Former WPD employee speaks out on Mosley allegations

A former employee of the Wichita Police Department made a very revealing comment on a Facebook posting of a story we ran last week, pertaining to allegations made by a California attorney regarding a domestic violence incident involving Interim Police Chief Nelson Mosley.

In that story, attorney Matthew Pappas revealed in an open letter that Nelson Mosley had been arrested on the charge of domestic battery, for allegedly attacking his then girlfriend. Pappas went on to suggest that this arrest was concealed by the department, in what is known as the confidential file.

Tonight, Janet Stites Johnson, who claims to be a former employee of the department, says that Mosley’s girlfriend fabricated the allegations while she and Mosley were in an argument, when he was a captain with the department, and that she recanted those allegations the next day.

Because these files are confidential, and somehow exempt from the Kansas Open Records Act (the legality behind this is questionable, at best), we have no way of verifying Pappas’ or Johnson’s versions of this story, so we will report both as unconfirmed allegations. That being said, it would appear that Johnson is validating Pappas’ claims, but adding previously unknown information to those claims.

According to Johnson, the girlfriend is now Nelson Mosley’s wife, and was very young when she made this alleged mistake.

The unfortunate truth to this story is that whether Nelson Mosley attacked his girlfriend, or his girlfriend made up the allegations, the story was illegally concealed from the public to protect them both. And this is why the public feels that there is one set of laws for us, and another set of laws for the police.

Assuming that Johnson’s story is accurate, the general public can easily forgive a young woman for a foolish mistake made years ago. Forgiving a police officer for beating a woman is not as likely.

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