What political party does your favorite Wichita news reporter belong to?

These are the registered political affiliations of several Wichita-area journalists, based upon 2012 Sedgwick County voter registration data. It is important to note that any number of these journalists may have changed their affiliation since the 2012 elections. We also must note that these affiliations do not necessarily mean anything. For example, I am a registered Republican, despite the fact that I am actually an independent. I register as a Republican because this is Kansas, and in my district it makes more sense to choose which Republican I want to represent me than it does to choose which Democrat I want to lose.

Some of these affiliations are surprising, and I am impressed with some of these journalists’ ability to report facts in an unbiased fashion despite their political leanings. Others, not so much. I will say that there are great journalists on this list who are registered as Republicans, and great journalists on this list who are registered as Democrats, and there are great journalists on this list who are registered as unaffiliated.

This information is not here to be used to insult any journalists, or question their integrity based upon your own political biases. There are good people in each party, despite what either party’s rhetoric may suggest. This is simply information that I found interesting, and that I thought others would also find interesting.


Joan Barrett – Republican

Kim Wilhelm – Republican

Brian Gregory – Unaffiliated

Michael Schwanke – Republican

Pilar Pedraza – Democrat

Melissa Scheffler – Unaffiliated

The Wichita Eagle

Sherry Chisenhall – Unaffiliated

Tom Shine – Republican

Marcia Wertz – Republican

Kelsey Ryan – Democrat

Beccy Tanner – Democrat (definitely not ever Republican as previously reported)

Stan Finger – Republican

Tim Potter – Unaffiliated

Deb Gruver – Republican

Joshua Wood – Republican

Hurst Laviana – Democrat

Dion Lefler – Republican

Amy Renee Leiker – Unaffiliated

Rick Plumlee – Republican

Suzanne Perez Tobias – Republican

Carrie Rengers – Unaffiliated

Dan Voorhis – Republican

Phillip Brownlee – Republican


Deb Farris – Republican

Annette Lawless – Unaffiliated

Mike Iuen – Democrat

Lily Wu – Republican

Larry Hatteberg – Unaffiliated

Monica Castro – Unaffiliated

Susan Peters – Republican


I was unable to identify a single KSN reporter on the Sedgwick County voter registration list, which means that they either do not live in Sedgwick County, do not vote, use a different name on the air than they use to vote with, or have a common enough name that I was unable to make a positive determination (or they are all CGI). I do know that several of the journalists at KSN and the other outlets are recent transplants to the Wichita area, which may also explain why some are not on the list.

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