Wait until you see the state officials blocking Wichita’s marijuana law

Wichita residents voted in favor of a measure to reduce the penalties for first time possession of marijuana, by a margin of 54-46%, which is not exactly a close race in terms of an election. State officials have filed with the Kansas Supreme Court to block the implementation of the law that Wichita’s voters approved.

State legislators Steve Brunk and Mark Kahrs, along with Attorney General Derek Schmidt have made it abundantly clear that they believe their personal opinions should outweigh the will of the voters of Wichita.

State Rep. Mark Kahrs: "I don't have to answer your questions."
State Rep. Mark Kahrs: “I don’t have to answer your questions.”

When we questioned Brunk, he displayed an astonishing level of ignorance in regards to marijuana, drug addiction, and alcohol regulation, which is surprising, considering he sits on the committee that regulates alcohol in Kansas.

When we questioned Kahrs, he simply refused to answer, multiple times, and, in a particularly classless move, grabbed my camera lens and moved it away from his direction.

And Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been trying to privatize Kansas prisons for years, so that his friends can profit from locking up non-violent drug offenders.

So we have a state legislator who clearly has no idea what he is talking about, a state legislator who rudely refuses to answer simple questions, and an Attorney General who wants his campaign donors to make more money by locking people up for non-violent drug offenses.

3 thoughts on “Wait until you see the state officials blocking Wichita’s marijuana law

  1. Some one should take these video clips to the judge that they are filing the block with. Let him see how unprofessional they are, and how uninformed they are as well. Make it known how they have responded to the public.

  2. He has to be the MOST IGNORANT FUCKTARD Americans has ever seen. Decriminalizing Marijuana or even Legalizing it for Medical and/or Recreational use doesn’t make Kansans look bad. But having voted this FOOL into office does. I’m sure after he pushed the guys camera away he went inside and had a nice stiff drink. He lies and says decriminalization was done illegally, since when does the people voting for what they want (and not what this jerk wants) constitute any kind of illegality? What He is doing is illegal, going against what the people wanted and voted for. Telling all Kansans that our vote doesn’t matter if it’s not what he wants. Where’s a good cloud to ground lightning strike when you need it? If it was his kid suffering from hundreds of seizures a day or fighting cancer I’m sure he would change his tune real quick because then it would still be all about him.

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