Rich shoppers denounce injustice of being delayed in traffic by protests

A large segment of privileged people in this country are never going to understand or care about how police treat the lower classes. Every now and then, a member of the “upper class” will have an encounter with an officer that will open their eyes, but, for the most part, the suburban elite will defend the police, based on their limited experience.

These people will never support people standing against the systematic injustice that others live through everyday, because they refuse to look at the reality of a system that was stacked in their favor from day one. They will not leave their comfort zone, because they do not want to accept responsibility for a situation they are partially responsible for.

There are others who are simply racists (these people are often poor, too, and are the least intelligent people in our society because they have fallen for the most simplistic version of the divide and conquer strategy), who fail to realize that they are probably next.

These are the people who will criticize our tactics, question our motives, and support the oppressors. They will use false rhetoric such as, “if you don’t want the police to shoot you, don’t break the law”, or, “black people commit more crimes than white people do”, and pretend they are morally superior while ignoring the mass injustice in America.

They will whine like spoiled children because they had to wait an extra five minutes in traffic while doing their Black Friday shopping. They will point to the injustice they suffered by being delayed at a traffic light while self-righteously turning a blind eye to police violence, mass incarceration, and institutional racism.

However, at the end of the day, they are guilty. These people vote, and they vote in favor of candidates who want stricter drug laws, who want more police on the streets, who do nothing to reform our broken justice system. They vote for candidates who pour money into their already rich neighborhoods, while the less fortunate neighborhoods crumble.

The only response is to organize. Protesting is part of the process, but protesting alone will not solve these problems. We also have to put forth our own candidates, vote them into office, and then hold them accountable. We have to become engaged in the political processes that result in oppressive systems, because that is the only way to tear them down.

4 thoughts on “Rich shoppers denounce injustice of being delayed in traffic by protests

  1. So you are the working class? Are you a bricklayer? A plumber? A truck driver? Maybe you are an electrician, a welder, or a machinist? No, probably not. You are likely someone who considers yourself better than that. You are probably either a student or some kind of community organizer. You might have done an honest day’s work before but I’m sure you didn’t like it and decided to spend your life being a drain on society as a whole.

    Well, as one of the working class let me kindly tell you where to stick your Marxist nonsense. There are no real classes in America. And to the extent there is the classes can be divided into the producers and the parasites. The producers are the people who go out and make the wealth that keeps America moving. That includes factory workers, truck drivers, and management. The parasites are the people who produce nothing yet somehow manage to live off of the system. I’m sure you are real familiar with that group.

    Take my advice, learn a trade and get a productive job. You will be happier and the world will be better off with one more plumber and one less community organizer.

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