KWCH Withheld Key Information in Attack on Kansas Exposed

In KWCH’s tabloid-like attack on Kansas Exposed, over an honest mistake in reporting, journalist Lauren Seabrook made a deliberate and glaring omission.

The officer that Kansas Exposed falsely named as the shooter in the death of John Quintero is in fact the shooter in the death of Karen Jackson, which was what the actual headline of Kansas Exposed’s original story highlighted. KWCH concealed this information from the public in their report. In KWCH’s story, they show a blown up screenshot of our original headline, but are only showing you part of that headline.

Here is the screenshot of the original headline and story, which we have since changed to private, so that it cannot be viewed by the public:

Screenshot (357)


Nowhere in KWCH’s story is there any mention of the name Karen Jackson, who, according to this lawsuit, filed by Jackson’s family, was in fact shot and killed by Officer Elizabeth Martin. This information is publicly available:

In essence, what we did was mistakenly accuse an officer of shooting and killing two people, when in fact she has only shot and killed one person. Our mistake was an honest one, which we explained in detail here, before KWCH ran their story.

That being said, KWCH’s omission of this central component of the story, including their editing of our original headline, was clearly deliberate, and clearly dishonest. They cannot claim that they were simply trying to protect the officer’s identity, because anyone can do an internet search and find this information.

The reality is that Kansas Exposed falsely accusing an officer in a killing is, apparently, a big story, where as the truth, which is that Kansas Exposed accused an officer of two killings instead of one killing, is not nearly as provocative.

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