Wichita slumlord calls child protective services on mother because she complained about housing conditions

A Wichita mother contacted us yesterday, June 1, to ask for help after her landlord threatened to call child protective services on her, solely because she had complaints about the conditions of the home she is renting. Today, that mother contacted us again, because the Department for Children and Families actually showed up at her home, after being falsely tipped off by this landlord.

Angie Williams says she is hurt that her landlord would do this to her, simply because she refuses to accept the substandard living conditions that he refuses to repair:


The home, in the 1300 block of North Chautauqua, near 13th and Hillside, is in what can only be described as atrocious condition. Williams says she has contacted the housing authority multiple times but no action was taken, and her calls were not returned.

Unable to find her original lease agreement, Williams only knows her landlord as “Opal”. According to the Sedgwick County Register of Deeds, the property is owned by a “Chauhan Ompal Etux”. Williams says that Opal also owns many other properties in Northeast Wichita.

The Department for Children and Families (DCF) came to Williams’ home today, and found the accusations made by Opal to be false. Williams showed the case workers the conditions of the home, and told them how Opal had threatened to call child protective services on her.

Williams, who works 70 hours per week, receives no state food assistance, and no child support for her six children that still live in the home, says she is afraid to wash her own walls, because Opal had her sign an agreement pertaining to lead paint when she moved in.

Fortunately, DCF saw through Opal’s shameful ploy to punish Williams for her complaints, and took no action against her family. Hopefully, the city will take action against Opal and force him to repair his properties.

6 thoughts on “Wichita slumlord calls child protective services on mother because she complained about housing conditions

  1. His name is Ompal “om” Chauhuan he is a definite slumlord, and she should just move… He will never fix anything, then he will try to evict her the moment she does anything he doesn’t like. He and his wife love to take vacations, but they never repair their properties.

    1. OMG he is a Mess! and defnitely slum of slum promises to fix things and never do! so sorry for you having to deal with him! yes wife is a mess too! i know alot about them! Smh before I seen the name knew article was about him.

  2. I’m also currently going through this in Hays and I hired an attorney and I would suggest she does the same. There are Kansas laws that say he can not refuse to do said repairs and that he is required to give her a new copy of a lease every year. There’s a law that says she can go after every penny she has paid for his failure. Contact the Kansas Landlord Tennants rights council in Topeka.

    1. be aware though because he also has jerks that work at the Sedgwick county courthouse that will do what ever illegal things they can dream up to evict you. every one needs to ban together and shut him down before he runs to the phillipines

      1. He is always going to Boston..I have rented from him and done work for him..he would want me do fix things in a way that I would refuse to do it..I know things and have seen things that would make your jaw drop

  3. I have rented from him and worked for him….I know things and seen things that would blow your mind… We would fight about doing repairs because I would refuse to fix things the way he wanted me to.

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