Kansas DCF takes child because mother legally uses medicinal marijuana in another state

Original story from Daily Haze

Kansas DCF has recently come under scrutiny from multiple media outlets over questionable decisions with placing children in foster care. If there was any story that could prove the Kansas DCF is overstepping their boundaries, it would be the story of Amber Thurmond.

Amber Thurmond was originally from Kansas, but moved to Colorado with her daughter for medical marijuana. Amber suffers from seizures stemming from a head injury when she was a child. Like many before her, Amber moved to a medical marijuana friendly state to help with her seizures. From Colorado, Amber and her daughter moved to Arizona, another medical marijuana friendly state.

Amber has not been a Kansas resident for many years and is a medical marijuana card holder in the state of Arizona. Amber’s family has not approved of Amber turning to marijuana as a medicine.

Amber’s brother, who happens to be a Hays, Kansas police officer, had asked if her daughter could come and stay with him for a semester. A request that seemed to be backed with good intentions quickly turned into Amber’s worse nightmare.

He told Amber they should sign a temporary shared custody, so her brother could approve medical procedures just in case her daughter was injured or fell ill. During the semester, Amber’s brother began getting more and more controlling over her daughter. At times he would not let her speak to her for different trivial reasons. Little did Amber know, her brother had also spoke with DCF.

For the last 18 months, Amber has been quietly fighting to get her child back. Kansas has decided that since Amber is a known marijuana user in another state that she is an unfit parent. Custody has also been taken from Amber’s brother after he was declared unfit for not meeting requirements for DCF, not even allowing them to enter his house for a check up.

Yesterday a Kansas judge decided that if Amber wants her daughter back, she must move back to Kansas in the next 90 days. Her daughter has been placed in foster care. Amber has a one-year lease on her residence that was signed just months ago.

A similar case recently grabbed national attention, after DCF stepped in to the lives of Shona Banda and her son. Shona’s son spoke of cannabis being a medicine at school, resulting in a search of Shona’s home, where cannabis oil was found. Shona is now facing up to 17-years in jail.

One big difference between these two cases, Amber never broke the law in Kansas. She was not arrested, she has no charges pending. She is a LEGAL medical marijuana user in the state that she lives in. The only thing fueling the blatant kidnapping of this child is Kansas’ twisted and out-dated views on marijuana. The state has found a way to legally kidnap Amber’s daughter. Now Amber is faced with leaving a state where she can use a medicine that helps her, or loosing her child. A GoFundMe has been setup to help Amber with legal costs and traveling expenses, as Amber is forced to drive back and forth from Arizona to Kansas.

2 thoughts on “Kansas DCF takes child because mother legally uses medicinal marijuana in another state

  1. An ‘Unfit’ one according to DCF… Funny that a Police Officer who is tasked with the safety of the public is found to be incompetent at watching over his Niece! I hope he is filled with pride for trying to screw his sister over because ‘he knows better’ LOL

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