The Wichita Police Files: 20 Stories on WPD Misconduct

We have been writing about misconduct within the Wichita Police Department for a few years now, in an attempt to shed light on the rampant abuse of authority that takes place in our city, with the hopes that Wichita police misconduct becomes a national story, like so many others we have seen. Please read and share these stories, send them to other news outlets, and post them on social media sites.

Wichita Police Shooters Exposed

Wichita Police Shootings: Uncensored

Former KAKE Reporter Speaks out on Local Police Shootings

Wichita Police Kill Civilians at 12 Times the Rate that Chicago Police do

Wichita Police Shooting Epidemic: Ten Dead

Homicidal Wichita Police Officer Remains Free Two Years Later

Sedgwick County DA Refuses to Justify WPD Killing for the First Time in History

No Physical Evidence in Old Town Police Shooting

Terrorist Attack in Wichita: The Truth Behind the Teargas

Wichita Police Detective Shows Pattern of Violence

Wichita Police and KHP Conceal Truth in 12 Year-Old Girl’s Death

Meet Sergeant Joseph “Get Your Black Ass on the Bus” Kennedy

Corrupt Wichita Cops Oppose Body Cameras 

Wichita Police Officers who Refuse to Wear Body Cameras Identified

Did Chief Williams Profit from a Backdoor Deal for the North Substation?

Why Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams really “Retired”

Wichita Protesters Shut Down Major Road by Shopping Mall

Protesters Fill WPD North Precinct to Deliver a Message

The Top Ten Most Corrupt Cops in the Wichita Police Department

Poll: Have you ever been discriminated against or otherwise mistreated by the Wichita Police Department?

One thought on “The Wichita Police Files: 20 Stories on WPD Misconduct

  1. I have video and witnesses that back up recent police misconduct and harassment by Cop -Powers- of the wichita police department, Mr Sullard is the prosecuting attorney who is avoiding direct questions and trying to say direct evidence has no relevance or bearing and the same to direct questions regarding powers duty and many other relevant questions that have total bearing on the case via video etc..My words backed with video and witnesses dont lie, Can I get some help and/or post videos , I want to make legal complaint against Cop Powers for putting me in a unsafe place where my life was in danger ,a place I and many should not ever have been at because powers neglected my safety and many others avoiding his job duty. Mr sullard wants to say video and witnesses have no bearing. So wrong,Any help out there?

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