Sedgwick County DA refuses to justify WPD shooting

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett held a press conference today during which he stated that his office will not justify the April 2012 Wichita police shooting of Troy Lanning II. This marks the very first time the Sedgwick County DA’s office has not justified a Wichita police shooting, in the history of the county.

Bennett cited former officer Randy Williamson’s recent conviction for filing a false report in an unrelated shooting as evidence that Williamson cannot be taken at his word. Bennett also states that charges will not be filed against Williamson, at this time, in relation to Lanning’s death, due to a lack of evidence. Bennett says the case remains open as an unsolved homicide, and that his office will continue to investigate.

Bennett also discussed how both the Wichita Police Department and his office are making progress in increasing transparency in regards to police shootings that take place in the community, in response to criticism from the public on this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Sedgwick County DA refuses to justify WPD shooting

  1. Jeez, maybe wearing a camera or 2 (the more cameras, the more honesty) would add some transparency. They have enough tax payers money to buy gear to play solider, they should have enough for cameras. Makes it even worse he was a known dirty cop when he committed this other crime.

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