Carousel Skating Rink cancels fundraiser for children of Fairmount Park victim

The owners of Carousel Skating Rink made a last minute cancellation for a fundraiser that was going to benefit the children of Letitia Davis, the 36 year-old woman who was murdered in Wichita’s Fairmount Park, last month. The community group, IGYB had planned on holding the fundraiser to gather Christmas presents for Davis’ surviving children, but the skating rink’s owners, Ottaway Amusements, cancelled the event via a Facebook message to one of the organizers, hours before the event was to take place.

Carousel’s management cites “many anonymous tips” that the event had turned into a “gang affiliated event”, despite the obvious positive intentions of the fundraiser, and despite IGYB’s solid reputation for holding previous fundraisers including back-to-school haircut events, where children received free haircuts, and school supplies, as well as various other events. IGYB has even organized gang truce meetings, in an attempt to curb gang violence in the community.

While the identity of the anonymous tipster is unknown, organizers of this event have had problems with this before, at other venues, with a Wichita police detective making weekly calls to a local night club to warn of gang affiliations in regards to parties being promoted.

Organizers of the cancelled charity event are seeking other ways to collect donations for the children, and are considering a boycott of Carousel Skating Rink, as well as other Ottaway businesses. Community leaders are questioning the motives of the City of Wichita in preventing this group of local black business owners from conducting fundraisers, and promoting concerts and other parties at local clubs.

6 thoughts on “Carousel Skating Rink cancels fundraiser for children of Fairmount Park victim

  1. The City of Wichita was worried about a Fundraiser, meanwhile a 19 year old
    mother gets gunned down. Worry about real crimes “crime stoppers”……smh

  2. The Ottaways are all crooks! So it’s not surprising. Aubrey, the owners granddaughter & the “manager”, herself has dated gang affiliated drug dealers so I don’t see what the problem is. I wouldn’t take my children to that facilty nor go myself. They scam every school event out of money & both the owner & his son have been to prison for tax evasion. His granddaughter is currently being investigated for ssi fraud herself. I wouldn’t affiliate with that company. Holiday Bowl in Augusta is Ottaway owned as well as the Fox News building is leased by the Ottaways. All crooks!

  3. Aubrey Ottaway has been associated with known felons her whole life. Her father is a convicted felon as well as her grandparents. The Ottaway family can be bought by anybody no matter what type of people you are. She didn’t stop the benefit skate for her daughter or even her friend who overdosed on her drug dealer boyfriend drugs…the victims previous functions have been nothing short of great for the children. This response shows a lack of spelling an proofreading or common sense.

  4. I can not believe the stupid companies in this city..if they honestly thought it might be gang related stick a guard or 3 at the door..use a metal detector..give people a chance to do the right thing rather than just assume the worst..

    1. They have a metal detector I believe at the door. Now if it works or is still there I don’t know. They did the last time I went but that’s well over 2 years ago.

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