Wichita Police officers who refuse to wear body cameras identified

These are some of the Wichita police officers who appear to be on the Brady/Giglio list and who filed a grievance because they refuse to wear body cameras:

Anthony Anguiano







Anthony Bess







Loren Johnson







Kenneth Kimble







Justin McCluskey







Josh Price







Josh Hayes







The following officers are also on the list but we do not have their pictures:

Corey Evans

Kim Griffin

Jason Harris

Kent Bauman

Sandy Mackey

Cameron Stokes

Steve Thornton

This information was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by KAKE News.

5 thoughts on “Wichita Police officers who refuse to wear body cameras identified

  1. NAAWP REPORT: Jefferson Parish sheriff bucks body-cam trend!

    But amid a broadening national discussion about police accountability, Jefferson Parish’s top cop has balked at one innovation that’s being employed by more and more law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and beyond: body-worn cameras.

    The devices, which record officer interactions with citizens, have been heralded as a game-changer in neighboring New Orleans and have been rolled out in smaller jurisdictions like Thibodaux and Assumption Parish. The cameras, many law enforcement leaders say, cut down on officer complaints and boost transparency, particularly in cases involving use of force by police.

    But even in a year in which his deputies have been involved in five shootings to date, Normand remains an outspoken skeptic about the technology, citing questions about the cost of storing footage and limitations in the vantage point of most body-worn cameras.

    The sheriff’s biggest concern, however, might be described as philosophical. He worries — as many other sheriffs presumably do — about what will happen once the public is invited to review deputies’ split-second decisions.

    NAAWP screams “BULL$HYT”, saying that the JPPD and the JPSO has had more than its fair share of POLICE BRUTALITY CLAIMS, going back the days of SHERIFF HARRY LEE!

    REFERENCE: http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/news/12605827-172/jefferson-parish-sheriff-bucks-body-cam

    NAAWP MANTRA: CAMERA’s work for U.S.!



  2. One of these officers I can tell you needs to be required to wear one! I have never had a bad experience with any officer, ever in my life. Until the experience I had With one I can identify on this site. Could not believe what was happening at the time was really happening! She a loose canon! And one day I predict she will cost the city money, in a law suit!!!!

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