Must See: Anti-marijuana lawmaker repeatedly refuses to answer simple question

Kansas State Representative Mark Kahrs and other state officials held a press conference to urge Wichita residents to vote against the marijuana reform initiative, which would reduce the penalties for first time offenses of possession of small amounts of marijuana in Wichita.

The initiative was placed on the ballot by the City Council after petitioners gathered thousands of signatures, as required by law.

Kahrs asked the media for questions, but refused to answer this simple question, over and over again:

3 thoughts on “Must See: Anti-marijuana lawmaker repeatedly refuses to answer simple question

  1. If you can regulate alcohol then why are my neighbors in this town fighting dwi’s and dui’s nearly killing another human being and its their second offense and punishment is only 30 days in jail? Oh i see their over 20,000$ they paid in defense didnt influence their justice… are you kidding me? Ty for this coverage….it let’s us know we got the wrong lawmakers in Kansas!!! I’m sick of seeing schools programs and teacher cuts and high prices of everything yet Kansas is always broke? Tell me are the alcoholics paying enough to fund educations…. Cause asking California, Washington and Colorado residents their state revenue jumped to accommodate their children’s future….hence why populations in those areas grew and we are quite open in Kansas if no one has a home…there’s tons of wide open spaces…just be sure your health …mental and physical …are tip top unless you wanna fund pharmaceutical companies for meds with life threatening side effects……legalize this HERB…..AND GOD GAVE YOU ALL THE SEED BEARING HERBS TO USE….like our bodies cannabanoid receptors are programmed to do…and maybe Kansas would flourish…. I know I’m considering another state and I will not vote for lawmakers who don’t want to support this issue…Ty to your photographer…. He takes this issue seriously…..lawmakers need to realize…WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

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