Judge refuses to evict Wichita slumlord’s tenant, let’s help her move out

Angie Williams, single mother of seven, has been renting a substandard home from a known slumlord since October of 2013.

Last month, Williams asked her landlord, Ompal “Om” Chauhan, to fix the mold that is growing in her floors and on her walls.

Chauhan, who has a lengthy and well-documented history of code violations, refused to fix the mold, and threatened to call child services on Williams if she kept complaining.

Chauhan did in fact make a false report to DCF regarding Williams’ children, and then attempted to have her evicted from the home.

DCF investigated, and found no basis for Chauhan’s claims of child neglect, and told Williams that her home was not safe due to the repairs Chauhan refuses to fix.

Chauhan took Williams to court to have her evicted, and the judge ruled against Chauhan, because Chauhan refused to collect the rent from Williams, who works 70 hours a week, walks to work, and has held the same job for 15 years.

Despite the judge refusing to evict Williams, the rental agreement between her and Chauhan is month-by-month, so no one can force Chauhan to renew the rental agreement at the end of July.

Therefore, Williams will have to move, an expense she cannot afford at this time. Williams does not receive any state food assistance or child support, and lives on a budget. A fundraiser has been set up to assist Williams in finding suitable housing for her family.

Please give anything you can so we can get Angie and her children into a safe home, with a landlord that takes care of their properties.

Donate to Angie’s moving fund

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