The Wichita Police Department’s Finest

As an advocate for police accountability and transparency in law enforcement, I do not often get the chance to write positive stories about the Wichita Police Department, and am in fact somewhat well-known for doing just the opposite. Today’s article will be an exception to the norm.

Having protested outside City Hall nearly every week for almost two years, attending countless city council meetings in the same building, and passing through for various reasons, I have a good deal of experience in dealing with the Wichita Police officers who provide security at the Wichita City Hall.

While I think many people would prefer not to be forced to pass through metal detectors where we may be required to remove our jackets and belts, the officers that perform this function consistently operate with a great deal of courtesy and professionalism, and may well be the most polite unit within the department.

Most of these officers know who I am and why I am at City Hall (our weekly protests against the WPD take place directly outside the doors they monitor) and they continue to treat me with dignity and respect, even at times offering the occasional joke.

If all of the officers in the department demonstrated the same level of respect for the people they serve as the security officers at City Hall do, I would probably be left with nothing to protest against.


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