We can replace Wichita City Council Members with 1,000 Voters…

Here in Kansas, voting in a presidential election is utterly pointless. Your vote does not count, nor does it matter.

On the other hand, voting in a City Council race is extremely important. Last April, only 6.19% of the eligible voters in Sedgwick County showed up to cast a ballot in our local elections.

That is not 6.19% of the people who are 18 and could possibly vote, that is 6.19% of the people who were actually registered to vote at that time.

In one Wichita City Council race, the victor won by 46 votes.

The majority of the people voting in these elections are 50-years old and older. The young people in Wichita generally do not vote in these elections. The next City Council elections are in April of 2015.

If we start working on this now, we could easily win one, possibly two seats in the next election, simply by banding young people together behind young candidates who want to make Wichita a place where young people actually want to live.

In a city of over 385,000 people, only 17,075 people cast votes in the elections last April. Our City Council members act as if they represent the majority of the people in Wichita, when in reality, they represent the 1,000 or so people who actually voted for them.

Imagine how easily we could elect some young people, if we all came together and voted as one group…


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