corruption involving the WPD. Citizen journalists are just beginning to interview witnesses and victims, to make their stories heard. But such actions will not suffice without help from the mainstream media and federal authorities, who are now investigating the Sheriff’s Department for cases of inmate abuse in the county jail.

This same government magnifying glass needs to be turned on the Wichita Police Department, sooner, rather than later. We need investigators who are not tied to the City of Wichita or the department. We need supervisors overseeing these investigations, who also share no ties with the city or the department. We need a court system that is equally impartial, to preside over any resulting criminal charges.

Police officers are not any different from any other segment of our society. Some officers are honest, decent servants of the public. Others are not. All across the nation, investigations are being launched, and officers are being arrested and tried for their crimes. The citizens of Wichita deserve a department that prides itself on transparency and accountability. As it stands, the Wichita Police Department is rapidly losing the trust of a growing segment of the population, which is dangerous both to officers and to those who rely on these officers for safety.

Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams has repeatedly defended the actions of the department’s officers, while withholding crucial information from the public and media. Williams has made controversial statements regarding the department’s need to shoot more people and, when questioned, would rather speak to the emotional hardship of the officer than express any condolences to the victims. Williams should resign and be replaced by someone who will investigate the department and expose the corruption that so many have witnessed, firsthand.

This is a paraphrase from a press conference in which Williams defends the officer shooting of Karen Jackson, who police say repeatedly stabbed herself before being shot by police. A person close to Jackson’s family says her body contained no stab wounds.

8 thoughts on “Investigate the Wichita Police Department for Rampant Corruption

  1. This is true I am in the middle of a full blown investigation. These cops are the most illegal. They always fail to act when their fraud is broadcasted. Norman Williams is on his way out he just don’t know it yet. I know a lot of people standing up for their rights. Go to this web site and find out who you really are and how much power you really have. This world will change when people state.d up for their rights.

  2. If people would obey our commands we will stop shooting them….really? What if your commands are unlawful and unconstitutional and a violation of our rights? Do we still “HAVE” to obey them at the risk of being shot? And if they don’t care about rights then they will not care about honesty, what’s to stop them from shooting you in the back? And the attitude they through that you as a citizen are inferior, and they should be respected as officers…..Respect is not a given, put a smile on your face and be a hero and maybe people will respect you, nobody signed you up to be a cop, you want respect earn it and treat others with respect not chase them into a church and shoot them in the gut and plant a weapon on them.

    1. Yall gone shoot regardless they don’t give taze guns for nothing.yall suppose to protect and serve not kill people, run them over with yall cars, taking drugs and money. Yall forget you to are a citizen with or without that uniform but yet yall dont even obey but by the laws. Its sad that people are scare of cops because they don’t wanna be shot or beat to death.


    1. Is he Michelle Bachman’s twin? I saw him tell a grandmother that her whole neighborhood is just a bunch of jerks. And that their neighborhood Pres is an a$$hole.

  4. I agree 100%. I am at the beginning of own investigation of the Wichita PD and the chief in particular. I’ve never even lived there but can say from experience the department is not right. In 2008 my brother-in-law was murdered in Wichita. When we arrived there he was still on life support but considered brain dead. We slept in that hospital for 2 days waiting on the testing to be done for organ donation. In that entire time not one one police officer showed up to speak with the family. They didn’t even attempt to contact us at all. We had to call them over and over to even find out what was happening with the 2 men they had arrested. Then just before he was taken off life support the chief of police himself went on the news and gave a statement that my brother-in-law had not been murdered but had accidentally shot himself in the head while trying to break a car window with a gun. Even though the coroner had not even made a ruling because he didn’t have his body yet. If they had even bothered to come to the hospital or speak to the family they would have seen that he had other injuries consistent with having been attacked and we would have been able to tell them that their theory was impossible because he was left handed and gunshot wound was on the right side of his head. Luckily I worked in media at the time and was able to get some local contacts. They aired our story that evening and within the hour the coroner ruled his death a homicide. But we never heard another word from the department and never received an apology from the chief. We feel that because my brother-in-law was Latino and had previously done time in prison they were eager to write it off as just another dead brown guy. I have since been raising his son that he left behind and I feel I owe to him to right this great wrong.

  5. 7-15-13 Chief Norman Williams watches silently while man bullies grandma. Chief Williams looked at the Granny who was pleading with him for help and told her she was on her own. He sat back & watched with a grin on his face. There’s something wrong with that guy.

  6. It’s not just shootings it’s lies an false police reports wrong full arrests an cops that think that are above the law like sgt.Bogle an Robert A Thatcher WPD ID #2070 WHO steals money from crime scenes an lies about what the took on top of writeing false report on top of kicking in peoples doors without a warrent

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