Kansas Republicans defend right to conduct public business through private email

After Republicans around the nation portrayed then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s practice of using a private email account to conduct public business as the scandal of the century, elected Republicans in Kansas are defending their own right to do exactly the same thing.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, a Republican, says that state officials are permitted to use private email accounts to conduct public business, and that those emails are not subject to public scrutiny through the Kansas Open Records Act.

The Kansas State Senate, which is heavily dominated by Republicans, voted in March to strike down a bill that would have made these private emails open to the public.

The Kansas City Star has the full story via John Hanna with the Associated Press.

At this point, Fox News should either blast Kansas Republicans the way they did Hillary Clinton, who did eventually release her emails to the public, or admit that they really only care about government transparency when they want to attack a Democrat.

And just for the record, it was wrong when Hillary did it, and it is wrong now, while Kansas Republicans are doing it.

3 thoughts on “Kansas Republicans defend right to conduct public business through private email

  1. Whether Hillary used private email is not the issue, it is the fact that she hurriedly erased 40,000 of them rather than turning them over.

    She is a criminal.

  2. You might want to check on the email addresses of the Kansas State Board of Education members. They ONLY have private email kept on non-government servers. That means NONE of their email communication is subject to the Kansas Open Records Act. It also allows them to secretly have serial meetings that are against the Kansas Open Meetings Act. Many local BOEs do the same thing.

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