State of Kansas spits on foster children

The State of Kansas has awarded a contract to St. Francis Community Services for the management of foster care services in Sedgwick County. Youthville, the former provider, will continue to provide services, subcontracting through St. Francis.

The Wichita Eagle reports that the Department for Children and Families says that nothing will change.

“We hope it will be seamless,” DCF spokeswoman Angela de Rocha said of the transition to new contractors. “We’ll continue to provide the same services. We believe the services will be better. We’re not reducing any services.”

However, local foster parents say they have already been warned that they should expect a reduction in the amount of money they receive each month.

Foster parents in Kansas generally receive $21 per child, per day, a paltry sum to raise a child on. But some children, those with disabilities, behavior disorders, or those who simply present a significantly higher challenge might receive $36 per day, still, a very small amount of money.

Local foster parents have been told that the state will only be providing $21 per day for these children, who do actually cost more to raise. These kids have doctor’s appointments that have to be kept, causing their foster parents to miss work. Some of these children may have trouble functioning in school, which can also cause parents to miss work.

These foster parents’ regular paychecks, from their non-foster parenting jobs, just got smaller due to tax increases from Washington. And now, thanks to the State of Kansas, they will be receiving another $15 dollars less each day, if not more.

Special needs children simply cost more money to raise, and we are hardly giving them any money to begin with. These are literally some of our state’s most vulnerable children, and now, the people who have dedicated their homes and their lives to these children, will have less money to spend on them.

As a former foster child in this state, I can personally attest to the fact that foster parents are often working class families, with children of their own, who open their homes to those children who are among the least fortunate in our society. And they usually do so at a financial loss.

Our Governor, Sam Brownback, has repeatedly claimed that he will reduce childhood poverty in Kansas. By all accounts, his plan revolves around taking money away from the poorest children in this state. And, because his administration is well-known for retaliating against dissent of any form, the foster parents are silenced…Brownback cuts funding to poor kids

9 thoughts on “State of Kansas spits on foster children

  1. please that why the foster parents do it n help keep the children out of the homes it about MONEY not bout the childs need to be home with parents whos done nothing wrong or whats best for the child i know this for a fact it happened to all three of my daughters who was removed it was not about them it was the money the foster parent recieves for them thats y she fought so hard to keep my oldest daughter n got the dr to pull the younger too out of the home n fought like she did cause she was recieving money for them

    1. I agree. I was placed in foster care ( if you call call it care) at the age of 5 along with my one brother and two sisters in Philadelphia PA. Another example couple brother and sister were also fostered there. And there was the parents two biological sons and a baby in a cribbage. I dare to say that foster parents become such out of love for children oder destitute. We were the workers for that family. We were the whipping post for that family. We were left in a small back yard ,locked outside when the parents were away for the day. This was done so that we couldn’t get into the refrigerator and eat the food. We’ve been beaten about the head so often til three of us grew up with mental conditions (brain malfunctions). We were called names, made fun of by the parents and thier friends. They vacationed in Atlantic City on the beach with thier two biological sons while we were left with thier friends family that were also foster parents. They also seemed to enjoy slapping on us foster kids.. After 6 years with them I was separated from my all of them and placed at a place in Cheyney PA. Named Sunnycrest Farm For Destitute Negro Boys. Here with 30 other boy I started 5th grade through 7th. I felt much more safe from physical harm. During this time, my siblings were transfered to another family and two years later, I joined them. WHOA!!!!! What in the heck happened? This new place was as bad as it gets. We became slaves to this family. We kept the house cleaned. We were allowed to interview the refrigerator without permission. Food? Ha. We were not allowed to drink fresh milk, but we were allowed to make and drink the Government issued powdered Milk How lumpy and sour that was. We were not allowed to eat her Government issued butter , but we could have margarine. School lunch bag consisted of Government Issued peanut butter ( very oily) and government issued SPAM which we boiled first before frying to get the salt out. We were not allowed to eat her Government Issued 5lb block of Cheese. If and when we had cold cereal it was only because her husband worked in a supper market and was allowed to dump un sellable cereal in a brown bag and take home ( The store had to keep the empty cereal boxes for credit) . We were fed Government Issued Oatmeal. Hot bread was made with Government Issued flour. Now along with me, my brother and two sisters thier were four other foster children and her two biological children one boy and one girl. As foster kids we were never in the right, there was always something we fail to do in the house. The foster mother ran the house and called every shot. She loved beating us and I will tell you now………..a whipping whith an rowing cord Hurst very bad and leaved whelping. The never bought clothes for us, so high school was I attended with shame for the was I looked. The things we could not do and have on the other hand hee biological children could. We were to that no one was or care about us and that our biological parents didn’t care . We were called some of the worse names on can conger. They told us that if it was not for that MONEY that we would not be there. During these years (the early through late 60 I peaked at some mail and noticed that She received $113.00 dollars per month for each child over the age of twelve and 84 dollars per month for every child under the age of 12. The foster father bought home $128.00 per week. We’ll. So they bought a brand new station wagon Ford and a year later bought a very nice home in the affluent part of Philadelphia, two and a half bathroom, four bedroom, completed basement and sun room. There came a day that I had reached my limit. Couldn’t take any more whipping, couldn’t take take any more threats, had enough watching sibblings being hurt “during that time in life we had no one to turn to. So I ran away and joined the Army . On top of all of this I felt more safety in Vietnam. Foster homes and the system is only a money making tool to . There is no love of children. So, please stop showing those fake foster parenting commercials on TV because it’s all a lie.

  2. To the people commenting on this article. I am a former foster parent, the only reason I’m not still a foster parent is because I adopted 4 siblings. Who were certain to be separated and sent to live in different homes, if I had not taken them in as foster children and then adopted them. I did NOT do it for the money. Also, the money is reimbursement, so for the first 30 days that the children are in your home YOU GET $0.00 and ZERO cents. So when 3 small children, 2 still in diapers show up at your house with the clothes on their back and 2 pairs of shoes, for all 3 children covered in lice, dirt, and pain it’s the foster parents responsibility to clean them up and get clothes, diapers, food, medicine etc. Then it’s 30 days before you get reimbursed for that. And I didn’t work for an agency that paid $21 a day. That’s MORE than I got. And now that I have adopted them I don’t get a DIME. So please don’t claim that the only reason that foster parents do it is for the money. It’s simply NOT true. Perhaps, there are some out there, but there are also a lot of good people who just want to help.
    Also, I do know of people who have had their children unjustly removed from their home, and had their parental rights terminated unjustly. Which is NOT the fault of the foster parents, but rather the system that is broken. Please don’t blame foster parents for something the state does. It’s unproductive and unjustified.

    1. The system is incredibly broken as it is. It’s people like Jocelyn that really make a difference in children’s lives. Keep in mind there are also family members that take in siblings, grandchildren, etc. in order to get them out of a bad situation. It’s definitely not all about the money- once you figure in clothing, food, and other necessities $175 dollars a month is nothing. Far less than what most parents receive in child support.

  3. From the perspective of a kinship care provider, this situation is even worse. Kinship placements receive $5 a day per kid. You can’t even feed a child on $5 a day, let alone buy clothes, shoes, transportation or really anything at all. On top of that, they force you to adhere to monthly meetings with your Kinship Worker, who they describe as someone who will work on your side to communicate with St Francis on your behalf and make sure you get everything that you can to help take care of the child. The first thing the worker will tell you is to not take money from St Francis – instead, they say, claim Temporary Assistance for Needy Families through the state. For anyone unfamiliar with that program, it can only be claimed for a total of 48 months in a person’s lifetime. So if the child ever needs it later in life, it’s already at least partially gone. For anyone who has already claimed it for that child, it’s gone already anyway. It would also only pay in the neighborhood of $5 a day. The second thing the worker will tell you is to beg for donations from churches. This isn’t right! The Kinship Worker’s job is to request anything you ask for from St Francis, be it a gift card to buy food with or a pair of shoes for a child, but they get denied despite the fact that they have the financial information proving that your income is way below poverty level. These kinship workers have to meet with 2-3 families a day and have a very tight schedule, and adding that to the fact that if you are working poor your schedule is probably tight anyway and the fact that you have to meet with a special worker per each kid every month as well, that all adds up to a ridiculous amount of wasted hours. Wasted hours make a huge impact to the financial state of a working poor family. St Francis will pay for these workers to travel to these houses every month to meet with the family or the kids, wasting time and money and not providing enough to any family to even cover basic necessities. The entire situation is ridiculous, and more than that, it just isn’t right. People need to get together and speak up, and we need to get this changed.

  4. Shouldnt it be about helping kids not the money… my kids were in foster care here in wichita.. their foster family got a monthly check from the state, my kids disability money, WIC checks and had me provide clothing and new shoes and medicine when they were sick… they lived in a huge house with four cars, carried guccii purses and she didnt have a job other that fostercare…then after my kids came home the foster family continued to claim my kids social security for 5 months, wic checks for 6 months, then claimed them on their taxes this year even after the court papers told them they cant….then to get a call six months after they return home from EMCU telling me they believe my kids were molested in that home… yeah lets just give anybody kids…give them less money youll weed out the peoole that only do it for the money. .

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