WPD conducts violent no-knock raid: guess what they found

This past Friday, February 6th, Wichita residents Taylor Tymony, 22, and Michael Kostelecky, 21, were surprised by Wichita police officers breaking their unlocked door down with a battering ram. The officers charged into the the home the men rent with a third man, Jake Houston, 20, with rifles drawn to serve a search warrant.

Torrie Porter, a local business owner and Tymony’s mother, explains what happened:

The officers ordered the men to the floor, and stomped on their necks to “keep them quiet”.

The officers had been conducting surveillance on the home, which is near Reflection Ridge, at 21st and Ridge in northwest Wichita. The officers repeatedly asked the men how they were able to pay the rent on such an expensive home.

What the officers did not realize is that Michael Kostelecky’s parents own the home, and that his parents are currently living in Costa Rica, renting the home to their son and two of his friends, Tymony and Houston, who both work for Hog Wild Pit BBQ.

What also may have been unclear to the police department is that the home contains a music studio, and that local artists frequented the home on a daily basis, to record their music.

What the officers did know is that Houston, the son of Goddard’s Chief of Police, had prior drug arrests, and that three young men were living in a home that was beyond their means, and that other young men and women visited the home on a regular basis.

After breaking down the unlocked door, stomping on two men’s necks, and thrashing everything in the two-story home, the officers came away with a single piece of a broken marijuana pipe, which had not been used for years.

Tymony had roughly $300 in his possession, which was from his paycheck from Hog Wild. No drugs, and no weapons were found in the home.

The officers failed to provide a copy of the search warrant to the men at the time of the raid, and a document obtained from the police by Torrie Porter, Tymony’s mother, claims that the warrant was not presented, because there was no one home when the police entered the house, which was not true.

The men found a copy of the warrant on a counter in the home when they returned from being questioned by police. They also found a burning scarf, which had been left on top of a space heater. If they had been detained any longer, the home may have burnt to the ground.

Kansas Exposed reached out to the department for a response to this story, and Captain Doug Nolte informed us that the department has no response at this time, as the department does not comment on ongoing investigations.

Michael Kostelecky
Michael Kostelecky
Taylor Tymony
Taylor Tymony

95 thoughts on “WPD conducts violent no-knock raid: guess what they found

  1. That’s what I’m saying fag bitches should’ve did that to Dennis raider not after he was tired of killing you cocksuckin peckawoods

      1. The comment reads like an idiot submitted it, but I noticed some people below rewcognized this Alanda McPherson from her mug shots on a Dr Phil show for skipping court and theft to be the clever, shrewd con artist talked about on it.

    1. These comments read like an idiot or a detached from reality person who has a vocabulary limited to crudities. What is her problem? What is she referring to?

    2. This comment reads like one left by someone on drugs or drunk. But in her sane mind, this person could be very cunningly cruel.

    3. Hey, I know this commenter. On backpage (escort ads) she called herself London McPherson too. She is wanted by Sedgwick and Pratt counties, for not showing up in court for theft and moving violations. I recognized her too from her mugshots for these things from an episode aired on Feb 23, 2016 on the Dr. Phil show,.

    4. Ya, I recognized her from the mug shots the Dr Phil show had. She has a mother named Shelley McPherson, and Alanda claims a Cherice Parker is her sister in law. This Alanda also hangs out with an A David Graves. I saw the Dr Phil show too. On the show on Feb 23, 2016, a husband who was with his wife and daughter, and who had quit being a pastor and sells life and disability insurance and annuities for retirement, admitted to gullibly loaning this Alanda tens of thousands of dollars over about 7 months, believing her claims to have quit being an escort lady when he first met her, that she was about to become an RN so she could pay him back what he wired to her, and then later that she would soon get an inheritance from her supposedly dead father’s estate to also help pay back what he walmart to walmart sent her. (He isn’t dead yet.) The family talked about the fact that the father did not have intercourse or anal sex with this lady nor was going to pay for any sex, for fear of STDs from the bitch con artist. The stupid guy fell for her. The show also showed a car this fool rented for her to use for her claimed RN training in Wichita while her car was on the blink that she then left abandoned in Wichita all trashed up and bashed in on the sides, after telling this fool that she had turned it in fine. I hope the police are looking for this Alanda for such damage to property too. This gullible fool also bailed this Alanda out 3 times, and she didn’t show up in court then, so that cost him 9900 on top of the 960 bail total. The bonehead didn’t know, and wasn’t told by the bail people, about the 10 fold liability if one bails someone out. The bail people and a bounty hunter named Sam are still looking for her. I will be checking to see if there is a reward to help the bounty hunters find her. I saw on the internet that she is wanted by police outside of Wichita too. I wonder how many others she has conned, like the stupid guy on the show, and/or blackmailed for money too.

      1. Yo, commenter on Alanda McPherson’s stupid talk. U have a typo–it’s Sherrice Parker, not Cherice. I wonder if she’s da one who somebody saw ramming the blue car.

        1. Shit, once I saw this fraud bitch’s name on here of Alanda Mcpherson, I realized I know this bitch and someone else who has helped her with her fraud– Batina Hogan. (I used to live next to this bitch fraud Alanda Mcpherson.)

        2. Hey, I used to live next to this Alanda Mcpherson. Wonder if her sister, Justice Brown, is in on the fraud Alanda does to guys who try to help her when they think she is trying to turn her life around and loves them, as was claimed on Doc Phil.

      2. Right on–since this Alanda McPherson trashed, as shown on the Dr Phil show, the car this stupid guy rented to let her use to, he thought, to help her do her claimed RN training (which was a big fucking lie by the low life bitch), she should be arrested to be made to for that. Also, if she let it be rammed, same thing. And if it was Sherrice Parker who rammed it, she should be arrested and made to pay for that damage.

      3. Ya, I saw on the internet Pratt County wants this Alanda McPherson for a moving violation no court show too. Don’t know if they’re offering a reward for anyone to help them find her. Maybe the bounty hunter, Sam, pictured on the show, would pay a reward. Also, if she vandalized the car the fool let her borrow, she should be made to pay for the damage she did to it. I wonder if she showed up in court for the charge of her for misdemeanor theft, as mentioned on the show when it showed her mug shot for it, as well as for other no court shows.

      4. Maybe bounty hunters would pay a reward for anyone who can help them capture Alanda (aka London) McPherson. Maybe the government could get some money/assets from her for what she owes. On the other hand, having to give her free room and board in jail and/or prison if she hasn’t recklessly or deliberately physically hurt or threatened to physically hurt someone is a expense for all of us.

    5. I saw that show too. Wow, that husband who went on the show (because, from the fact he was willing to go on it, I think his daughter wanted him to admit publicly what he did to his wife by loaning so much money (tens of thousands of $ plus letting her borrow a car that she left trashed and destroyed) to this con-bitch from Wichita who the Dr Phil had 2 arrest shots of, including one for skipping court which a bounty hunter from Wichita named Sam said on the show he was after her for) sure was stupid for believing this lady other watchers of this show recognized. I wonder if anyone saw who rammed the car she borrowed from this stupid former pastor who fell for the lady.

      1. It might be coincidence, but at least one person saw the car that rammed a blue car looking just like the one shown on the Dr. Phil show and reported it to the police. It happened here in Wichita. So maybe that person will be convicted of vandalism for whatever car she/he rammed and have to pay for that damage to whoever’s car it was.

      2. Yo, it might be pure coincidence, but someone did witness someone around 221 E 21st in April, 2015, ramming a car that looked just like the car shown on the Dr. Phil show and reported it to the police. I hope the rammer has been convicted of vandalism, and more importantly, forced to pay for the damage he/she did to whoever’s car it was.

      3. I wonder if a bounty hunter in Wichita named Sam (the one from the show) or any other bounty hunter would be willing to give a informant’s reward if he gets a reward for capturing Alanda Mcpherson.

        1. Not sure if the bounty hunter from Wichita shown on the show is still willing to pay a reward for anyone helping him find this Alanda May Mcpherson.

      1. According to what was presented on the Dr Phil show, this lady is very good at deceiving people, not stupid.

    6. Intersting–Just noticed on the internet from the Ark Valley News this Alanda Mcpherson was arrested in Park City on 2/4/’15 for skipping Wichita court. Also noticed that Pratt County wants this Alanda Mcpherson for violating traffic violation probation. Some person to talk about this report. Wonder if any bounty hunters would pay a reward for info on her whereabouts so she could be made to pay for whatever she owes us taxpayers and/or anyone else.

    7. I wonder if this Alanda McPherson ever got arrested and paid her fines for skipping court repeatedly for speeding tickets and another arrest.

    8. July 28, 2015, Pratt county put a $5000 bond on this Alanda May Mcpherson for traffic violations. What kind of driving requires a $5000 bond?

  2. A similar incident occurred in Leawood, Ks. two years ago. I believe that the result in this case was a substantial settlement with the County. In the Leawood case, a couple had bought a hydroponic growing kit to have year-round homegrown tomatoes. Law enforcement considered this probable cause and did a similar raid, arresting the couple in front of their traumatized children.

    1. Yes, an affidavit of probably cause has to be submitted to a District Judge who then questions the detective asking for the warrant prior to agreeing to sign. Many requests for search warrants are denied by judges, although I have no idea how one would get the number. Judges do not just sign whatever is put in front of them. As far as giving the perp(s) a copy, it is fine to simply leave the copy where they will get it when they return. Nothing improper was done, at least as far as the claims related here.

  3. What’s Going to Happen? Another Apology and a News story? Where do we start, as citizens, making a difference in our town first? In Hopes of bringing the People who are to Protect and Serve down to their True authority. Human rights are being disregarded by our Police forces. Not all but many. I just want to them to remember that we all have responsibilities. Stop treating everyone else like their the only ones that matter.

  4. Taylor or “T money” is a low life scum who robs people, claims he’s a gang banger raps about being a gang banger talks about how his family is affiliated with gangs. houses people in that house, lets them sleep there. that commit home invasions. serious offences and are around people, are friends with people thet commit terrible, heartless crimes. a lot of people know this. his mom claiming he’s such a good son makes me want to laugh, ask some of his previous friends or associates theyll tell you what kind of a person he really is.

    1. Alex, be sure you can prove everything you just mentioned in your comment because you will be sued for slander and defamation of character!

  5. Of course the captain doesnt have anything to say all police departments are all the same. Officers dont follow protocols or follow the rules, the people get stomped on their necks and the arrested for nothing and the officers dont even get a slap on the wrist. GO FIGURE!!!

    1. You do realize the stuff you just said is slander and defimation of character?
      You should keep your stupid comments to yourself! The Internet is sad because it gives morons such as yourself a voice. Hear say is not facts you idiot!

  6. These articles are always so one sided and serve only to provide a skewed view of the situation. Causes ignorance and insights hatred.

  7. Riley Co. served a warrant on a deceased woman’s house. It was the stupidest thing I ever witnessed. They then accused me of something I couldn’t have done, living over 300 miles away.

  8. Scott Mayfield, you say these Cops are dirty as f—k. What do you know about them? Are you acquainted with these officers personally? Have you irrefutable proof that they have done illegal actions in the past? And if they did do illegal actions in the past were they motivated by greed or where they maybe a little over zealous in their duties?
    I personally do not know these officers but I do know that many people for various reasons lay down condemning words such as yours because of their perception of Law Enforcement. Surely you do not believe all police are Dirty? What about the officer who gave his life answering a call and a deranged man shot him on the porch.
    What I am saying is instead of wrapping all police into a category of your perception maybe we would all be better off realizing that the media manipulates the masses and reports what they perceive as the facts. Could it possibly be that the media might have an agenda to report a skewed version of the truth to make a story more palatable for the masses in an effort to boost ratings and thus sell more advertising?
    On the surface this sounds to me like the drug task force had some sort of reason, justified or not, to be watching the house and the pattern of activity brought suspicion of illegal activity. Did the officers over react? Maybe, but this doesn’t make them dirty.

  9. Anyone who knows this area knows it is a non-rent district unless it’s to family members. The cops need to start checking with the home associations before judging!!!

  10. Hello, my name is Justin Kutilek and my roommate and I went through the same thing. A false raid about four years ago. The police destroyed the house only to find a majauna pipe in a bag, in a desk drawer in the basement. They said they were looking for method which neither I nor my roommate are method useres. Smh.. Their false raids are not right. I’m 31 today and that memory still huants me.

  11. Obviously criminals. One is black and the other has a goatee. Why bother searching their house? Why not just arrest them?

    Oh, and somebody needs to rip these cops a new asshole for not using their brains. If they *really* needed a no-knock warrant (the implication being that speed of entry is of the essence to preserve evidence), then simply opening the unlocked door would advance those interests more than busting the door down. My claim: that they LIKE busting down innocent people’s doors. It makes their penises hard.

  12. Bastards. Always pulling stunts like this one. I believe they enjoy battering any civilians they can, that’s probably why they became pig, uh, I mean cops in the first place. Power hungry heartless punks with guns, I’ve seen it over and over, time and time again. Not very many cops left with a heart and conscience. When you find one, shake his hand. They are rare, and good people.

  13. Once the Patriot Act was signed, ANY suspicion trumps those laws covered in the US Constitution, because that is what the Patriot Act did, when so many supported it, but now seem to be against it that a Dem is in the WH. u shoot a police officer/swat etc….regardless of whether u feel justified, chances are, u will go you will go to jail. of course, this happens mostly in states where the civilians support conservatives who support these laws….Red States aka “Conservative” want all the “freedoms” support politicians wh0 they believe have the same beliefs. only to realize, u have less freedoms and rights under conservative rule!!!!

  14. I hate to hear this has happened. But your not alone. The police did the exact same thing to my house Feb 6 2015. They came in guns blazing screaming Wichita police. Iv only lived in the residents for 4 days. So clearly I hadnt unpacked. However I was woke up at 1:00am to the scream. I woke my fiance up. We both were in shock. Before there annoncment I thought we were being robbed. Our house had been broking into 3 days prior. They told us to get down. We cooperated to there demands. We repeatedly asked what the hell is going on. We were just told to hold on as we sit in hand cuffs. A plain suit white gentlemen presents his self. I then asked again what the hell is going on? He holds a blank piece of paper yes blank piece of paper. Then suggest to me how hes been looking for me. And he had a search warrant. I stated that’s a blank sheet of paper. He said to a uniform officer take him to the car. Still knowing nothing. Begging the uniform officer to explain. He stated he was new on the force and was asked to help out fellow officers on a raid. When I steped outside it looked like Another 48 TV series. The new officer along with a veteran. Made sure the handcuffs were tigtly on. With me screaming and posing no threat standing life less in 20 degree weather . I was told hold on were loosening them. But before that happened they got tighter and tighter. Then to look out of the back of the police car seeing my fiance. With no hand cuffs. I was taking downtown. I sat for 2 hours then the officer told me what I was there for. I asked is my house locked and secure I was LIED to he said yes.
    The next morning a friend went by. Not knowing what had happened the night before. Seen the door wide open and my house trashed. But also a fake tree that laid on my floor furnace. To see it now with burnt leaves. And flat screen TV broken. And my house beyond recognition. With a search warrent on my deep freezer stating how I wasn’t at home the time of the raid.
    So is this what citizens are now confined to. Police with blank pieces of paper. Trashing houses,leaving the house left to burn. And treated like a terrorist. Then to be told your free to go

  15. The police are not solely to blame for this. Warrants are only issued by judges and only under recommendation of the District Attorney’s office.

  16. I sure as hell don’t support the police abusing our rights as Americans but where exactly is ANY other evidence of this happening other than the fact that both of them were indeed charged, on that date, with a crime. I see a lot of accusations pointed at people here but don’t only see one side of the story and find no evidence whatsoever of the other side.

  17. The United States police are out of control.. The war on drugs needs to stop!!
    90% of arrests made are non violent drug arrests. Telling adults they can’t use a substance is silly.. Kansas is a awful hell hole filled with idiot religious people, and a law enforcement system that is just as restarted as people who believe in some all mighty sky daddy! We law enforcement reform in this country, it’s sad that these sorry excuse for police officers aren’t held more accountable for their actions. Their job is to protect and serve by keeping the streets safe from violence. Stop the the war on drugs and you will stop the violence that occurs because of drugs. Get rid of the law and distribute clean safe drugs to the grown ass people decide for themselves. You will build tax revenue for education and rehabilitation. Locking people up and putting these crimes on their record so they can’t get a job is just perpetuating the cycle! Kansas should be ashamed to still be stuck in the 1950s. I don’t see you idiot religos clammering for alcohol to be outlawed and it caused more deaths than all illegal drugs combined. The untied states is no longer a free or great country, thanks to states and ideologies like the dumbasses who live in Kansas . You should all kill yourselves you stupid hillbilly flat landers!! I hate Kansas with fury of 1000 suns..

    1. I was totally listening to all of the other reasonable complaints before yours of course which purely made me laugh.thanks for the laugh.im glad you hate ks and our sky daddy.drugs have never been allowed here,so I guess you were never free and this country was never great.take your 1000 suns of fury at our flat landed,hillbilly state and run back to the pot covered hills of Mary Jane Co. Where you are free to toke openly and die of emphysema,lung cancer or whatever .we do not need you druggies here.

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