Topeka restaurant server refuses Brownback tip and tells him to…

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback frequents a popular restaurant in Topeka, called Boss Hawgs. Chloe Hough, a former server at the restaurant, decided that she did not want a tip from Brownback, and brought him his credit card slip with the tip area crossed out. Hough included this brief message for the governor:

Chloe says that Brownback was actually her last customer at that job, so she was able to express her opinion without fear of being fired for it, as she was already ending her employment at the restaurant.

Chloe gave this statement to Kansas Exposed explaining why she refused Brownback’s tip:

“Brownback is anti-education. He and his followers are helping to put Kansas back in the dark ages by gutting our infrastructure and opportunities. It’s more than a money thing. Intellectual capital is founded in education, without which society cannot and will not progress.”

Chloe Hough, Topeka restaurant server who refused Brownback's tip.
Chloe Hough, Topeka restaurant server who refused Brownback’s tip.

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    1. Maybe we should say that he has no interest in the education of our future leaders because that’s how it seems. If he is not looking out for the future of our state or our future leaders then what is he working towards? Answer me that. I have lived in Kansas my entire life and now my children will start school soon. No they do not get free lunches or food stamps but if I did I don’t think that plays a part in this particular conversation, but I will say those that need them should receive them>>>>>>

  1. What a disrespectful woman. She doesn’t have to like his politics, but she should respect the governor of a state.

    Daniel Tabor, you are wrong about Brownback. Dead wrong.

    1. No, She doesn’t. Just like how all the republicans who whined about the left making fun of Bush for 8 years refuse to show respect to Obama she has the right to voice her opinion. Its all or nothing. You either go on record damning the people who insult Obama or shut your mouth.

    2. A lot of people are against what is being done. I am from Kansas and I have a four year old getting ready to head into the schools. And with them taking money and stuff away for Education, How do you expect our children to learn and grow? She was not being disrespectful, I give this Young Lady a lot of praise!! Maybe your the one who needs a new view on things.

      1. The Department of education has spent over a TRILLION dollars since its founding in the late 70’s. There has been no rise in scores. College degrees are not as valued. Money is not the problem. It does not even correlate to student success. This waitress is free to voice her opinion, but it is an ignorant one.

        1. ^^^^ This is an ignorant reply.Even if this is true, it still doesn’t solve the problem. All it does is save money, which is the least of the issues. Spend that money on developing new ways to better education. Taking the money away doesn’t do that. It just ensures that they cant better the education experience.

          1. Having enough money to pay good teachers is a necessary condition to a decent education. And it’s not sufficient in and of itself. All of which is the exact opposite of what I think you’re trying to imply.

        2. Do you really think if we didn’t put money into education we would be where we are today? You’re wrong about college degrees not being valued. Many places won’t even give you a second look without one.
          How dare you call her ignorant just because she expresses her opinion. In case you didn’t know – free country. Bully someone else.

        3. Ignorance is found in those who believe “scores” are what represent our children’s future. Education is fundamental in building and creating positive global citizens, not higher scores. We should be pouring funds into the education system. Education has no price, not a billion, nor a “TRILLION.” It is the future generation who will be supporting you, you must remember this when you’re unable to wipe your own.

        4. Money spent in primary and high school education doesn’t correlate with student success?!? What’s your source for that claim?

        5. Money doesn’t help??? Really?! Then why is Johnson county and the “wealthier” counties I. Kansas also the ones that do the best on assessment, graduation rates, etc. take their money away, level the playing field and see what the results are. Are you aware that an average community college received 500-800$ in government support while the private scho receives an astronomical amount more? Those who are in the best financial situations to receive quality educations are those who receive the most state aid. Let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer–that is Brownbeck’s mission.

        6. I agree, take the top girl! Maybe if more worked and actually paid taxes cuts wouldn’t be necessary!! We can’t continue to feed all the children free lunches AND give the parents food stamps and other welfare benefits AND free health care if there is no money coming in!!! Call the president and ask him where all the jobs are. One tax cut government can count on moving forward is less prison inmates because our cops are going to be too afraid to arrest anyone for fear they’ll be there themselves!!!

          1. Perhaps you should check into *WHY* we have so many prisoners? And then explain to us why you think that is a good idea???

            Or ask your Congressmen and Senators *WHERE* the money is for jobs? You know…like for infrastructure?

            Oh. And while you’re at it…why don’t you tell us what happens when those kids don’t get free lunches and food stamps disappear? Or did you never ask YOUR church, for example, how they were helping their own congregation when the Great Recession struck and the members who *used* to donate needed help themselves? Or is your answer “Are there no workhouses”???

        7. Apparently you don’t know what a trillion dollars is equivalent to mathematically ( A – a trillion = one thousand billions). I doubt the state of Kansas in all of it taxes for all programs has ever raised a trillion dollars the entire history of the state raising taxes. Let alone spent that much on education. For example if the budget was 5 billion for 200 years running you might hit the trillion mark. Then the next issue would be that education is not the sole benefactor of all funds raised by the state. Based on actual dollars the state in it’s entire history has never achieved a trillion dollars in state taxes. Apparently you need to go back to grade school for a math lesson, oh “ignorant one”.

        8. I see you did not benefit from any of that trillion dollars! it’s an ignorant one? I pray you get run over

        9. Scores have risen. But, the bigger issue is all the money and time that has been sacrificed in preparing for and administering tests. All of that has stolen real teaching time and cost millions of dollars.

        10. Meanwhile we have given many kore trillions in taxpayer giveaways and bailouts to corporate America since the 70s and have LOWER wages, LOWER benefits, reduced health care coverage for employees, LOWER job security, but the highest corporate profits in this country’s history. The gap between the 1% and the 99% is also at its greatest disparity than at any time in the country’s history. I think you are the ignorant one.

        1. ^^ If you are going to represent yourself on here, especially by name, you may want to work on your grammar and spelling. I can see that our Kansas schools have failed you.
          There are so many aspects affecting the reason schools cannot afford cuts being made… the rise in minimum wage (classified workers in schools), the astronomical rise in health insurance cost for employees, rise in living cost, rise in energy cost, increase in illegal immigrants (we pay for these kids’ food, supplies, etc.), and the list goes on and on. The schools NEED more money each year just to maintain.

    3. You, David are an idiot! He deserves NO respect! Thanks to people like you, who voted to re-elect this joke back into office, our state and educational systems are in a spiraling downfall.

    4. He has done nothing but run this state into the ground. I’m with her,my mother always said give respect to get respect. He has done NOTHING to earn the respect from the people of Kansas.

    5. How was she disrespectful? She didn’t use any bad language or call him any names! She simply voiced her opinion in writing to her governor. How else are they supposed to know what the people they are representing truly want if they don’t tell them!!

      1. I totally agree with Brenda. We need a lot more people like her letting him know where the real people stand.

      2. True. She DID show respect by serving him in the restaurant (aka fulfilling her employment requirements as a server), and she was probably very nice to him. Letting him know about the schools and refusing a tip is fine. It wasn’t vulgar, just a ‘no thank you, our money need to go to the schools’ kind of feedback. He needs feedback. As you said how else will he know? Respecting someone as a human and telling them what you think of their actions are just peachy. That being said, if she refused to serve him period, I would think that would be ok too at least on a personal level (as an employee, questions arise).

    6. Why should she respect the governor of a state who has no respect at all for that state’s residents????

        1. Yes, JCrew is one of her favorite places. I buy things at JCrew and I make 60k a year. I’m a single mom. She has great fashion at far less the price than other first ladies. PS: I’m not a fan of the Obamas, either, I think both parties stink these days. I do think our society judges too frequently on non important issues, so I’m standing up for Michelle. BTW, Have you ever judged how much a male politician pays for his suits? If I had to guess, I would bet no.

        2. They are donated to her by designers most times. What she buys with her own money is her business.

    7. It would have been disrespectfull if she had cursed at him, called him names, etc. What she did was handled in a decent yet profound way. While I dislike how many people voice their opinions of our people in office in such a vulgar and disrespectful manner, this I felt was done in good taste and she has a right to voice her stance even to him.

      1. i agree this is supposed to be a free country and people get head in cement syndrome when someone disagrees , she voiced her opinon in a disrespectful way and when people are coming on here voiceing there opinons is a disrespectful manner they are hyprocrites , think about that yall when you look in the mirror lets act like adults not children and instaid of belittling people contribute solutions to the problem at hand , im going to be moving to kansas eventually and i have a stake in education so this is an important issue for me , being a step dad to be , keep your eyes focused on the important issue raised and off the childish trolls

    8. Why should a person be given respect when respect had not been earned? Being a governor makes him no more important nor should he be anymore revered than anyone else.

    9. My guess is that you are also not a supporter of President Obama and that you probably would have no problem if one would have done this exact thing to him….

    10. She did not disrespect the “governor”…he does that all the time on his own. The young lady just let him know what she thought…that is still allowed in Kansas, isn’t it?

    11. I feel the same way about the respect people should give our president! But, I disagree with you. This girl recognizes Brownback for what he is….the demise of our state. I’ve seen this state go backwards with him as our governor. I want him OUT!

    12. I disagree! I think what she did was admirable!!!! Anyone, I don’t care WHO….who thinks educating our people isn’t a priority—needs to be put in their place! Their is a reason why they want to “dumb down America”!!! David, YOU need to educate yourself!!!!!

    13. Look at the respect our President of the United States is given by our country, why do you expect more for the gov.? I’m not taking a political stand but making an obvious observation .

    14. How can you respect a man who has turned his back on his state and the people he is “supposed ” to be serving? He is an embarrassment and is a governor in title only.

    15. Respect should be given to those who deserve respect. Brownback does not respect the citizens of Kansas, and just because he is governor is not a reason to respect him. What he does is more important than the post he holds in government.

    16. you are wrong for standing behind a product of all things bad. There is no respect for the damn conspiracy of the elite. you want to be one of those stop talking to rational human beings. Brownback will burn in hell for his indecenties along with many others. go ahead and follow them if you want. You disrespect every tax paying citizen, and humanity
      when you defend him

    17. Respect has to be earned. It doesn’t matter if your the governor or a ditch digger. He hasn’t earned her respect.

    18. David. You are literally the most ignorant, stupid person on the internet right now. Respect someone just because they are governor of a state?
      Go back seventy years and suck on Hitlers sweet sweet cock. Asshole.

    19. Brownback is a pig, he cutsd school funding, Hwy Dept Funding and Services for the poor and disabled, but gives his lords and masters the koch brothers huge tax breaks.

    20. Respect is EARNED – not handed over blindly to someone who has yet to do anything deserving of it. Brownback has done little else for Kansas save making us look like we come from Brown-backward-istan. Telling people not to speak their opinion is also of little use. You are so quick to hand over your right as a human being (not just a citizen) to those “in control of it all” because they are “qualified”? They just knew the right people to gain power. That is all this has ever been about. Power, power, power, hunger and greed. Backing those without power (even though they DO have it) into the depths of believing they cannot do anything about it.

      Disrespectful this was not – if she would have wrote “f*ck your face” THAT would have been disrespectful. Not expressing what he should be doing as a representative of the people. So, let me give you a chance to re-direct your “respect” issue and give it some weight:

      Brownback – F*CK YOUR FACE.

    21. What is disrespectful is Mr. Brownback and his host of Topeka bullies’ attitude and treatment of those who have spent much of their time, money, and life to become educators and to those who want an education that will allow them to compete in this world- not just in a Koch “factory”. If one wants respect, one must earn it; you don’t get it just because you won an office.

    22. Based on your comment I am curious if you offer the same attitude towards the president that you feel the gov deserves

    23. Oh hush. Just because he won an election doesn’t mean everyone need to be nice to him. She didn’t do anything rude, she voiced her opinion in a creative manner.

    24. Disrespectful?? More like standing up for what she believes in instead of showing respect for someone who has not earned or deserves it.

    25. Why should she have to respect the governor of the state when he doesn’t respect his state or the people in it? Not to mention all Americans are entitled to an opinion and the freedom of speech …. the rights that our service men/women have fought to give us and to keep for us!

      Have a nice day!

    26. I’d say she was absolutely respectful, compared to what I would have written. Kansas GOP government is a disgrace, a failure and an embarrassment. Brownback is a schill for the Kochs and ALEC.

    27. I bet you’re one of those people who wants God back in public schools, wonders where the “values” of the younger generation went, and forgets not only that you were a young adult once, but that it was your generation who raised them.

    28. Respect is earned, to date I have seen few politicians who have earned it. Please feel free to tell me precisely what positive legacy he has provided for the state of Kansas, because I have yet to see anything that was not elitist and self serving in the press about him.

    29. So, there was never a time in your life where you questioned your elder, your Mother or Father, a teacher, a respected person in your life? With all do respect, I would pose the question; are you 100% happy with Kansas economic stature? What are you doing to give back to your community (other than praying for them from the side lines) and since we as tax payers pay our dear Gov. Sam Brownback over $100,000 a year, do you feel he has earned it?

    30. Nothing wrong with ‘not accepting a $ tip’ in place of leaving a ‘tip of opinion’! #freedomofspeech

    31. She wasn’t disrespectful and is under no burden to take his tip or like his policies. She does have a right to voice her thoughts and she expressed a well reasoned viewpoint. Unlike, “You are wrong. Dead wrong,” which adds noting to the discussion.

      Of course, a woman should not be so rude as to express what she thinks, or even think it to begin with.

    32. You have to give Respect to Deserve it!! Just because you have a Job that you ”
      bought with Campaign Money” DOES’NT MEAN AUTOMATIC RESPECT

    33. a disrespectful woman? then you are a complete moron!! respect him for being governor? WOW you must be 12. You will learn hang in there buddy!!

    34. you talk about respect. what about the president of the united states. how much respect is he getting for a job left in a mess by bush. Three cheers for this young person standing up against that bunch. Respect when it suits your purpose maybe. or is respect earned?.

    35. I saw a great bumper sticker I must get “My governor is a moron!” Millions of Kansans have had it with this clown. Get a clue David. Worst gov in ther HISTORY of this state!

    36. The governor gets no respect. Children deserve the best education they can get. This governor should be fired. Maybe he wants a dumb doctor or a uneducated plumber or electrician. His house will burn down or flood and he will die from poor medical care because he thinks education isn’t important enough!

    37. I will second that. As tax payers of there wages we do not have to respect Brownback. And I left of his title on porpoise. He should do the job I pay for. Or resign. And I want his resignation.

  2. Brava ! Brava !!
    Run for Office Young Lady.
    I would have been tempted to add something to his meal.
    Any suggestions from
    Kansas Kith & Kin ?


    Gold Beach

    1. You’re an idiot just like our governor which has been proven by every decision he has made since entering office. He is running our state into the ground.

    2. I’m sure what tip she didn’t get from him, is not going to break her bank. Do you have children in school? Does it not worry you where our education in this state is headed? Because it sure does me. I moved here to raise my kids, because of the great education I got growing up here. Now I worry that because of funding the districts are not able to give the kids the education they deserve.

    3. School os where you learn to read an entire article, so that you don’t make ridiculous comments that prove you didn’t bother to finish it.

      I guess being snarky is more important than being informed ;)

    4. whatever tip he might have left her on a $52 check wouldn’t have paid many bills. She was already leaving the job. Worth it to make a statement.

    5. Could be her bills are paid. Her last day on the job, probably moving to another date to pursue a college education, because educational funding is cut in Kansas. Yes I know I assumed a lot in this statement…as are yours.

    6. Schools are the future. They aren’t optional, aren’t frivolous, and in this century, our schools can’t be cut to bare bones. American children must compete on an international level. Schools should be our first bill paid.

    7. maybe they shouldn’t have made them bullshit bills to pay. Education is a bill to pay in my household. your an idiot

    8. Real good possibility that if you had received a better education.. you could pay your bills. Good schools, good neighborhoods, good government equal healthy, happy, smart children.

  3. Chloe, as a teacher who was dumped due to budget cuts in 2010, I want to thank you for taking the opportunity to make a point. You were not crass or rude, just honest.
    I taught for 34 years and now I substitute to help pay bills. Governor Brownback and Speaker Merrick have made their contempt for teachers clear by word in Merrick’s case and deed in the governor’s case. Thank you for speaking truth to power.

  4. Good job Chloe! i don’t think I could have handled the situation in the adult manner you did :)

  5. School budget cuts may be an area of concern…obviously it is for you.
    But Brownback’s leadership and principles are excellent for Kansas. He’s 20000% better than his predecessor.

    1. You are most likely smoking corn silks, so not responsible for your comments, I do taxes for a living and BrownHole has screwed his state over good.

  6. Great Job girl. And either way u were planning on leaving that job anyway so great job it takes major guts to stand up to a guy like that.

  7. Once again a young person showing no respect for authority. Elected by the people of Kansas. Thank you Sam Brownback for your Godly character. Taking a stand over the waist of money in the Kansas Schools. KNEA teachers union is nothing but a group of socialist pigs.

    1. “Elected by the people of Kansas.” is not a sentence, it is an introductory phrase. It requires a coma after it and the completion of the thought. Waist should have been spelled waste. Perhaps you should have paid better attention to those KNEA teacher’s union teachers when they were trying to drill this stuff into your thick head!

      1. You mean “you’re”? Is it only those of us on Social Security who know how to put a sentence together

      2. Let’s see. In one short post you’ve managed to make two mistakes with capital letters, use a wrong word (“your” is a possessive pronoun indicating ownership by an associated person, “you’re” is a contraction for “you are” and indicates that an associated person conforms to a state or quality), make a spelling error and forget to end a sentence with a period. Well done.

    2. “Waste” not waist. to consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return; use to no avail or profit; squander, is very different from the mid section of a person…

    3. *waste

      Proof we should keep up our education funding. Especially since programs that improve test scores (which is how we determine funding) and promote learning are getting cut right and left.

      Also, of the five types of power, the Governor has legitimate power, which does not require any form of respect. I do believe her statement was covered by her first amendment rights. She was not disrespectful unless it is disrespectful to state your belief. Respect and maintaining a belief are not mutually exclusive, even when you disagree with someone.

    4. I can find no greater evidence for the need of further investment in education than that poorly constructed and executed statement.

    5. You need an editor. Waist? No, ypu mean “waste”. Why capitalize the word schools? I have never been a socialist nor a pig, but I recognize a sentence fragment when I see one. Please offer evidence as to how this governor is so godly and as to what is socialistic about the KNEA? What do you do for a living? Where is your respect for people you don’t even know (teachers and anyone who disagrees with you)?

    6. Thank you Sam Brownback?? Please enlighten the rest of us as to the particularly “Godly thing” this so called Christian did.. Btw. Jesus was a liberal.

    7. His “Godly character”??? He will burn in hell for the raping of our state.
      “Waist of money”…that is funny stuff…looks we wasted money on your education!

      Go back to watching Fox News.

    1. Respect is earned, not freely giving because somebody holds a place of power. Anyone who seeks to cripple children’s futures, and actively demolish everything about our economy doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect. If you honestly believe this man is in any position to be awarded praise, you are just as blind and arrogant as the man himself. Kansas has no one to blame but themselves for bringing this deviant back into our government, and I hope that when this man finally succeeds in his mission of destroying our state, people will open their eyes.

  8. I’m sorry but just because someone is in office does NOT mean they get granted respect. They as well as everyone else must EARN it and taking away valuable education is not how you earn it. I do not even live in Kansas and I would have done the same thing. Too many people are in office only for the guaranteed money, they do not care about our children’s future or the future of this country. Way to go Chloe! Thank you for doing what most people do not have the balls to do.

  9. How can we respect a man who has turned his back on his state and the people he is “supposed to be serving? He is an embarrassment to Kansans.

  10. Voicing and standing up to a person regarding your beliefs is a given right as a human being. It’s also very commendable and gratifying when done with truth. You are “EXACTLY ” correct in your statement to Brownback. I also commend you on not accepting his tip. I truly wish i was there to witness this. You definitely would of gotten a “STANDING OVATION ” from me. Words of wisdom were spoken. Plain and simple. Well done.

  11. Bob, that’s “waste” not “waist”. Your statement shows a total lack of respect for teachers, as well as education.

    1. She’s an uneducated idiot. Kansas has poured an astronomical amount of money into education, far in excess of what was reasonable and they still so a poor job of educating. When they wanted even MORE money they sued the state. The vast majority of these funds found their way into the pockets of administrators and of course the NEA. Clearly this girl is a product of that education.

      1. And of course the NEA??? What is your evidence. Do you have any idea how much G. Bush’s No Child Left Behind cost this state and others, how many levelsvof non-teaching jobs it added and how much money was spent buying tests and how much time was robbed from teaching to administer those tests. No you havev
        not a clue. That program dumbed down education from sea to shining sea and put millions of dollars in the pockets of educational publishers who produced and sold crap to struggling schools

      2. You obviously have no clue about the system of which you speak. Tell me…exactly how much is reasonable? And exactly how many educators do you personally know? I can tell you that I know many. Not one of them get compensated adequately for the work they do. Anyone that knows a teacher knows the work does not stop when the bell rings, and most of them must take on part time jobs or extra duty to make ends meet. So I ask again, exactly how much is “reasonable”? I do know that it’s not enough under the current system.

  12. kansas is going to shit. the only thing that has kept us going is our education system. Ask the Koch brothers why they stop giving money… cause no one in kansas is smart enough to do the job!!!! Why do you think that is? because a bunch of old white geezers are greedy and give two shits that kansas already has the highest rate for homeless children. now Brownback takes away the only thing that they have. Oh yeah and they are hungry, 1 out of every 5, they need school to eat., The most important institute in society and your fricking greedy old assess want to take that away. May be you should go back to school your damn self and look at the world that is really around you. We are number 3 in the nation for sex trafficking, but you want to diminish education and schools.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BROWNBACK AND THE EVIL FUCKERS THAT FOLLOW HIM? Are you working God’s plan or do work for the devil? If your tired of paying welfare bills then why would you want to hinder education?

  13. Let’s put this in its true perspective before you’re all ready to give this waitress the Congressional Medal of Honor. Brownback “frequents” this restaurant, but this waitress hasn’t said anything to him until she’s ready to quit. Then and only then does she shoot for her 15-minutes of fame.

    1. That’s because you don’t put your job in jeopardy if you don’t have another form of income lined up….it’s called covering your ass

  14. it apparently doesn’t look like education served her too well if she’s working as a waitress in a diner. Brownback is wanting to improve jobs in Kansas so people like this woman can make a decent living. The businesses that he’s building are bringing in new taxes to the State that are going to help fund education ampere might provide more for all of the people in the state of Kansas. sometimes in life, you have to make sacrifices to get rewards and gains. I don’t see any worse Kansas test scores they havent dropped as a result of his initiative either.

    1. the way that I read this and the news coming out of KS is that the Gov.has really hurt Kansas with his cuts. Now there is less tax money coming in and more tax cuts for the big businesses that this nest round of income is going top make the state really suffer but then the politicians will still get their money to run for their rertirement offiices. By the way, I live in Illinois and we just elected another “I am not a politician,I am a business man and I will fix this state” MY,MY another Gov who is going to help the RICH

    2. Actually, yes, state assessment scores did go down for the first time ever shortly after the cuts. Since then tests have been changed so we don’t know. What businesses? Kansas is trailing all neighboring states in job creation. Get your facts straight or shut up.

    3. My guess is she is like me and working in the service industry while pursuing a degree. The hours are extremely flexible and can be worked around a school schedule. And if you want to talk about a “decent living”…I’m averaging $45,000/year in the service industry while I’m in school. Perhaps she just graduated and that degree has allowed her to find an even better job and that’s why she quit.

    4. Nice way to trash someone’s profession or job. That is the line of thought that leads to spitting on the garbage collectors. You like the aristocratic pedestal don’t ya? Maybe it was a second job, maybe it is a passion for becoming the top server in France (a well paid, unionized, and RESPECTED position), maybe it’s a stepping stone to own her own. You eat at diners, but you think the people are less than you, or that it doesn’t require education? MAYBE she just LOVES what she does. Why does her profession make her uneducated? Why do you think it’s below you? Think about it… Then I dare you to work one day in her shoes in that job and record the whole thing unedited and post it online. Never gonna happen, I predict.

  15. Finally a young person with intelligence speaking her mind! Young lady you are to be Congratulated for your courage and simple statement!! Bill Reed

  16. By the looks of her selfie and the fact that anybody even knows about this, it is evident that this was more about provocative SELF PROMOTION than making a true statement.

    And all the lemmings take the bait…

  17. This young lady shows a great deal of maturity and respect in doing and saying what she did! Respect and
    support are earned, not just given to someone who is in charge! Teachers, principals,and superintendents know this, and most strive to earn the respect of those with whom they work. A governor who sets himself as superior to everyone else morally and intellectually, and defensively tries to put down others’ ideas has not and will not EVER earn respect from anyone! (except family!)

  18. You tell ’em sister! You should run for office. its minds and hearts like yours this country needs desperately! Someone wrote “spreak truth to power” and that’s a courageous thing. Thanks for taking that classy shot on your way out. You did good, and at 60, if you are coming up after me, then I feel better about the state of our country. :)

  19. I’m just gonna go ahead and say what half of us all are thinking, and the only fact that’s actually important in this story: she appears to be hot. Well done, Chloe, well done.

  20. Shame on her. Being her last day on the job or not, if she was to refuse any potential tip, she should have voiced it face to face and not by defacing the credit card slip. Heaven forbid he retains the receipt for his taxes and shows others just how the servers at that restaurant openly create a public forum to express their opinion instead of doing their job in a respectful manner. By expressing her opinion on paper, she has potentially damaged the business’ reputation. Keep your personal politics out of any workplace.
    She was there to serve, he was paying for the service, if he was to address a tip upon the quality of the service that she provided then that would be her place to politely verbally refuse it and request that he redirect it to the schools. Protest on your personal time, not while doing a job that you are paid to be doing. Heaven forbid a business professional refuse to provide a service to anyone on behalf of their personal politics.
    I can see the headlines now, “Michelle Obama gets refused a bucket of chicken at a Kentucky Fried Chicken because of her stance on obese children” employee in question states “If my kid is fat because of unhealthy fast food then why should I serve her food that will make her obese? Well, wait maybe it’s not the food but maybe her lifestyle.”

  21. Respect the Governor? What does he or any other politician do that deserves respect? Let’s start at the local level, because it’s easier to acquire and understand the situation before us. ALL governments are corporations! Your CITY, COUNTY, STATE and the USA are corporations. Go to your city clerk and request a copy of the Letter of Incorporation! They will make you a copy and you can get it certified so it is a legitimate legal document you can use in their court. These corporations operate outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution, which is why we continually think they are opposing the Constitution. They don’t have to abide by it, they have their own rules and they try to make us answerable to those rules (codes and statutes are not law) which are only company bylaws. You would be upset if you walked in to a business and they made you immediately start adhering to their company policies, and yet they won’t put you on their payroll. However they will provide you some amenities, just because you are within their company walls (borders). This fraud has been going on since the beginning when the Virginia Co. sent the colonists to jumpstart the Virginia Co in the New World and it became a global powerhouse. It declared bankruptcy in 1933 under then CEO Franklin Delano Roosevelt! It was renamed the USA Inc under the new majority shareholder known as the Federal Reserve Bank. The elected are nothing more than corporate employees that lose their natural citizenship for a 14th amendment citizenship and give their loyalty on their oath to the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, not to the people. Mr. Brownback and all other Kansas politicians have no respect for the people in Kansas, so why do they deserve respect. They are committing fraud and know it!

  22. This young woman was in no way disrespectful. She simply stated her opinion which is her right. I only wish I had been witness to this so I could give her a standing ovation. Brownback has done nothing but line the pockets of big business. That has been his agenda from the start. Kudos to you Chloe for having the courage to state your opinion and let him know first hand that many of us are not happy with his agenda. And to the person that stated a trillion dollars have been spent since 1970 with no progress in education thinks that is a lot of money, really?!? A trillion dollars in the course of 45 YEARS for an entire state?!? Maybe you should go to another state and get yourself educated because obviously you didn’t get a good one in this state.

  23. inspiring to know that Kansas has so many interested parties that are knowledgeable regarding budgets, LOB’s, school district funding and the recent move to give block grants to schools next year to spend as those administrators see fit in their districts. I love reading so many qualified comments regarding the educational system. I’m confident this young lady was well informed regarding all the issues surrounding prior legislative efforts to consolidate school districts in the past to confront budgetary constraints that have more to do with resource allocation in low population areas to address multiple duplication of services to maintain status quo local control of their district in spite of enrollment decline. Perhaps she should confront her other patrons that are teachers,district employees and parents of children in those districts and ask them whether they support using the block grants to reduce administrative overhead and reduce all school sports to mere club level to help save districts the huge expenditures that are incurred directly and indirectly from having to maintain facilities and grounds to provide a place to hold those activities. The cost of utilities alone to keep schools open for sports could help pay for more teachers and resources. That would be the one question to ask if this young woman wanted to really have a sense of how badly funded our schools are in accordance to so many experts. And lastly, if she had a clue she would have known that the school budgets were not cut in the upcoming budget. That the budgets increased according to the KSC ruling. But ignorance is best served by social media fans looking for their two seconds of fame.

    1. But she didn’t refuse his tip. She just left a snarky comment and crossed out a line. I don’t get how this is news… Brownback sucks as a governor, we all know that. We also all know that he’s anti education for whatever reason is lining his pockets with money…

      1. She didn’t compute his tip but returned the slip. So did he share this news? If so has there been a revelation?

      1. Yea… Mike get off of your Play School Sit N Spin. The fact that local school funding has been cut for several years while the Fed government pays the local states for budget cuts has been going on for over 10 years all awhile the Federal government expands their attempts to control the people by expanding the School Board initiative with control the knowledge of the people education with Common Core. This girl represents the people, needs to get out of the food biz, and continue to find ways to put deaf and arrogant political people like you in their place…. and you probably wonder why we are starting to have riots against the establishment and “oppressors”. Your the one that needs to “get a clue” Mikey.

        1. Dude, you bag on common core and you can’t even spell. The contraction of the words “you” and “are” are spelled “you’re” (reference to last sentence of your post) Also, the rest of it doesn’t make much sense. Common Core would have helped you. That is, if you wanted to be able to actually make a point!

        1. I agree I believe if Brownback wants to make cuts they can be gone elsewhere. Not in Education school need all the money they can get, I voted for Brownback. Big mistake I wish I can take my vote back,Brownback is other laying poltian. When is our money going?

        2. I agree I believe if Brownback wants to make cuts they can be gone elsewhere. Not in Education school need all the money they can get, I voted for Brownback. Big mistake I wish I can take my vote back,Brownback is other laying poltian. When is our money going?

    2. Many knowledgable individuals agree with this young woman. Why did Brownback make campaign promises to fund education and not cut it and then turn around and do just that? the majority of people do not support cutting schools. Kansas’ public schools have produced some amazing, successful individuals. We do not need to cut the schools to fund the Koch brothers tax breaks.

    3. The budgets are getting cut! I have two students in 501. They have had to cut back on the bus routes and more students have to walk to school. 501 doesn’t have the money they need to help students that need extra help because of learning disabilities.

      Also my aunt & uncle may also lose their jobs because of the cuts.

      So I would like to know where you are getting your information.

      1. They’re re-appropriating funding, not cutting it. There is a huge difference. As awesome as it would be, it simply isn’t affordable to let school districts spend as they want, because it is OBVIOUS in recent decades, that it ends up with enormous administrative overhead, and programs that are less effective and more expensive. Throwing money at this isn’t the issue–first using the money allocated most effectively and then increasing funding where it is then needed. The way the system is now, some districts get grand pianos and some can’t afford food….we need to even out the money and then help where help is needed. But letting teachers and administrators “name their price” for how much they need to run their school is like asking two wolves and a sheep what is for dinner.

    4. Well, it’s good to know you’re an expert, MIke. Or was that an appeal to authority? Yeah, I think that’s it. I think the Nazi Youth though Hitler had some pretty good ideas too. Not that I’m comparing the two linearly, but you can’t just argue, “he knows what he’s doing!”

      1. Oh, and Mike, inserting multiple terms for any given argumentation for the present issues at hand and navigating them adeptly… does not make your more right or seem more smart. It makes it look like you’re trying really hard to look smart.

      2. And actually, I apologize. Your argument was not an appeal to authority. After chewing through your garble a second time, it’s clear you’re merely trying to patronize this “young lady” because you’re much more well-informed, right?

        Thanks for your input.

    5. Mike, maybe YOU need to become informed, instead of simply criticizing this girl. I am a teacher at a school district where classes will end on Friday–THIS Friday, May 8–two weeks early. It is all because of Brownback’s gutting the educational funding. The so-called “increase” in funding championed by Brownback is simply a paperwork hocus-pocus, “giving” money to schools for the public employees’ retirement fund, then taking it back immediately. The schools see nothing of that money. As for the block grants, they will be so inflexible that any rise in district enrollment or other unforeseen needs will go unmet for two years.
      Teachers in my district will not see a raise and school activities–your favorite whipping boy, it appears–are being cut. There is no more room to cut administration costs in our district. We have several part-time teachers to help cut costs. Our junior high and high school are on block schedules to save on costs because two schools share teachers, this despite evidence that block schedules are detrimental to student learning and achievement.
      Next time you want to fire comments at someone standing up for what she believes in, maybe you should be sure you know the facts, Mike.

      1. So far:
        I Know What I’m Talking About
        (A teacher obviously affected by educational cutbacks; seeing firsthand what is happening in these school districts and recognizing this womans viewpoint to be an inaliable right, being utilized quite minimally if you really look at it.


        Mike (I’m really a beligerent blowhard who not only was the first to respond via my sarcastic and incredibly blown out of proportion reply on the social media that I maligned when accusing a waitress, who was simply making a point, of trying to spread her ignorance on said social media in order to gain her two seconds of fame, which I totally gave her by using terms and arguments best saved for a high school mock debate team)

        1. Or it could be–

          So far:
          I Know About Education But Have No Idea How Budgets Work
          (A teacher with anecdotal evidence from a school district and school of which we have no idea how is being ran or why the resources are being removed, so without further evidence, has no bearing on the argument at hand.)


          (A person that chose sarcasm as a method of discourse in order to try to bring light to the fact that there are more cogs in play than simply an anti-education governor that hates learning only to be called a blowhard by people that demand we know what we are talking about when we make political points unless we are a waitress, then it doesn’t matter because, “She’s just a waitress making a point.” Maybe Mike should just know less about what he is talking about and just say it less sarcastically but with a tear in his eye.)

      2. The school year is ending early throughout the Midwest as we had a mild winter. Mild winter equals less “snow days”. Less “snow days’ = get out of school early card. Last year my god-daughter finished in June. This year May. Simple as that. Cut the BS.

    6. Maybe if there had been more money in the schools for her growing up she could have been as educated as you. Your right wing views will soon be a bad memory. A stain on our country and freedoms. Neither party is great…but you have to listen to your public opinion in this nation and adapt or you will soon learn that society will pass you and your beliefs and you will be left with nothing but what most have nowadays. Nothing. I will laugh when your high interest savings accounts deplete and your moral corruption will be the only thing separating you from the rest of society. I guarantee if you weren’t born into the money you would see that giving poor kids a fair shot is more than equal. It’s what’s right. I’m sorry but most with “higher” educations bought them. And if all were truly earned, trolls like you wouldn’t exist.

      1. Why do liberals resort to rapid name calling? Heads up, we all get you hate the Gov. We also have a clear understanding of our constitutional rights. Before you preach to the choir about the poor how about donating some time and talent.

    7. Mike you are wrong! Usd 501’s budget for the next 2 years is going to be 3.5 million short, and likely to be more. Sports may not seem a priority, but so many Kansas children get athletic scholarships without which many wouldn’t even have the opportunity for higher education.

    8. Yes, school sports, which ultimately teaches resiliency and teamwork, is to blame. What I love is a self-indulgent, long reply that ultimately says nothing.

    9. That’s a nice attempt to make yourself look really smart and smug, and yet your answer to the fact that Brownback has gutted education in this state is to blame schools for having sports programs? You can try to shift the blame for Kansas’ financial woes (or pretend like a 750+ million dollar budget shortfall isn’t an issue) all you want to, but it does not take an economics PhD to understand that the source of a state’s funding is taxes – a huge, extremely significant portion of which are taxes on businesses operating within the state – and when you eliminate those taxes, you eliminate the main source of your revenue and cut off your ability to pay for things like education. Keep blaming the teachers if you like, it doesn’t make you right.

      1. How uneducated are you to not know that businesses never pay taxes. The customers of businesses do. Or are you one who’s educated beyond their level of intelligence and really believes that business taxes are somehow a benefit and a boon for the taxpayer.

        1. Really, Marcie? It’s the old “Chicken/Egg” conundrum? Businesses pay taxes on their profits and inventory. Sure it’s customers who pay the company for their products and services, but you are missing the point. Take for instance “Papa Murphy’s.” If you are unaware, it’s a no bake pizza joint, because they are no bake, they do not charge sales tax on their pizzas. Soooo, does this mean a company such as this, by your logic, would never have to pay taxes…. ever? Really? So the employees must pay out payroll taxes, but the company itself doesn’t need to pay taxes at all?!? Now THAT is just, how did you put it? “Uneducated.”

          1. The company covers the tax liability in the cost of the pizza, at point of sale and annually. The customer pays.

    10. Ill admit i know very little about rhe topic butYou really don’t need to be such a prick. You assume she knew everything because you belive that you do, simple as that. It had guts refusing a tip, don’t bitch because she had the balls to do it.

      1. Did she have the authority to refuse the tip on behalf of all the employees on duty that night Lisa? You do realize that for some years now, tips have gone into a pot that is divided evenly between all the staff, not just the waitress. Also, tips are taxable income so in a small way, her selfish decision added to the States revenue shortfall. Awfully presumptive of her to think she had permission to act on behalf of everybody don’t you think? I know the fact of our existence is incomprehensible to you and those who think like you but there are still many of us who like and support our Governor.

        1. Don’t pretend it’s good to have rewards for individual service taxed and divvied among the other staff. Funny how Communism is laudable when it’s used to serve the Koch Brothers.

      2. Given how little waitresses get paid in the US (a place I left in 1999 when offered a job) I consider her amazing. Waitresses get paid crap wages. If minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be about $15 an hour now days. Of course people in conservative US politics say its impossible to pay people that much. Except they are in Seattle and their economy is a lot better than that of the places with crap minimum wage. You see, lower middle class and down, people have to spend every cent they have…so minimum wage becomes a way of shoving money into the economy from the bottom up (which DOES work, trickle down is rubbish & has been known to be so for over a century)

    11. Actually instead of blindly following Brownbac like a little sycophant why don’t YOU get out and start visiting the schools that have been consolidated. Consolidated schools who’s weeks have already been cut to 4 days a week so 5 year old miss are now attending school from 8 in morning to 430 in evening…..and that’s not including the bus ride to be bussed to the next town over. And NOW because of budget cuts those schools are now releasing 10 days early..,,., so where is the quality education? It is narrow minded, short sighted idiots like yourself who contribute to the misinformation and uneducated individuals of not just this state but also this entire nation!

    12. Yet, by using block grants the government wishes to divert blame for shortages. Also, she must be well aware Sammy and his co-horts cut budgets mid year which has caused some schools to close early…..after they promised there would be no mid year cuts. That is enough info to know this administration is incompetent and corrupt.

    13. School consolidation has already occurred and continues to occur. Yet, so do cuts to schools. Eliminate school sponsored sports? Really, we’ve come to this bare bones approach? Parents already make more private donations to public schools , including but not limited to extra curricular activities, then ever because they are necessary. Do you have children in schools? If so, are you enjoying all the fundraising that is now put on the children for their education? There aren’t areas outside of schools where they can’t find government spending waste?

    14. Actually budgets were cut and people have lost their jobs. The Monopoly money that they added to the budget went into state retirement that was already behind after years of being frozen. Cutting sports will not save the day and will lead to higher drop out rates. That’s a whole other debate. I support her action but only way to change things is during election time.

    15. You make some good points Mike. Problem is, they are no less disconnected from reality than you claim the action of Ms. Hough was. They are as much a match to the Governor’s line as hers are to the “uninformed” line you’ve assigned her to.

      Do you have a family member who is a teacher or other school employee in Kansas? How about a child who is a student….and if so any chance they are physically or otherwise challenged, or have an affinity for music, art, or other non-athletic endeavor? If so, you would know that life on the ground in Kansas schools has degraded significantly, and it has happened on Governor Brownback’s watch.

      You don’t have to take the word of the Governor, the Clintons, the Koch’s, or Miss Hough. A little front line knowledge is far more meaningful. At least she had a financial stake in her move… are the better example of someone whose contributions are limited to social media. Disparage her all you want. At the moment, she has more credibility.

      1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I used to be anti teacher, until I met my wife. Most people will never realize just how hard they work and how much of their lives teachers dedicate to teaching EVERYONE’S children. Sure, not all teachers are great. But most of them are good. And everyone also forgets that those same people spend nearly as much time helping to raise their children to also be better people. Not just educate them. Every week, my woman and I will run into one of her former students, or she will get posts on her Facebook wall. From previous students thanking her for helping them to lead a better life.

    16. I had to wade through a lot of verbiage in your comment to realize that YOU don’t know what you are talking about! The state is becoming insolvent because nothing is adequately funded thanks to draconian and ill advised tax cuts. If you had been on the Titanic and were told the ship is sinking, you would have probably have asked the person who told you what they know about ships, have they read all the Titanic’s specs, are they engineers and why are they qualified to say the ship is sinking.

    17. Mike, I’m fairly confident that if she were to ask any other patrons that are teachers they would give her a high five for doing this.

    18. Bravo!!! Well said! It just like my bank account, there will never be enough money in it. It doesn’t matter what is done no one will ever be happy with what they are budgeted. If schools did waste money on stupid things. For example smart boards that are now not used. I don’t see how the kids are suffering in schools. If anything is making kids dumber it’s the idiotic shows they watch on tv. And the lazieness modern conveniences provide. Kids can’t even form a proper sentence anymore it all sounds like text messages.

      1. I’m sorry, but as a high school student I must inform you that smart boards are in fact the most used resource in the classroom. While you think that the younger generation can’t form proper sentences, I have to ask, did you even read what you typed before posting? Self awareness is a beautiful thing. You may almost be onto something with the “nobody will ever be happy” scheme, but you know your school is having financial problems when you can’t afford to turn on the air conditioner/heater, have numerous club budgets cut, and frequently runs out of food during lunch time. Nice try though.

      2. I think before making a sarcastic comment about how kids today can’t even form a proper sentence, you should proof read your sentences.

      3. “These newfangled kids today…. Look at me, I done just fine without a dang “education”.”

        Our children, nationally, rank below those in India, China and parts of Africa [popularly referred to as “Third World” countries in prior decades] in terms of being tech-savvy. This is partly because our educational system has been GUTTED by the idiot neocons, whose fascistic policies are DESIGNED to reduce our population to serfdom.

        These idiots and their policies have- since the son and grandson of Prescott Bush, an avowed fascist and Hitler’s money launderer- and of Daddy Koch, the founder of the John Birch Society- been slowly eroding every blessed thing we fought for in WWII. They couldn’t win the war, so they weaselled their policies into our government and created a cancer by the back door.

        What they are working towards is feudalism without benefit of chivalry.

        Last time I checked, that was nothing like what this nation is about.

        And they’ve been successful. Because here we are, with a bunch of uneducated idiots claiming that a lack of education and a blind allegiance to greedy selfish liars is some kind of advantage in life, and acting like being a rich thief is more virtuous than being a poor [but honorable] working person.

        Knowing how to use the tech [let alone build it] is a necessary job skill in these times, and the fact that kids in Kansas are keeping up- against the dictator of Brownbeckistan’s best efforts to revert to medieval times- is an example of the heroic struggle our educators are making in the face of nearly impossible odds.

        Thank you to Chloe, and to this state’s educators.

        And fie on all of you political hacks who would actually serve as part of the latter-day Pravda the idiot neocons rely upon. You are a tapeworm to this nation.

        1. I wonder what India and China’s Administrative overhead and State retirement funding looks like….and how much sway their public unions hold….:-). Did you know that Kansas is now tied with Utah as the fastest growing economy in the country? That your wages, which used to be 40 cents/hr higher than MO are now $3/hr higher?. The Laffer Curve is real and by stoking the economy’s fire should lead to more revenue for the State. Allocation of those funds, including schools’, needs to be targeted and the cronyism, waste and public union largess removed. Cronyism is a Bi-Partisan issue and NOT endemic to the GOP.

          1. Steve you are just lying. Kansas is going broke. Why must you lie? Know that the fact you have to make this stuff up SHOULD prove to you that your ideology is deeply flawed. Try telling the truth.

    19. The real issue is that Kansas is broken because of Browmbacks handling of tax structure, give backs, & cronyism.

    20. Way to go girl…….. Brownback should’ve never been RE-ELECTED, count those votes again! He sucks something terrible!!

    21. Anti-social media advocate Mike goes to work in the comment section showing real change is just a post away.

    22. Mike, I am not sure if you are familiar with Kansas demographics, I am not even sure if Brownback is familiar with his own state demographics. The school districts consolidation, may sound pretty good on theory, but not when you live in a rural area and the next school district is 35 to 65 miles away; and it does not count with the resources to absorb another school district. It is also a fact that when a school district and other services are removed from the community the town or city will despair in the near future. I didn’t make up this information, you are welcome to review this information (the economic census and read some sociology books John J. Macionis for example) if you do not like to read, travel across western Kansas, you will enjoy it, .

    23. @Mike I would like to see those cost spent towards sports; ie running facilities, etc. As a parent I pay fees for child to play per sport. Also note after all cost for sports, I pay to watch my child play. Now add up all children in sports. What “huge expenditures” are you speaking of sir?

    24. You wanna pay little or no taxes. You get little or no money to perform all the needed services. I don’t know how anyone with even a half a brain couldn’t figure that one out, or thought it was a good idea.

    25. Mike, one problem with politics is that the supporters of individuals who make decisions about such things as education tend to defend that individual; regardless of what the facts show. The truth is Guvnuh’ Brillo has made decisions that negatively impact not only schools, but the financial stability of the State as well. Now, it’s important to remember Mike that Guvnuh’ Brillo has continued to indicate that he was unaware the budget crisis was as bad as it is now projected. So, if our fine guvnuh’ is so clueless about State funding, I suppose we should give him a pass on his ignorance about schools and finance decisions of his administration. Or should I say the Koch Administration?

    26. HOW can anyone see a good idea in taking money from education, if you dont teach new people, to work new and old jobs, eventually all the OLD people working those old and new jobs will leave and we will be fucked. If you take money from school and education, you are taking and halting the only true route of progress in this state. ANY plan used to remove funding from schools, is hurting the progress and growth of kansas. If money is needed so god damn bad, take it from somewhere else, not the future of the state. I could give two shits about this girl, Everyone is already aware how much Brownback is fucking the state over, one little note left by a waitress is not what breaks the news about our shitty education funding, Brownback does a good job and displaying that and his intentions very clear.

    27. Obviously you are aware of facts surrounding the schools and wasted money. Reading the other comments I read pure hate c and insults. I think now we can understand the dim witted waitress as she gets her convoluted ideas somewhere. Thank you for trying to be a voice of reason in a “headline only” type world

    28. Mike is a douche! Brownbavk makes me ashamed to be a kansan. The fact this state re elected him makes me sick to my stomach! In 20 or 50 years, the failed policies of brownbackistan will be looked on as a very dark chapter in this states history… Dont be on the wrong side of history

    29. Don’t let anyone fool you. There’s plenty of money. Educating people is just not a priority. Sports, music, art…all of these things have an important place in education…that’s not the point. Creating a labor force who will work for nothing and question NOT, is.

    30. Many interesting thoughts and emotions here. Being a tax payer who tries to remain informed I like to focus on facts and not emotions or popular mantra. The facts here are simple: The Kansas budget for education in 2015 is 8.6 billion dollars or 36% of the total budget. Last year (2014) it was 8.5 billion or 35% which was the same as 2013. So, the facts are that the state taxpayers are spending 100 million more on education this year over last. Here is a web link if you are interested in facts:

      So, can someone explain this problem (if there is one) and just use facts and not emotion or political mantra? I read through many of the posts full of invective and emotion and completely void of a single reference or fact. Much of this reads like dialogue from a society that has lost its ability to apply critical thinking. Everyone is celebrating what this young lady did but should we be asking her to explain herself using the facts or, are the facts irrelevant?

      1. Kansas is now tied with Utah as the fastest growing economy in the country? That your wages, which used to be 40 cents/hr higher than MO are now $3/hr higher?. The Laffer Curve is real and by stoking the economy’s fire should lead to more revenue for the State. Allocation of those funds, including schools’, needs to be focussed and the cronyism, waste and public union largess addressed. Cronyism is a Bi-Partisan issue and NOT endemic to the GOP.

    31. Mike is obviously not a teacher nor does he have children in public school. I would put money on it that is is paid by Brownback to vomit twisted general information out of context for social media damage controll. I am glad productive members of our society such as this waitress are taking an interest in our local government politics.

    32. I find that if you use extremely wordy sentences (complete with a truck load of industry specific terminology) that seem to have neither an apparent end nor punctuation of any kind in order to make a point that you can deliberately mislead the would be reader into believing that you are (without any doubt whatsoever) more knowledgeable in that subject than the general populace and therefore an authority on the subject of education in Kansas. Congratulations on your recent dictionary purchase.

    33. It’s easier to write all that CRAP than to admit that Brownback cut taxes so low that the state can’t afgord them

    34. Wow Mike. It took 3 word for her to express her opinion. But you, well it was more than three words. On top of that, you called her ignorant. Well, that’s your opinion.

    35. I wish everyone did know that inspite of a court order to spend more on education, through deceitfult maneuvers we actually spent $345 million less. The block grants are just another way of hiding slash and burn of education budgets. Brownback and his administration, alongwith all the Tea Partiers he and the Kochs got elected have destroyed Kansas. He stands for backward education, backward social policies, and destruction of the economy. He leaves Kansas in debt and citizens with fewer opportunities. He cannot take credit for any job creation (unless of course he manipulates data, its called lying). Many believe the schools have actually received a $700 million dollar cut. over the last several years. Anyone defending Brownback and his administration at this point is making up history. Brownback is the anti labor, anti social progress, anti education, pro gun, pro Koch agenda governor. His wife’s newspapers may give him good press, but he’s a failure. I have to turn to the St. Joseph Newspress or Lawrence Journal World to actually find out what’s happening in Kansas. Brownback is part of an oppressive regieme and his moves come straight out of the Koch Brothers play book with the same scenario in other states they control. Brownback is just an elitest idiot, but employed (bought and paid for) by corporations like Koch’s who are trying to take over the country.

    36. Wow…such a long uninformed diatribe calling someone out on their assumed ignorance when in fact it is YOU who are the ignorant one. Kudos to Chloe Hough for being well informed about Brownback’s anti-education pro-fascism politics, and kudos to Chloe Hough for standing up for what’s right.

      Mike you are very articulate but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go learn, then come back and post something accurate and meaningful, ok?

    37. Lol you’ve had more than two seconds. Nice how you know nothing of her yet you seem comfortable enough mocking her knowledge of how it works… I say good for her to even care.. Not many do these days, at least not enough to take the time.

  24. The reply is straightforward. Kansas is toast, being eviscerated by absurd theories and fealty to every conceivable notion but good governance.

    Kansas has a budget. What it doesn’t have is revenue. What it doesn’t have is a reasonable program to repair infrastructure. Kansas is on life support from the Federal government. And no amount of snark can find Kansas’ descent into a state usually reserved for the most ignominious state governments.

    Schools, you blithering, miserable excuse for a person, are supposed to maintain appropriate resources for full arts and athletic budgets. Schools, you dumbkopf, are for the young to have a future. They’re not to be treated as mere cost centers so that others, already schooled, can use the tax savings for their own pleasures. That means good teachers paid a competitive wage. That means arts programs and athletic programs, and maybe even longer school years.

    The entire country is laughing at Kansas. really. Either you haven’t a clue or you don’t care. Perhaps it’s both. By all means consolidate districts. That might make sense. By all means get Block grants if you can. There’s the other side of it, the side you don’t mention. Don’t cut taxes until you can be sure you can provide the sort of education Kansas children deserve. If you can consolidate reasonably and maintain quality, go for it. If you can find grants that assist in administrative costs, go for it.

    But if you can’t, stop it. Stop the snark Stop the lying. Stop the spin and dishonesty. Tax sufficiently so that Kansas can p[ay for the things it needs to pay for, because if you end up with no schools worth going to, you will end up with no children. If you end up with no children, you will have an average age of 85 in the state. What will you do then?

  25. Way to go, Chloe. Thank you for personally expressing what so many of us feel and our frustration to even get Brownass to listen. He is beyond help and he has ruined the once great state of Kansas. As soon as I can, I will move from my home state just to get away from him, Kobach, their criminal behavior in the rape of our state and its people, their hatred of the poor and the destruction of our schools and educational system. Hope they are happy in bed with the Koch brothers while everybody else can’t even afford beds.

  26. Sorry but politicians only take away from things that worry the public. Education is one of them, aid to the poor or to the unemployed is another. But yet they leave in their budgets all the excess graft money that their buddies make from state contracts, and anything that concerns the wealthier stays in there. if you don’t want to do the job right, and that means to take care of all of the people, then get out!!!

    1. I agree. If you saw her on the news her comment was, and I quote, “We saw him walk in and I said, I am so going to take this one.” Seems to me she knew this was her ticket to get noticed. By the way, she did not refuse a tip from him, she actually admitted to accepting a 10% tip. Just a girl looking for 15 minutes.

      1. Congratulations Chloe, whomever you are. At least you did something with your 15 minutes, instead od patting the bullshitter on the back like those in denial. I encourage every decent person to support progressive and not regressive politicians. The evidence is out there, get money into the hands of the working class and the economy grows.

  27. While I think it is EVERYONE’S right to speak their minds, I also think it is incumbent upon everyone who does so to look at BOTH side of the story. As I read in the comments, there has been a ton of money spent on education, yet we are still failing in educating our kids, WHY? Let’s look at just a small piece of the puzzle. What is wrong with consolidating SOME school districts? Look at Topeka for example. Why do we have what, 4 different school districts? You do realize that means 4 separate superintendents, 4 separate administrations and 4 different administration buildings. So why are we spending at least 2x more on administration than is necessary. I say 2x because you would need to increase the existing district administration while eliminating a few others.

    Can anyone tell me why the school districts are getting over $4000 dollars per student, (some numbers are even higher all the way up to $12,000 dollars per student), yet in the seamen district it cost my sister over $1000 to enroll her 3 kids into a “FREE” government school? Even at $4000 per student, if you multiply that by the number of students in the classroom, (for example all 3 classrooms of my nephews are between 25 and 28 so I will average it to 25), you get $100,000 per average classroom. Add in the $333.00 the parents pay for books, enrollment and school supplies, (they now must buy for the classroom and not just for themselves and this year all 3 boys had 2 or more pages of “supplies” that had to be purchased, things like dry erase markers, erasers, pens, pencils, COPY PAPER,, ((which USED to be supplied by the school)),, etc.). Things that SHOULD be supplied out of that $100,000 dollars but instead it is out of the parents money.

    Since the schools are not supplying new books every year, (even though they charge the parents for new books every year), and they are not supplying the basic supplies like dry erase markers and erasers and COPY PAPER, that leaves the entire $100,000 for the classroom. After you pay for the teacher, the rest goes to the school district. The district is then required to pay its administrative staff, maintain buildings, pay utilities etc.

    Bottom line is that just ALL things government, there is entirely TOO MUCH waste. ANY attempts to to cut some of the spending is met with arguments and EVERY TIME is meet with threats of cutting not the WASTE,but cutting the basic fundamental services. How about everyone get together and decide that we need to eliminate some WASTE and see what we can come up with as far as cuts. Lay ground rules first, like ALL fundamental services are OFF LIMITS. Maybe a rule that cuts MUST start at the top, (why should a school superintendent make around $300, 000 dollars like 501’s superintendent when they only threaten to cut teachers salaries or fundamental services).

    As I said in the beginning, this waitress has a right to her opinion and she has the right to voice it. Mt only desire it that BOTH sides educate themselves because, as I see it, we simply cannot carry on as we have been if we want to survive.

  28. Mike unfortunately twists the intent of an outspoken and courageous young woman presuming ignorance while offering a reasonable version of Brownback’s intent that bears additional scrutiny. More to the point is that Brownback has political ambitions that over ride any reasoned and well shared version of educational reform.

  29. Unfortunately, IMO, funding for sports is often the last thing cut. I’d be all for reducing all and any sports to a club participation.

  30. Not impressed by this young lady’s action. I doubt she’s old enough to have seen government waste like some of us older folks have, enough to make an adult shake their head in disbelief.

    1. Yes, and you “older folks” haven’t been in school for 30 years. This is not the same system you grew up in.

    2. Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you know better. So leave the “young lady” and “older folks” rationality to your family reunions, where you can act as “wise” as you please.

      1. Maybe we don’t know better we have all made mistakes but i do beliebe we have learned to be, whether we agree with another’s views or not.

  31. Mike’s probably one of Brownback’s minions the way he wants to throw the ignorant word around about anyone who dares disagree with his ilk!

  32. thats a girl who made the most of whatever education was available to her. I’d tip you if I could, young lady. God Bless…

  33. I’m not up to speed on the issue. At who’s behest did Brownback cut education funding? Was it special interests that decided other budgetary items were more important? Fill me in.

    1. Actually, Stan, you are pretty much up to speed on this issue: in this case the special interests you mention are the wealthy business interests (such as the Koch brothers) who don’t want to pay their fair share of the tax burden. Gov. Brownback is Robin Hood in reverse: stealing from the poor (and middle class) in order to give to the rich.

  34. Just another liberal “Lemming” following the ignorant over the cliff. She gets her info from the internet, which we all know is always correct, accurate and true. Sorry little girl. Read the fine print. Now she’ll file for welfare and become everybody’s problem.

    1. > implying the internet could never provide correct information and points of view from many different people who offer many different angles of insight.

  35. poor mike above, hasnt got a clue. his mouth moves, the words come out, but they have so little basis in fact, that theres just no where to start. to mike, a penny saved is a penny earned and kids are a commodity not human life. test, fail, defund and close… for mike education is for the few who know what to do with it…

  36. I have a dream…..that someday we will stop fighting each other, stop the cuss words and stop the insults.
    I have a dream….that someday we will all put our heads and hearts together to accomplish great things and work together as a team, each using our talents and gifts to build a better world for the next generation, our most precious gift. Please everyone, set a good example for them. Be the change. Work the problem. Be mature. Make us all proud to be Kansans.

  37. Mike seems angry today. This young woman stood up for her values. By trying to make her seem like an idiot, Mike is a perfect example of the bullying nature that is occurring at the Kansas Statehouse.

  38. Do people actually understand Mike’s comment? It’s a jumbled mess of run on sentences. Perhaps he’s a product of Kansas public school systems.

  39. BROWNBACK IS AN IDIOT AND I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T VOTE HIM. NEVER HAVE AND AS LONG AS MY VOTE COUNTS I NEVER EVER WILL. His budget cuts only effected public schools and that doesn’t effect him at all because his family goes to private school which is probably best for them because who wants to get the crap beat outta them on his behalf. If he wanted to help kansas he would step down and let someone else handle the situation that was better educated on the states problems To find a solution that benefits everyone and not just him. Because of his idiotic cuts the fire department has had to figure out what stations are going to have to close so I hope wherever they decide nothing happens and you need first responders cause it’ll be awhile before they get there. Kansas’s best bet is to put the idiot back in the village that misses it!

  40. I’m sorry, but as a high school student I must inform you that smart boards are in fact the most used resource in the classroom. While you think that the younger generation can’t form proper sentences, I have to ask, did you even read what you typed before posting? Self awareness is a beautiful thing. You may almost be onto something with the “nobody will ever be happy” scheme, but you know your school is having financial problems when you can’t afford to turn on the air conditioner/heater, have numerous club budgets cut, and frequently runs out of food during lunch time. Nice try though.

  41. I have heard a lot of complaints the past few years about Kansas schools. I grew up in KC, graduated from Turner, have a BME and ME from Emporia. Taught school for more than 25 years, most in Kansas. I moved to Arizona where I retired at an Arizona High School. Honesly, Kansas schools are light years ahead of Arizona. I believe ANYONE who has had experience in both would agree with that statement. Be glad for what you have instead of bad mouthing it.

  42. I am almost 57 now and came from a very low income family as young child. If it were not for strong government funded programs for education I would have not been able to meet my needs for education. I loved school as a child, started working at the age of 8 and still got most of my clothes from the Salvation Army. Please help the teachers do their jobs and pay them well for a very difficult job. They were my saving grace as a child to be a better person and hold my most favorite memories. Yes, I also hold two college degrees and without that initial trust in my teachers in grade school I would not have had the faith in myself to continue with my education. Teachers are our future..

  43. I am almost 57 now and came from a very low income family as a young child. If it were not for strong government funded programs for education I would have not been able to meet my needs for education. I loved school as a child, started working at the age of 8 and still got most of my clothes from the Salvation Army. Please help the teachers do their jobs and pay them well for a very difficult job. They were my saving grace as a child to be a better person and hold my most favorite memories. Yes, I also hold two college degrees and without that initial trust in my teachers in grade school I would not have had the faith in myself to continue with my education. Teachers are our future..

  44. Yep the teachers need more money. Sports need more money. I’ve worked in education for the first two years after collage and saw what teachers have done to reap there almighty buck whantile performing below standards. I have seen teachers write essays for students to copy for the standardized testing so they would look as though they were doing a competent job for federal monies. I’ve seen children graduate high school who don’t know how to read. I’ve seen teachers instill their liberal adjenda on students without the benifit of the other side of the story. How is this installing the critical thinking process if your only told one side of the story. I’ve seen teachers assign books with language in them that the students aren’t allow to say in school, and list these books as required reading. I’ve seen teachers send their whole class to special reading because they couldn’t teach them to read while they set in their empty classroom reading a Harlequin romance novel. I’ve seen students playing football when they were failing two classes. My own son! When I refused to let him play was told by the principal that he needed to play as it instilled unity and a sense of belonging. So again tell me why schools need more money? Tell me why teachers are so underpaid? What other profession gets paid 60,000 per year for 9 months work minus the time off during the year for holidays and snow days? Three month paid vacation during the summer?

    1. You are truly an idiot.
      1- For someone who supposedly worked in schools for 2 years “after collage”… I’m assuming you meant “college”… your grammar is terrible. Please learn how to properly use “their”, “there” and “they’re” and then maybe someone will take you seriously.
      2- My mom has been a teacher for 25+ years, has a Master’s degree, and still doesn’t make $60k/year. You need to do a little more fact checking when it comes to Teacher salaries.
      3- Why do schools need more money? So that we can educate Kansas children and prevent them from being ignorant ass holes like you.

  45. Did anyone else notice that Brownback’s lunch bill was $52.16? Does that go on his expense account?

  46. To all – where to begin?

    First of all, in terms of the salary for teachers, that is based on education and experience. Teachers and/or classified staff hardly ever see bonuses, or at least ones that make a dent. Stipends for coaching or sponsoring activities is based on the school or district’s base salary and when broken down is typically an hourly rate below the state’s minimum wage. Though it looks like they only work 9 months a year, those who are COMMITTED are working 7 days a week and countless hours after “school hours”. Add those up, and I bet it would accumulate to over “40 hours per week annually”.

    Secondly, every profession and professional has their flaws. It does take ONLY ONE person to ruin the reputation of all… sad but true. So for those teachers and administrators finding loop holes, that may not be due to their moral stances but means to an end.Without the financial or community support, it makes gray areas easier to justify. Not that I’m condoning or accepting this possibility, but put yourself in their shoes. I’ve seen teachers who had to be part-time AD’s (because the budget couldn’t permit a full time one) and only make a small percentage of income compared to the hours and traveling commitments. This leads to less time with families, creativity in teaching, and increased stress.

    Next, let’s evaluate the servers decision. One person made a good point, some restaurant’s are on a tip share, but most aren’t. It is something to consider but not use as a “she made a selfish decision” focus. If anything most restaurant’s are becoming LLC’s so that they don’t have to pay the same taxes and are making ridiculous stipulations like capping a server’s hourly rate so that they can pocket the rest. I’ve seen this happen FIRST hand so don’t try to deny it. Chloe’s decision to post this online is the only controversy. One – his full credit card information should have been blacked out or removed. Two – she has her right to freedom of speech. Three – our society’s need for internet popularity or recognition is the down fall. This doesn’t just encompass her posting but media coverage, articles, photo’s, etc. It’s a sense of self worth we have developed instead of PURSUING EDUCATION or striving for academics, athletics, and activities. Until we redirect our priorities, this will always be an issue.

    Lastly, my criteria for this short novel. I’ve been in the service industry for over 6 years, worked for a school almost 3 years, and have multiple college degree’s. Does this make me highly qualified to discuss this? Depends on your viewpoints; however, I am qualified. Aside from the budget cuts in education, you must acknowledge those in other areas: roads, KPERS, early child hood, higher education, and even increased taxes. My husband and I work for the state schools, pay for 501’s bond and don’t have children yet, but we understand this is apart of the process. Yet, you can’t keep adding to school bond’s to compensate for lack of budgets, eventually the communities will repeal the thought and deny all attempts.

    Changes don’t just start at the top, they can initiate anywhere. Stop blaming others and begin the effort yourself. If you don’t think your child should participate because of grades, don’t let them. If you think your child’s teacher didn’t benefit their education, switch districts or have a meeting. If you don’t want Brownback in office, don’t vote for him. Granted, there are things beyond our control but our opinions (if valid) do matter. Educate yourself, stand up for yourself, and make things happen – don’t expect others to do it. As far as the children go, more parents need to be ACTIVELY involved in their education. Actively being the opportune word. Those who are understand, those who aren’t will complain about that statement but know it’s true. Watch them do their homework, encourage them to get all A’s, use intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, be a role model, don’t just delegate all responsibilities to the teacher who only sees them 9 months a year for 8 hours a day. Make education a priority not luxury.

  47. I don’t agree in the least with the disrespectful manner in which some try to demean this young lady for her actions. No working in a restaurant may not qualify her as the most proficient in economics, however that still does not validate that she is incorrect. Brownback’s plan has taken $28 million or 1.5%, out of Kansas elementary and secondary education. This includes $5 million USD from Johnson County schools. The districts which have taken the hardest hits are Olathe, Shawnee Mission, and Blue Valley. Brownback has also reduced more than $16 million, or roughly 2% from higher education funding. His brilliance, or lack thereof just never ceases to amaze me in particular when compared to his initial proposals. There are a vast number of steps and measures that could have been taken as far as allocation and checks and balances. In this country there of course exists what we know as Freedom Of Speech which is protected within the First Amendment which does also include the Freedom Of Expression. This young lady simply exercised her First Amendment right as a concerned American citizen. I’m sure that she shares the same feelings as well as concerns that many of us who can visualize the entire picture may have. Kudos to her.

  48. Funny how people are trying to justify the cuts that Brownback has been making to education. One I read was about consolidating school districts. Don’t they know that when you consolidate two school districts into one that there are no adjustments made to hire more teaching staff and the student to teacher ratio doubles in an already overloaded class. If they want to make budget cuts to education, start with the overpaid superintendents and eliminate some of their staff. How many people know that the superintendent in the Topeka USD501 school district makes almost $300k per year and that they have 5 to 7 members of their staff making over $150k per year that do not do anything to earn that amount. When looking into even the smaller school districts, the superintendent make the majority of the school’s budget when they are doing nothing to earn it. All this while teacher salaries are suffering. This is why the good to great teachers are moving out of state for the better salaries in other states.

  49. I don’t often think about school finance, but when I drive by all the new schools complete with stadiums that have artificial turf, I consider the snarky comments made by a teenage waitress who has the freedom to insult the duly elected governor of the state without fear of retribution.

    1. Mike it is clear that you are neither a deep thinker or a critical thinker, you are someone who reacts and then thinks their reactions offer facts upon which to base actions. WRONG! Your reactions occur WITHIN YOU and have nothing to do with anything but YOU. If you want to participate in the adult conversation you need to develop your ability to THINK beyond just reacting. Education can help with that…oh but you are all for cutting funds to education…well I think you are SOL then Mike, and doomed to remain ignorant. Oh well, it’s what you’ve chosen for yourself.

  50. This is a very interesting discussion. As a Kansas tax payer I try to remain informed by understanding the facts. In this case the facts are fairly simple. They are: this year (2015) Kansas is spending 8.6 billion dollars or 36% of the state budget on education. Last year (2014) the state spent 8.5 billion dollars or 35% of the state budget on education which was the same as the previous year (2013). Therefore, the fact is that this year we are spending 100 million more on education. Here is a link to the budget and spending:

    So, using facts and not political mantra, name-calling or invective can someone explain what the issue is here? This entire topic seems to have taken on an emotion based life of its own completely void of facts or any critical thinking. Shouldn’t we be asking her: The governor did not cut spending on education, neither did the state legislature so, what is the real problem and what are you as a citizen going to do about it?

    1. The Governor did cut the education budget. What he did on paper that sort of shows that he didn’t was that he reallocated those funds into KPERS. KPERS is Kansas’ version of a 401K plan for government employees. If you are following the education budget, how have you missed the fact that schools are now having to close early this year, teachers/staff are being fired, arts and sports are both being cut, heating/cooling the schools are being changed, the list goes on and on and on.

  51. I believe this is a made up story. It’s just too perfect and concise. I do, however, like the story and support whatever it takes to provide great all around education for the kids.

      1. Then where is she? Is she safe? How did she learn to write so maturely? Were you at the restaurant to witness this? No, the point is, the article was written and people have a chance to dig this issue up. I applaud the author.

  52. Throwing money at schools does not improve education. This has been proven over and over and over again. Kansas has very high property taxes, sales taxes and until Brownback, income taxes. Brownback is trying to entice business to move to Kansas to enhance revenues, and the dirty little secret is that it’s working. Over spending on education just breeds more administration, and does not yield improved education. If you want your kids educated properly, maybe you should PAY FOR IT YOURSELVES, and only then do you have the right to whine about the quality of the education.

  53. Personally I wonder if this story is even true or just one of those stories that appear to slam someone’s reputation….thus creating all this trashy feedback

  54. Many interesting thoughts and emotions here. Being a tax payer who tries to remain informed I like to focus on facts and not emotions or popular mantra. The facts here are simple: The Kansas budget for education in 2015 is 8.6 billion dollars or 36% of the total budget. Last year (2014) it was 8.5 billion or 35% which was the same as 2013. So, the facts are that the state taxpayers are spending 100 million more on education this year over last. Here is a web link if you are interested in facts:

    So, can someone explain this problem (if there is one) and just use facts and not emotion or political mantra? I read through many of the posts full of invective and emotion and completely void of a single reference or fact. Much of this reads like dialogue from a society that has lost its ability to apply critical thinking. Everyone is celebrating what this young lady did but should we be asking her to explain herself using the facts or, are the facts irrelevant?

  55. A job title and age do deserve a certain amount of respect. That’s just good manners. However, when people abuse their job titles or take advantage because of their age, they have crossed the line of “blind respect” and entered into the area that requires honesty. This country has become so full of “political correctness” that apparently no valid information is being heard. Respect is a two way street, when you take advantage of your position and don’t make decisions that are good for all then someone should say something and everyone should listen and make sure that it is stopped. Politicians don’t even resemble gods. In fact, apparently, most of them are crooks and criminals. When you find a good one, praise them. When you find one that uses our money for their own gain and obviously is more interested in personal benefits than citizen benefits, speak up loudly and ignore the morons that don’t have the backbone to fix anything because all of their courage is spent complaining.

  56. Another smart-mouth moronic millenial who doesn’t know what “anti-education” really means. Obviously she’s getting all her political news from binge-watching “True Blood.”

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