Kansas Bill Seeks to Legalize Police Retaliation

The Kansas House Standing Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice has introduced a bill that will require private citizens who file complaints against police officers to sign an affidavit, acknowledging that if their allegations are proven false, they can be charged with perjury, which is a felony charge.

Furthermore, this bill prohibits a Kansas law enforcement agency from opening an investigation into a complaint if another law enforcement agency has already investigated the complaint and found in favor of the officer.

In other words, this bill would allow police departments to arrest the people who file complaints against police officers. In Wichita, Kansas, complaints are almost always dismissed, by the Wichita Police Department, so, according to this bill and its vague wording, the WPD, could now go arrest the people who file complaints against their officers.

People in Wichita are already afraid to file complaints against the WPD, because the department has a well-known reputation for retaliating against those who do, and this bill would render such retaliation legal. Furthermore, the bill clearly prevents an outside agency, such as the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, from opening an investigation into an allegation that the WPD has already ruled upon.

According to the Racial Profiling Advisory Board, the WPD denied 100 out of 100 claims of racial profiling, ruling that each was a “false report”. If this bill had been law when those reports were made, everyone of those 100 people could have potentially faced a felony charge, and no other law enforcement agency would be permitted to investigate the allegations.

Sometimes, we see news stories where bills are badly misrepresented. This is not one of those stories. Here is the full text of the bill:


Who actually authored this bill remains unclear, as the bill was introduced by the House Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice.


49 thoughts on “Kansas Bill Seeks to Legalize Police Retaliation

  1. Transportation and Public Safety Budget Committee

    Hearings held in Room 142-S – State Capitol Bldg.

    Patti Mills – Committee Assistant – 785 296-7641 – Room 274-W
    Email written testimony to: patti.mills@house.ks.gov

    Chair = Rep. Virgil Peck 785 296-7641 / 620-879-2334
    Vice Chair = Rep. Brett Hildabrand 785 296-7659 / 913 449-6697
    Ranking Minority Member = Rep. Gail Finney 785 296-7648 / 316-768-0615

    Rep. Stephanie Clayton 785 296-7655 / 913 205-4970
    Rep. Joe Edwards 785 296-7640 / 316 619-3779
    Rep. Michael Houser 785 296-7679 / 620 704-3817
    Rep. Melanie Meier 785 296-7650 / 913-682-1512
    Rep. Reid Petty 785 296-7676 / 620 655-2406
    Rep. William Sutton 785 296-7676 / 913 488-1665

    1. I emailed every email address in your list. Thanks for providing it. But dont let mine be the only one people.. Send your emails. You must hurry. This can not pass.

        1. The bill died today in Committee. Thank goodness. I would have talked about it no problem though, I just didnt see your post soon enough.

        2. lmao…….jdegood @ kwch.com…they so full of shit there eyes are brown and there breath stinks…I called all of them up 3 10 and 12..about there bs story about firey crash of my dad on south broadway Wichita ks around 2 years ago when my dad hit the guard rail and his truck cought fire….delgato and voss would not do shit to help my dad and refused to call ems as well becous when I went by the fire station on south broadway to see what was burning they were all standing outside looking up the street watching the truck burn…only when I got close enough did I reolize it was my dads truck..after running up to the wreck and having the cops tell me to get back it mite blow up I informed them no im not going to let my dad burn alive and was pulling him out of his truck when I here this we got to get him out of there he is making us look bad..no I was not making anyone look bad I was saveing my dads life since delgato and voss could not do as much as call the fire department who was waiting just 3 black away down the street….you know what them cops did waited till I had my dad almost out of his door glass then attacked me and threw me on the ground in the middle of broadway then pulled my dad on out..and you all know the rest of the story they edit the dash cam video sent it to all you retards…3 10 and 12…and you all eat them bs lies up like it was candy…you know what I got when I called you all up…..every one of youre stations said this to me……yes they know that was my dad….yes they know that was me in the video……yes they know that it had been tampered with……no they did not wont to know the real story from me…..and they only report what the cops tell you all to report…kwch 12 is just as bad as the cops do not bleave a word they say they will get you beat up by the police..hang you out to die they have no intrest in knowing the truth I know this as fact I already try they would rather show everyone a bs hero story than the truth….no budy in there right mind would let there family burn alive….and im telling you if I did not show up to my dads wreck that was exzackly what dellgato and voss was going to do…you all think im full of shit check how long it took for the fire department to get there…ask them what they were doing standing out on broadway watching the truck burn and not down there putting fire out ? go on I dare you sissy.and why on gods green earth did none of you assholes wont to talk to me ?I was there he is my dad..you all did not even have the balls to ask what on gods green earth was I doing there on my back in the middle of south broadway ! ! ! ! !

    2. The Wichita police are arrogant idiotic men and women that are aloof in thought and basically pawns in the incorrect fight against free America. What happened to the right to free speech? I guess it will not exist. If all the city’s law enforcement in this country acted like them we would basically be just like China! Ha ha ha and….. Ha to the moron chef whomever that truly is.

    1. Except that they are the ones wearing the cameras, meaning they are also the ones in control of the footage captured.. basically any incriminating evidence captured by their video cameras would magically come up misplaced or damaged. WPD, biggest criminal organization in Kansas.

  2. Seems like the only recourse available to citizens under this law is to start killing cops. If this legislation is the law of the land in the state of Kansas, which basically penalizes you for utilizing the legal system in a reasonable fashion, if you want justice, literally the only way to get it is to make it for yourself.

  3. Until 2009, it was inconceivable that State Legislatures would vote to make their own states more and more like a police state and in many cases wrap their terrible legislation in a religious wrapper. I live in a red state, but not Kansas. Here’s hoping that common sense prevails in Kansas.

      1. More importantly, the lone supporter of the bill, according to the news article above, is Sean McCauley, the attorney who makes his living defending bad cops with pages and pages of citizen complaints.

  4. I though I had seen it all, but this is truly beyond belief! This is a blatent attempt by the powerful to further intimidate the weak. Citizens are already afraid to file a complaint. There are already unnecessary roadblocks in place to keep people quiet. Legitimate complaints are rarely actually investigated, and universally ignored. Police officers with pages and pages of complaints are promoted rather than punished. I wonder if there are First Amendment issues here. This sounds like an effort to suppress speech to me.

  5. What’s the matter with Kansas?

    A decade ago, I lived in the state and still proudly call myself a Jayhawk! But, this state has turned out to be a thing out of a bad nightmare since I left.


  6. “Furthermore, the bill clearly prevents an outside agency, such as the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, from opening an investigation into an allegation that the WPD has already ruled upon.”

    Seriously, that won’t fly. The KBI will pull strings and have this bill shot down in the Senate.

  7. This becomes Kansas citizens “Stand Your Ground” law. Next effort will require 10,000 to complain and onward to flood the system and collapse enforcement. HOW BAD COULD THEY GET IF COMPLAINTS WERE PUNISHED?

  8. As a proud lifelong conservative and libertarian, every American needs to know the name of this gutless anonymous taxpayer funded Communist Stalinist political hack that is responsible for this anti-freedom, anti-American, pro E German Stazi bill.

    His/her name needs engraved in granite on the USA and Kansas Hall of Political Shame and subversion.

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  10. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout
    and design. Great choice of colors!

  11. When ever I get pulled over, or am confronted by an officer, I always record what happens. It’s more practical to just use the voice recorder on your cellphone than video record. I only video record when I have someone else there. I may not help much, but we have to do something. If they won’t wear the cameras, maybe we have to!

  12. I’m confused I see people on here saying that the bill died, but several of us are being told in my small town that if make a complaint against a certain officer here that has used what we definitely believe to be excessive force that we could get a felony. Where do we turn and how do we make a complaint against an officer with concerning behavior with out risking a felony here in Kansas? Help..

  13. Could someone please tell me if this bill is on the books for sure and if so how do we fight the bill effectively. Help…

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