Wichita Poll: Who should the city hire as the new police chief?

Wichita City Manager Robert Layton is expected to hire a new police chief sometime this month. After a year long search, the field has been narrowed down to two candidates, Joel Fitzgerald, and Terri Moses. Former Chief Norman Williams stepped down amid controversy in July 2014. Interim Chief Nelson Mosely has run the department for the past year, but will not be considered for the job on a permanent basis.

Please research the candidates and vote in the poll below.

Joel Fitzgerald
Joel Fitzgerald

More about Joel Fitzgerald

Terri Moses
Terri Moses

More about Terri Moses

Fitzgerald is currently the chief of police in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Terri Moses is a former deputy chief with the Wichita Police Department, who currently works as the supervisor of security for USD 259.

The public recently had the opportunity to hear from, and question both candidates in a forum held at Century II. Fitzgerald was significantly better received by the audience. Moses took a lot of tough questions about her 32 year career with the department.

Directly after the forum, Terri Moses was caught on camera offering an unfortunate stance on how to deal with racist police officers. While this information may slant your decision, it would be irresponsible to exclude that footage, captured by Sunflower Community Action:

Terri Moses says she would not fire racist police officers


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