Claims of “war on police” largely unfounded

The police claim that they are now at war, because one lunatic shot his girlfriend and then killed two officers in the largest city in America.

Out of 780,000 police officers in this country, 114 were killed in the line of duty in 2013. Only 46 of those were intentionally killed by gunfire. Another 26 were killed in automobile accidents, 15 died from heart attacks, 2 were murdered in assaults (I assume these are the two that died from knife attacks), 10 were killed in vehicular assaults, 3 were accidentally struck by vehicles, 3 died in motorcycle accidents, 5 were killed in wrecks resulting from pursuits, 1 officer drowned, 1 officer died in a fire, and 2 were killed by accidental gunfire.

Looking at these statistics, we can narrow the number of officers murdered last year to 58.

On the other hand, in 2010 (this is the most recent year where I have credible statistics), 127 people were killed by police officers in credible cases of excessive force. Bear in mind, this does not include the total number of people killed by officers in 2010; these are only the cases where excessive force was clearly used.

Of those 127 deaths, 71% were firearm related.

In that same year, there were 4,861 credible reports of misconduct by law enforcement officers in America, involving 6,613 officers, and 6,826 alleged victims. As we look at these numbers, it is worth noting that most cases of police misconduct go unreported.

Of those 780,000 officers in America, the number that have testified against their fellow officers for crimes committed while on duty is nowhere near the 4,800 plus reported cases of credible misconduct.

Based on this data coupled with simple commonsense, the police claim that protesters are waging war against officers seems quite ridiculous.


The Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

Officer Down Memorial Page

Bureau of Labor Statistics

2 thoughts on “Claims of “war on police” largely unfounded

  1. What are the stats for the number of people murdered in excessive force for 2013? I am curious to see if the numbers went up or down. What about 2011 and 2012? We should combine and do the last 3 years total for both stats . Makes me wonder.

  2. Domestic Enemies Make, Support, Enforce, and Defend Un-Constitutional Laws.

    Wrongfully Convicted, GunRights Issues, Too Many Laws, Corruption in Law…
    Tired of the Lies and Myths? Check out these startling facts.
    Criminals and mental illness are NOT the majority of murderers.
    America is the leading jailer in the history of all human civilizations.
    Despite being Innocent over 95% are forced to plead guilty rather than go to trial.
    At least 12% of People convicted of ‘Serious’ crimes are INNOCENT.
    (Less serious crimes much higher % innocent wrongly convicted.)
    In the 1990s, a federal inquiry found that DNA testing, then new, was clearing 25% of primary suspects.
    America is NOT Free. USA Citizens are denied their Constitutional Rights.
    The US Constitution guaranteees every citizen the right to possess firearms yet thousands are in prisons for owning a firearm.
    Some Government and Legal Officials & Laws are domestic enemies, traitors, perjures, and in violation to the US Constitution.
    Domestic Violence industry and laws are a Scam.
    1 in 10 falsely accused of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
    Women perpetrate over 70% of interpersonal violence against men.
    Women murder family members 60% of the time, while men murder family only 20% of the time.
    Women use weapons in 80% of their assaults, while only 25% for men.
    Up to 80% of domestic violence allegations against men are false allegations.
    Women are 9 times more likely to call the police than men in domestic violence.
    1 in 3 falsely arrested for domestic violence nationally.
    Nearly 1 out of every 2 falsely arrested for domestic violence in N.D.
    Law Enforcement Officers commit the most violent assault crimes, the most sexual assault crimes, the most fatal excessive force crimes, and police domestic violence is two to four times higher than the general population.

    North Dakota Wrongfully Convicted

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