KSN Poll: Jennifer Winn polling higher than Brownback in Wichita

According to KSN’s latest poll, Jennifer Winn has a slight lead over Sam Brownback among Wichita voters. Winn has 48% of the vote compared to Brownback’s 45%, with 7% voting undecided. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and Brownback, the incumbent governor, who has $4 million in campaign funds, the backing of the Republican Party, and instant name recognition is losing to Winn, a political novice with virtually no campaign money to speak of.


While I do not hold a degree in journalism, this seems worth a headline to me…

3 thoughts on “KSN Poll: Jennifer Winn polling higher than Brownback in Wichita

  1. This is AWESOME! We need people to help push the WINN/LAIS campaign in Lawrence, Manhattan, Topeka, and KCK (among other places). We’ve got to eliminate Brownback from the race in the Primary Election on August 5th – and you gotta make sure you are registered by June 30th as a republican to vote in the Primary Election. (After voting in the Primary Election [and defeating Brownback], you can change your voter-affiliation back to whatever you desire for the General Election that is held in November.)
    Let’s keep spreading the message!

    1. Actually, sorry to burst your bubble, but in Kansas, due to a new law, once you register for a primary race, you cannot change parties for the general ellection. This was passed to ensure that only Democrats vote for the person they want running agaisnt a Republican, and vice-versa. Also, on a personal note, you might want to tell Ms. Winn to not have her parade vollenteers chanting “f**k Brownback” at the Wamego Parade on the 4th of July- a Family event. Its things like that which are why I will never vote for her.

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