Wichita police kill civilians at 12 times the rate that Chicago police do

The following data was compiled by Wichita civil rights attorney James A. Thompson:

1. Between November 2010 and July 10, 2012, WPD Officers shot at least 16 different people, killing seven (7) individuals, and wounding at least nine (9) others.

2. Of the 14 shootings, 9 of those shot were African American, 4 are believed to have been Caucasian, and 1 was Caucasian/Indian.

3. Even though 11.5% of the population in Wichita is African American, 64% of the people shot in 2012 by WPD were African American, which means 2 out of 3 people shot in Wichita by WPD will be African American.

4. In 2012 alone, Wichita Police Department officers shot and killed 5 people and wounded 9 others.

5. Of the 14 shootings, 9 of those shot were African American, 4 are believed to have been Caucasian, and 1 was Caucasian/Indian.

6. In comparison to Wichita, Detroit, Michigan has 2,760 police officers and a population of 713,239 people.

7. Detroit has 1 police officer for every 258 people.

8. Detroit had 411 total homicides in 2012, 377 in 2011, and 327 in 2010, which is approximately 14 times greater than the average rate in Wichita.

9. Despite having nearly twice the population of Wichita, and more than three times the number of police officers, Detroit only had 3 officer-involved shooting deaths in 2012.

10. Detroit has 1 shooting death to every 920 police officers, which is 9 times less than the ratio for Wichita, which is 1 for every 129 officers.

11. Chicago has a population of 2,703,713 in 2011 and 12,092 officers for an officer to citizen ratio of 223.59 to 1.

12. Chicago had 8 officer shooting deaths in 2012.

13. The ratio of shooting deaths to police officers in Chicago is one death for every 1511 police officers.

14. Even though Chicago has approximately eight times as many people as Wichita, the ratio of shooting death to police officers in Wichita (1/129) is nearly twelve times greater than the ratio in Chicago (1/1511).

8 thoughts on “Wichita police kill civilians at 12 times the rate that Chicago police do

  1. Well done, you’ve successfully shown that increased police shootings reduces civilian homicides. I can sleep better tonight.
    Also, if 16 people are shot and 7 die, its safe to say the other 9 were wounded but I appreciate the math lesson. #’s 2 & 5 are the same but way to meet the 400 word minimum.

  2. Your point is—either you have intimidated the police in Chicago and Detroit or
    the police have decided to back off and let the crazies kill themselves–regardless
    of race, religion, or national origin. That might be good in Wichita.

  3. Your statistics are lean pretty heavily one way. You speak nothing of crime rates. or the circumstances of officer shootings.
    The thing with statistics is you can do what ever you want with them.

  4. Why don’t you compare black on black or white on white or indian on indian shootings as well? See if the numbers match up for ignorant black people killing other ignorant black people in Detroit, and then here in Wichita. And maybe you’ll see it’s not a race thing, or a police thing: It’s an ignorance thing

  5. I find your website quite interesting, though I’m not a resident of Kansas…However, I wanted to point out a couple of things to you…Number 2 and number 5 are the same statement. And as for number 11, I might be wrong, but I think you meant to say that the citizen to officer ratio is 223.59 to 1, which would mean that there are 223.59 citizens for every officer, not that the officer to citizen ratio is 223.59 to 1 meaning that there are 223.59 officers for every citizen. That’d be pretty impressive, but kinda silly :)

    I totally don’t mind if you delete this once you’ve made these changes if you choose to do so.

    Keep on truckin!

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