Wichita’s GOVIRAL taking the web by storm

“GOVIRAL WEB DEVELOPMENT is the husband and wife team of David and Jennifer Dorsett. David is a Baylor Business School educated web programmer with a decade of big business credentials and a reputation for being an innovative and disruptive technical genius. David has served as a Senior Web Application Developer for Beechcraft, as the Director of Web Development for Via Christi Health, and as the Technical Webmaster and sole web developer at BoldChat for LogMeIn. He has spent the last decade in Wichita building corporate websites at the very highest levels. Jennifer is a user experience and aesthetic visionary with photoshop chops you’d have to see to believe. Together, they are GOVIRAL Web Development and they kick ass.

GOVIRAL’s original programmatic websites and guerrilla style marketing tactics have become dominant in the Wichita, KS area and are increasingly prevalent nationwide. Many creatives have tried and failed to duplicate their product or results. They deliver technically and visually spectacular websites without the use of WordPress or templates. The levels of cohesion between their code and their design are going to be hard for any agency to match, especially in their local market. Their business background, programming chops, and rapid six-sigma approach to web are fundamentally different than every other creative agency full of graphic designers you have ever seen. Their approach works. It works so well that no conventional web design firm or web focused advertising agency will be able to replicate it.

In October of 2014 David amicably split with LogMeIn to pursue GOVIRAL full time. He has retained his stock options from Boldchat’s sale to LogMeIn in 2012, and says he doesnt plan on selling anytime soon. “I love working for LogMeIn but I can’t pass up the offers to start a full scale media company in Wichita Kansas.” . David is not interested in another full time day job, He and Jennifer plan on taking over the Wichita New Media marketplace.” – University of Colorado

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