Video: Man describes how WPD officers beat him into a coma

The City of Wichita recently held a series of public meetings referred to as “No Ferguson Here” to discuss police/community relations. Greg Bailey took to the microphone to describe how Wichita police officers used a taser on him, and beat him with a club while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

Greg says he was rendered into a coma for three months from the beating, and that his speech was impaired by the incident.

A large scar is visible on Greg’s head as he speaks to Mayor Carl Brewer, City Manager Robert Layton, Interim Police Chief Nelson Mosely, Misty Bruckner from Wichita State University’s Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs, and Pastors Kevass Harding and Junius Dotson.

Interim Chief Mosely responded to Greg saying that they would talk after the meeting. It is unclear whether or not that conversation took place, but a message has been left with WPD Captain Doug Nolte asking for a response, which will be included in this story if the department chooses to comment.

4 thoughts on “Video: Man describes how WPD officers beat him into a coma

  1. So what does it take for justice to happen? Did this man actually get voted into the department by we the people, in order to even bear the shield? If he’s not imprisoned for abusing his authority, he should definitely be stripped of his badge and a civil suit against Sedgwick county should be filed for taking the civil rights of an american citizen and disabling him.

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