Poll: Should Kansas Legalize Marijuana?

It is a simple question: Do you support the legalization of marijuana in Kansas? Vote in the poll:


57 thoughts on “Poll: Should Kansas Legalize Marijuana?

  1. Also hemp growing instead of that wimpy wheat! you can eat it, you can make it into clothing, build with it, turn it into bio-fuel (save the corn to feed the children!), make paper!…. It grows in any soil or condition.. Plus it doesn’t take 100 years to get a new usable plant (like a tree does). The marijuana extract is saving people’s lives! Get with the program Kansas!

  2. In addition farmers can get 10 times the price per acre for growing hemp than any other crop – wheat, corn, soybeans etc… also it needs very little water and pesticides in comparison. Hemp oil is one of the best sources of protein that exists. Hemp can be used for clothing, rope, food, paper products, cooking oil, biofuel etc… It is being used has an additive in plastics, cement, insulation, wood products, you can literally build an entire house from hemp. In addition our country was built off hemp. It was the number 1 export for many years. All of our founding fathers grew hemp. The Declaration of Independence and many other documents crucial to the birth of this country are written on hemp paper, we even used to have etchings of hemp being harvested on our money. Big money and corrupt politicians made this commodity illegal through lies and manipulation. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever this remains against the law. All the benefits I stated plus many many more all from a plant that is 100% renewable in a single growing season.
    It’s cousin, marijuana, needs to be made 100% legal also. Big pharma, lies and manipulation has kept this plant illegal for far too long. Marijuana is being found to have huge medical benefits and more and more proof is being released everyday. It’s much safer than alcohol, tobacco, sugar and numerous other drugs we consume on a regular basis yet it remains listed has a schedule 1 drug by the FDA along with drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and many other highly dangerous drugs. Do you ever wonder why one of the safest drugs known to man is listed by the FDA has one of the most dangerous drugs? Being listed has a schedule 1 drug prohibits research into the medicinal properties of the plant. Big pharma makes hundreds of billions of dollars off dangerous drugs that people take without a second thought that are nothing more than poisons. They contribute huge sums of money to political campaigns to keep marijuana suppressed. The so called “war on drugs” has been a complete unmitigated disaster. A person can go to any town in the US and within a few hours buy marijuana on the black market. Marijuana and hemp being illegal is absolutely ridiculous. Wake up people!

      1. the high is a medical form !!! what happens when u take a prescription pain medication ? u get high to fight the pain !!!

    1. I don’t like to be around high people so please NO. I went to Denver last summer and it was like a zombie apocalypse. People seem slow and unmotivated and for sure seemed happy but I just don’t like being around people under the influence of anything. Stay sober and deal with life.

      1. I don’t like being around people who take pain meds, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to try to get them outlawed. Who cares if you don’t like being around high people….don’t make friends with people that smoke then….it’s helpful to some people so if your just voting no because you don’t like being around high people then don’t bother voting.

      2. “I don’t like it, so let’s create a 60 billion dollar annual budget to harass, arrest and imprison pot smokers and their friends. Because I don’t like it that they ‘seem slow and unmotivated,’ despite also seeming ‘happy’.
        Although these people have never done anything to harm me or anyone else most likely, I’d still rather arrest them then just grow up and get over my own vain idea that anything I don’t like should be illegal.”

        Super pathetic.

    2. So very true well said amen to Hemp and marijuana , big business and government are the problem, wake up America

  3. Hell no say no to drugs weed is just as bad as meth and drinking oh wait we are talking bout a Fucked up state anyway cuz Kansas takes kids away from their mom’s and don’t. Do shit for kidnapping or put the father in jail for having a firearm in the house around the kids if it was Nebraska he would already be in prison so no the state of Kansas shouldn’t.

    1. Marijuana isn’t just as bad as meth.. you should probably learn a thing or two about marijuana before speaking…

    2. Marijuana is not as bad as Meth I have seen people on meth it makes there skin all nasty it messes with there mind and it kills. Pot has never killed anyone. I have two medical conditions that I am on some crazy pain killers for. My doc says she would rather me be on Medical MaJ. then what I am on any day. I would be able to function better and would not be putting so many pill toxins in my body. This is why states are having a hard time because they know that if it is legal at least for medical standards across the US then prescription drugs are going to drop dramatically. Please look up your facts about your drugs before you start comparing an elephant to an ant.

    3. My name Is Jon Olmstead. If you were so confident in the jackassery you speak of you wouldnt be on here anonymously. This is the problem with the people that vote on it. You have no knowledge what so ever of the real life saving medicinal values of marijuana. The comments that you have made are exactly how i know you know nothing you speak of. You sir are the exact definition of ignorant! Research who is the biggest financial supporter of the partnership for a drug free america. Anheuser Busch. 1 day you will or anybody that does there homework will see the real root and reason for why marijana is illegal in America. Have a great day sir.

    4. You’re dumb as hell bruh 😂 method kills. Marijuana doesn’t. Meth doesn’t makes you angry. Meth makes you lose your appetite, marijuana doesn’t. Metch changes your physical appearance & guess what? Marijuana doesn’t 😂

    1. No…it doesn’t…I work in an ER where it is legal….and it’s done nothing put increase property, schools get no money, more homeless now than ever…. 95% of people don’t have jobs and are homeless here…. the mental issues that walk in daily are crazy….I’d never seen this in KS

      1. 95% unemployment would be a catastrophe let alone nearly impossible to attain. Check your figures on that. You are obviously a firm believer in “reefer madness”. Shame on you for spreading lies

  4. Well I honestly feel like it should be legalized. And if anyone doesn’t want to do it that’s there own choice. I personally think it should be for people who have seizures and heath problems me being one of those people in epileptic and have health problems not even my seizure meds totally help with. Weed does help with them and you also don’t have to get high for it to help you could take thc pills and hemp oil drops that will keep you from having seizures there are so many positives to it being legalized. And if people don’t like it they just don’t have to do it.

    1. I have epileptic seizures as well. It’s been found very effective towards controlling seizures. It helps cancer patients with their nausea. Don’t continue to ignore what’s at stake here people. There is so much we could do with the legalization of marijuana. Tax it like alcohol, this will take away taxes used up by the courts, penial system, jails, farmers could profit from it as well. This state is broke! More tax cuts taking away from schools. These kids are our future!

  5. I vote yes, Kansas needs to wake up and get this state outta of brownbacks power…stand up Kansas stand up to the people who take our money and spend it on stupid useless shi*. We need a change for the good and we the people r the only ones who can stand up and VOTE YES!

  6. Please legalize it. There are so many reports about hemp oil helping with cancer cures. I’m on the verge of loosing my mother to cancer and it kills me that I can’t help her more. I wish the state would get their heads outta their a*** and stop playing with people’s lives.

    1. You can now get cbd and full spectrum hemp oils at Green Acres. They carry the Charlotte’s Web. I know the one near 21st and amidon has it.

  7. It helps me with my seizures.. plus look at colorado they have so much money they dont know what to do with it but to give back

  8. I moved to Oregon after being sick of Kansas laws. And I’m also a precision ag specialist and a crop consultant. It’s insane not to legalize. Imagine the revenue of cannibis in a farm state

  9. Definitely, I support both medicinal and recreational uses, mainly cause I would kill for a blunt over a 40oz. The stuff helped me sleep through my back pain, and I just felt like gold while I was high. That’d be a whole new market, and they know the demographics for it are here. 12,000 people can’t all be wrong can they?

    1. Hell ya I agree with you
      100% ,12,000 people can’t be wrong and I would take a blunt over a 40 also well put my friend

  10. RE RE RE RE Legaize
    Cannabis has been used by Humankind for various different purposes since our BEGINNINGS. Our Brains,Bodies and Souls BENEFIT from the HERB ,LIES are why the Blessed HERB was criminalized. Prohibition /slavery for the modern age. Get off the Goddamn Reefer Madness Train. Cannabis /Hemp =Life , but then again here in Kansas we don’t really care about life ,just the Fetuses. Prove me WRONG. Give the people back the HERB.

  11. Legalize it. I don’t know why we even let our state representatives, congressmen and president tell us what we can and cannot do. What happened to our backbones people? Last I checked, they represent us, what we stand for, what we want… They don’t have the right to tell us what to do, what to think, or what to believe… Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

  12. Why don’t we make every thing illegal so you can all stop arguing. People it grows naturally without our help the ones against it haven’t and don’t research. It’s also being used for Alzheimer’s patients. Leave church for like 10 mins and look it up

  13. This shit is ridiculous. We have dare programs in the schools for a reason. To be against drug abuse or drug use. Kansas would be stupid to approve it. You can do things without the use of marijuana. It is a mental toughness. Stay tough people of the government fighting against it. I don’t want to see it and I don’t want my kids to know about it .

    1. Alcohol is a drug. Do you abstain from alcohol? Do you support the prohibition of alcohol? DARE is proven to be ineffective. It is a waste of tax money as is the imprisonment and the policing of marijuana use.

  14. As a cop that now lives and works in Colorado, I say 100% yes. I’ve been around it enough to see the good that it can do. For one thing, keeping it illegal doesn’t do anything but put the money and power into the hands of criminals. Legalize it and tax it like you would alcohol or anything else. Making it illegal never kept anybody from getting it if they wanted to. Besides, if I had the choice of having to arrest someone that was drunk or high, I’d take the high person every time. Drunks are way more apt to get aggressive than someone who’s on Marijuana. I come from a conservative upbringing, I’m a Republican, and I support both the medical and recreational use of Marijuana. It’s like owning firearms. I will always own a firearm for personal protection and for recreation. I’d never force someone else to own one, and I sure as hell wouldn’t tell someone they couldn’t if they wanted to. If you don’t agree with it, don’t use it, but don’t stop other people because you don’t personally agree with it. Both the Democrats and Republicans hypocrites. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  15. Yes, with all the money that could be collected from the taxation of marijuana products, maybe our state can finally balance the budget and we won’t have to deal with the threat of half of our schools shutting down.

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