Two really good Kansas bills you’ve probably never heard about

With all the attention in Topeka being diverted towards the argument over education funding, two crucial bills are being ignored, bills that, if passed, will greatly increase transparency in Kansas government. One will force the legislature to record and make public all votes, instead of allowing oral votes on amendments. This allows us to see who votes in favor of watering down important legislation.

The other bill being proposed will prohibit legislators from bundling bills together, which will prevent legislators from attaching a bill that funds some form of corporate welfare to the passage of a bill that, for example, forces all votes in the legislature to be recorded. Blake Branson, with Wichita Campaign for Liberty, speaks of the importance of these two bills, known in Topeka as “Rubin’s Rules”:

“Many powerful politicians want to keep the power to bundle their unpopular laws together with popular bills and to hide behind the voice vote.”

Both HR 6037, the “Record all Votes” bill, and HCR 5020, the “Bundle no Bills” resolution, have been proposed and our legislators need to know that the people of Kansas want transparency in the statehouse.

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