Uninsured Wichita mother desperately needs brain surgery

Karin Patterson, 54, of Wichita, Kansas has suffered an aneurysm and needs emergency brain surgery.

Patterson is not insured and cannot afford such a costly medical procedure. Patterson’s family owns a small auto repair shop, and were in the process of attempting to find affordable insurance, which was complicated by the family’s previous medical issues.

While the federal government has offered funding for the state of Kansas to expand Medicaid, Governor Sam Brownback refused to accept that money, due to his party’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Whether or not Medicaid expansion would have covered Patterson is unknown, but there is little doubt that health care reform in the United States and Kansas still has a long way to go.

Patterson’s daughter has started a fundraiser to help her mother afford this surgery.

Contribute to Karin Patterson’s medical fund


4 thoughts on “Uninsured Wichita mother desperately needs brain surgery

  1. And Ms Patterson is unable to obtain coverage through the ACA? Because? I have only read two articles from this “source” thus far, and have found factual omissions, errors, and deliberate falsehoods large enough to drive a truck through…..with room to spare. How do you accomplish such yellow journalism without a fleet of lawyers to handle the lawsuits?

  2. Oh, oh, oh….I forgot to mention before….no hospital can deny emergency care, including surgical intervention, if it is necessary to save the life of the patient. So she definitely COULD have her “emergency” surgery regardless of insurance coverage….but good luck with that crowdfunding thing!

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