A Kansan’s thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church is little more than a public front for a law firm based in Topeka, Kansas. The firm, Phelps Chartered, is owned and staffed by the Phelps family, which also owns and operates the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).

I paid the Phelps family law firm a visit...
I paid the Phelps family law firm a visit…

Fred Phelps, who started the church, is himself a disbarred lawyer, who, strangely enough, spent much of his career fighting for equal rights for minorities. The church, as most people know, travels around the nation, protesting at soldiers’ funerals, and most recently, at the funerals of the children who were slain in Connecticut last week.

WBC protesters carry signs that claim American deaths are God’s wrath for “tolerating homosexuality” in our society.

The internet collective known as Anonymous has declared war on WBC, reposting the personal information of church members. The information was originally posted by Anonymous, after they hacked the church’s website while talking to one of the Phelps’ on a live radio show.

Several months ago, I visited the Phelps’ law firm in Topeka, because we just stumbled across it on our way to the state capitol. We stopped, went inside and started asking questions about the protests.

One the Phelps daughters told us it was inappropriate for us to ask church questions at the law firm and rudely shut her window on me, which looked like it might have been made of armored glass.

Imagine that, the people who protest at funerals scolding me on addressing my grievances in the appropriate place. So we left. On our way out of town, we went back to get a few pictures. They were taking our pictures through the window as we were posing next to their sign, which appears to have taken quite a beating at some point.

As I said, the church is really nothing more than a front for the law firm. The Phelps family and their hate group do not protest based on any belief system. This is a business model for them. They purposefully seek to protest in the most offensive places so that municipalities will infringe upon their First Amendment rights.

Once this happens, they sue, and they win. Most people in Kansas tend to ignore the Phelps family and their church, because we do not want to give attention to these people.

However, their addresses, particularly the church address and phone number are being spread around the web, so I thought I would add the address and phone number of their business, since they seem to dislike receiving complaints about their church at the law firm.

Phelps Chartered

(785) 233-4162

1414 SW Topeka Blvd

Topeka, KS 66612

phelps law

49 thoughts on “A Kansan’s thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church

    1. “Imagine that, the people who protest at funerals scolding me on addressing my grievances in the appropriate place.” The Phelps Law firm is not a public place. The protests are held in the appropriate place: the public square. yeesh you people are thick.

  1. The best way to derail their business model, is to ignore them, and don’t give them a reason to sue. Once they start loosing enough money, they won’t be able to afford to go all these places to protest. These are just my opinion, as a fellow Kansan.

      1. Yes, there are new groups trolling them every day. By trolling these groups do not warrent a lawsuit from the church. They show up in ellaborate costumes to draw the attention on themselves, and away from the WBC. They show the WBC is unwelcome but do not resort to violence to do so.

  2. Interesting. So the Church is a front for their unethical business tactics, as well as the means to “launder” the profits from their litigation cases that are won.

    Nice scam.

  3. Fortunately, they’ll have a much harder time suing individuals, who’ve every right to infringe on them by being louder than they can be, and those seem to be the most prominent obstacle in their way these days. No municipality needed, so no government entity to sue for infringing on their rights, no more cash flow. I’ve no doubt they’re losing revenue sources and trying to be more and more edgy these days with this latest hypocrisy. It means we’re winning, and if they don’t do something fast, their days are numbered, so keep up the private protests and don’t get your local officials involved!

  4. Hard as it is to endure, ignoring them is the best reaction we can have. It’s not tolerating their behavior. It’s preserving our rights. Our society is being pitted against itself and those doing the pitting are the ones winning. We have to have firmer resolve and not give in to our reactive nature. That’ll shut down the Phelps, eventually. In the meantime we learn to endure and come up with better counter measures. I personally love it when everyone from biker clubs to college students stand up and block their access by just standing their ground.

  5. Jason, I respectfully disagree, and I am sincere about the respect, as your heart is in the right place and an argument could certainly be made for your position. However, WBC or organizations can’t sue individuals who may organize a counter-protest; they can only sue government agencies when they are denied the right to protest. However, I do believe that it is important that they receive a clear message everywhere they go that their bigotry and hate are unwelcome.

    1. Saw a special on these clowns, Louie Theroux followed them and their hate mongrels around and found that the most effective way to ignore them, at least from the officials stand point, is to give them a designated area to run their gate agenda, miles away from the funeral or whatever event they are picketing, set up a high fence, stick em behind it 1000 meters from the event and let them protest to their hearts content, they are far enough away to be easily ignored and unheard and they can’t claim their rights are being violated , they have a place to protest and if they try to come closer then they can be arrested and can’t sue

  6. Municipalities need to start charging them for their security during their “protests”. Any other group that has a scheduled event with preplanned security has to pay up front. If they don’t pay the city, the security doesn’t show and then they can call 911 like everyone else.

    1. losers like you who keep frothing at the mouth about their lawful peaceful first amendment activity and want to stop them and make death threats and vandalize their property ALL help to ensure that the police have to be there in ever stronger force to protect them.

  7. I’ve read the blog posts and a speech about his childhood by Nate Phelps, one of Fred Phelps kids who ran away the literal day he turned 18 (www.natephelps.com) and if his work is accurate I think Fred Phelps is insane and the fact that his insanity is considered a religion rather than insanity is a sad commentary on the issues we still have in society. But this is an interesting theory nontheless.


    1. You cannot top the truth. You cant beat them. I guess you could carry a sign that says God hates me. that would top them.

  9. He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!” Matt 21:13

    I’d like to do a little more than toss their tables at this point.

  10. What is being said here is basically true. The Phelps family has made substantial amounts of money through litigation on First Amendment violations. They try to claim function as a church for the tax exempt status and quite frankly the shock value of a hate group operating as a church. The only thing I would add is that they did win an award from the father of a soldier who sued them for harrassment and lost on First Amendment grounds, leaving them the win on the counter-suit.

    Basically, if they were bloggers on the internet, they’d be trolls. Dont feed the trolls. Let them do there shenannigans and ignore them, just shield those they would hurt. Eventually when the money dries up, they’ll just blow away.

  11. I was just wondering how many followers they have? Does anyone know? I live in Pacific Mo they came to protest at a funeral for a local military hero there was over 100 bikers there to block them from getting to the family with their filth!! It was pretty funny though 1 man and 2 women showed up they got out of their van opened the hatchback took out signs held them up for just a few seconds then took out of there like their butts where on fire lol

  12. I was a juror at a criminal trial in which one of the Phelps sons was the defense attorney (defendant was a black male). He did a creditable job, although his client was convicted (the crime was on videotape). I hold no brief for the Phelps family, but they do some actual lawyering, and with some competence.

  13. Matthew 21:12-13 “12 Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. 13 He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”

    these “Christians” aren’t the only ones who know the bible

  14. Please consider making a donation, even a very small one, to the gay-rights or atheist organization of your choice. There is only one requirement – make sure you donate in the name of any member of the WBC, and include their address so that they will be sure to receive a thank-you letter and an annual request for more donations. :)

  15. It is illegal to willingly abuse the legal system for monetary gain. It is a real mystery as to why the entire Westboro and Phelps firms have not been put in jail because of this. Their repeated pattern of their business model shows this “INTENT” to commit “FRAUD” which is all you need to show just cause. Some judge out there needs to grow a pair and finally sentence them accordingly and place them all in jail for this.

    This is the same thing as purposely running green lights in the hopes of being hit by a last second yellow light runner (very common insurance scam done in the 80’s). Many people after their 6th lawsuit were thrown in jail for endangering others and abusing the legal system for monetary gains. Westboro and Phelps are doing the same thing.

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