Wichita police deny physical altercation in woman’s death despite evidence

There is little doubt that Laletha Hutton Reed died a violent death last week, after being assaulted by multiple assailants near 13th and Chautaqua, in northeast Wichita, despite police claims to the contrary. Photos taken of Letha in the hospital show severe bruising to both eye sockets, scrapes and bruising on her elbows and knees, and severe swelling of her facial bones, as well as cuts on her face.

The Wichita Police Department is denying that Letha was attacked and state that medical evidence shows she died of a cocaine overdose. Lt. Joe Schroeder told KAKE News that while a verbal confrontation did occur, there was no physical altercation.

However, the photos taken by Letha’s family tell a different story. Kansas Exposed has obtained these photos, but we have decided not to post them at this time, out of respect for her grieving family and friends.

Laletha Hutton Reed

Several videos of Letha being savagely beaten were uploaded to Snapchat, a mobile app that automatically deletes content 24 hours after it is uploaded. At least one such video was shared by a Snapchat account using the name “ISDCMONEY316”, according to witnesses who viewed the video before it was removed.

The owner of that Snapchat account was reportedly not involved, but lives nearby and started recording a fight between Letha and a girl referred to as “December”, not realizing how serious the situation would get.

Witnesses who were on the scene claim that the Wichita Police Department did not conduct a crime scene investigation when they arrived, choosing not to collect forensic evidence.

Friends and family gather at a candlelight vigil to remember Letha Hutton Reed.
Friends and family gather at a candlelight vigil to remember Letha Hutton Reed.

Letha’s family has obtained legal representation and are demanding that the case be reopened, and that those responsible for this crime be arrested.


10 thoughts on “Wichita police deny physical altercation in woman’s death despite evidence

  1. Wichita Lawless yall should B ashamed of yourselfs.If your not a help ur a Hinder its that simple and when ur a hinder u gotta Go!

  2. protest try and force them to reopen the case police should not be able to say she was not beat to death when she was why don’t they want to do anything ? and they know a cocaine overdose does not make a person look like they been beat , are the police not wanting to tell what really went on because maybe this women had a addiction so they think maybe she is not worth the time because of it , addiction or not this women has a family that loves her and wants justice for her murder

  3. Do the Wichita police department know
    WHO is responsible for my sisters death? Or WHAT happen to my sister?
    Do they know WHERE the actual assault took place?
    Does the Wichita police department know WHEN my sister WAS BEATEN….TO WHEN the TIME she was found?
    Do they know WHY it happened?
    “Have these videos and USERS accounts from snap chap been subpoenaed by the wichita police department?
    “When? And Who? Was it? that determined my sister died
    From a cocaine overdose?
    And what TEST were done?
    “Who was the first? and ALL? of the OFFICERS who showed up on the SCENE? AND WHAT’S IN THERE REPORT?
    “I believe this evedince was deliberately
    Or intentionally not heard overlooked or followed up on and disregarded by the wichita police department”

  4. WPD cover up, obviously. Like the former comment said, had she been white this would’ve been handled much differently. It’s heartbreaking to know she didn’t pass peacefully. It’s even more heartbreaking to know that the family had to fight for justice for her. We had just become friends so I didn’t know her well, but I know she was a good person abdomen she didn’t deserve this. May she RIP and may her family find justice and peace.

  5. I keep prayin that justice be served in she died a horrific death she didnt deserve that my heartaches for her and her family there was nothing so serious that it be took to this extreme we gotta do better people this is such a tragedy that a young vibrant beautiful women lost her life for the nothing I pray for #JusticeForLetha I pray those involved in her death be caputured and to be accused for the crime they willfully comitted

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