Video: WPD nearly shoots two brothers, for nothing…

Wichita brothers Jeremy and Josh Armbeck were driving home from work yesterday evening, in their work uniforms, in a car that Josh had legitimately purchased two weeks before, when they noticed two Wichita Police Department vehicles following them. Noting the recent events in Baltimore, Jeremy decided to start filming with his phone…

The police initially tell the brothers that they are driving a stolen car. Then, they claim that the tags were reported “lost”.

As it turns out, the car is not stolen, the tag matches the vehicle, and Josh has a valid title for the car in his possession. No tickets were issued.

At the end of the video, a Wichita Police officer is seen stopping the recording, despite a United States Supreme Court ruling which states that individuals have the right to film public interactions with law enforcement officers.

33 thoughts on “Video: WPD nearly shoots two brothers, for nothing…

  1. These guys should file a lawsuit against these two scum bugs. This is not right. It’s time for the people the fight back when we see cops like these. These cops got nothing better to do. I hate bad cops, just saying.

    1. I filed a complaint with internal affairs. I got railroaded. So I stay at home. won’t catch me being a victim of circumstances.

  2. Listen hear you ignorant fucks. It’s not your job to fight the police. No cop wakes up in the morning wanting to hurt someone. There is a logical explanation for why something like this happened. Maybe they were dispatched inaccurate information? They work with the tools they are provided and have to worry about uneducated dumbasses like you wanting to fight them. Your parents obviously weren’t smart enough to educate you on what’s right or wrong but I’m here to tell you dumb fucking conspiracy theorists who see something on tv and blow it out of proportion that these are hard working men who are here for our safety. Wichita is not Baltimore and the cops here are quite amazing. Get off your high horse and become a cop if you think you could do better

    1. U are a ignorant piece of crap. Maybe your parents didn’t teach you reality. But you are grown now and should be able to see it for yourself. These corrupted cops are dangerous to everyone. Maybe when they kill your child you will open your eyes . or maybe when they close your eyes for the last time your family will learn what you didn’t teach them in life but showed them in death. This is Wichita and they been killing for years.

    2. This is nothing new for the devils of Wichita Kansas. The reality of it is they have mistreated our people and others for years and deemed justifiable. But real justice will come . and they will answer and no one can stop Him. So know that u live in a fantasy world . our reality is corruption and crookedness. And they are the ones in control of such actions. The wpd is filled with demonic forces and May God help them ,and have mercy on the souls of the wicked.

    3. To the ignorant fuck that called those two brothers ignorant fucks, obviously you are a retarded ass Kansan, and have shit for brains. The WPD has been overreaching for a long time. I am one of the intelligent ones, and got the hell out of that cock sucking state. Grow a pair of balls you moron!

    4. Then why fear being filmed? Why shut off the phone? The cops work for the public, not the other way around. Dispatched wrong information? Then fire them, no other job you get to keep if you fuck up so bad, someone needs to be held accountable for this.
      You are part of the problem!
      Not about ‘us’ doing better, I choose a job I am good at, they should to.
      This video is painfully obvious these 2 guys did not deserve a gun pointed at them and if you think they did, you have serious issues.

    5. ((obviously a cop)) ^ lol

      But seriously…

      1. Calling someone an “ignorant fuck” is generally not the best way to begin one’s side of a debate.

      2. I have never had an issue with the Wichita police. Thank goodness.

      3. Neither “1” or “2” have anything to do with what took place in this situation. It is important to stand up for the constitutional rights of the people in the city. One would be foolish to believe otherwise.

    6. You are hilarious to post this anonymously lol my name is Joshua L. Dearden and the actions taken by these police were ignorant as fuck and against Supreme Court rulings documented Supreme Court rulings so stop acting all cocky you pussy who hides in his moms basement

  3. Let’s get something clear right now, nobody was “nearly shot”. The plates came back stolen giving the officers probable cause to pull the brothers over (whether or not the cops received wrong information from dispatch is another issue but mistakes happen). These officers justifiably initiated what’s called a High Risk or Felony traffic stop. The brothers complied and did exactly what they were told resulting in nobody being shot, strangled, or mistreated. There is nothing more to the story than that.

    1. Obviously the ineptness of Wichitas unfinest has rubbed off on you too. WPD is just as bad as Baltimore, and doesn’t know how to hire people without a god complex.

    2. Having a gun pointed at them for an alleged stolen vehicle with no weapons or threat towards the officers…
      Wanna know WHY people get shot for no good reason? Because officers pull their guns and aim them when there is no need.
      The brothers got lucky that is all.
      If you believe having a gun pointed at you is no being mistreated, I hope you experience it soon.
      Let me know how you feel afterwards.
      You can email me and let me know all about it.

    3. The cops lied, plain and simple. Pulled over black men for zero reason. And IF those black men did even one single thing out of line & weren’t filming. They would either be dead, beaten or in jail. Stop being a cop ass kisser and see reality for what it is.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says I believe most of those cops are on drug they stealing and harassing people it’s crazy and he should be fired for turning off his phone he clearly was was lying

  5. For Starters He Has No Right Touching His Phone He Knew They Were Wrong That’s Why He Stopped The Recording Come On Now If I’m A Cop And I’m Doing My Job Right IMA Let It Be Recorded So If Anything Goes Wrong I Have Proof I Say Fuck The Police Let’s Tear This MF Down Like Baltimore

  6. Accidents happen and it will be certainly easy enough to FOIA the dispatch tapes to find out who screwed up. In the meantime the officer had no right to turn off the recording. Turning off cameras is a sign of wrong-doing, and of course illegal.

  7. Ok so why the cops leave the guns out for so long there was no threat from suspects in video, except the fact they where mexican. Second if the cops wasn’t guilty of anything then the officer would not have shut off the recording. This is about civil rights being violated. No crime was committed by the suspects but a clear crime was committed by the officer! Watch the video again and put yourself in the innocent civilians shoes. How would you feel?

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