The worst police shooting in America

Tayler Rock, 22, was not killed by a Cowley County Sheriff Deputy because he made a mistake, or because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rock was specifically targeted and murdered as part of a larger conspiracy involving the deputy, and two women whom Tayler was in child custody battles with, according to the lawsuit filed on behalf of his family.

To understand how and why Tayler Rock came to be on an isolated road, being shot to death by Deputy Steven Deill on May 31, 2014, it is important to first understand the relationships between Rock, Ana Bedolla, Shea Casurole, and Deputy Deill.

Ana Bedolla

Ana Bedolla, at the time of Rock’s death, was a corrections officer with the Cowley County Jail, and is the mother of A. Rock, who is believed to be Tayler Rock’s daughter. Bedolla and Rock had a relationship which had deteriorated prior to A.’s birth. As a result, Bedolla refused to let Tayler see the toddler.

Shortly before Rock’s death, Bedolla was in need of a babysitter, and decided to allow Tayler to watch A. This was the first time Rock had A., and he told Bedolla that he would not return her to Bedolla until after an upcoming court date, which, according to Bedolla’s attorney, was legal.

In the days before Rock was killed, Bedolla, in the heat of an argument, threatened to have a Cowley County Sheriff’s Deputy kill Tayler. Tayler repeatedly told his friends that he was being harassed by local law enforcement, and that he felt the harassment was related to his relationship with Officer Bedolla.

Cowley County terminated Bedolla’s employment one week after Rock’s death. She is believed to have moved out of the state.

Ana Bedolla
Ana Bedolla

Deputy Steven Deill

Prior to his death, Tayler told friends that Bedolla had stated that she was having a sexual relationship with Deill, who at that time was a Cowley County Sheriff Deputy. Tayler’s family believes that Deill and Bedolla, acting together, accessed department records pertaining to Rock, as Bedolla was looking for information to aide in her custody battle, which was a violation of Rock’s privacy.

Tayler’s family has also stated that Deill harassed Rock on multiple occasions. After Rock’s death, Deill was placed on administrative leave, and has never returned to the department, and has reportedly moved out of the state of Kansas. This has not stopped Deill from threatening Rock’s mother with litigation over posts she has made on Facebook pertaining to the case.

Deill is known in Cowley County as “Dirty Deill” (pronounced “deal”).

Deputy Steven Deill
Deputy Steven Deill

Shea Casurole

Shea Casurole is the mother of S. Casurole, a child believed to be the eldest daughter of Tayler Rock. Despite his repeated requests, Casurole refused to allow Rock to see his daughter for nearly a year prior to his death. Out of the blue, on the day Rock was killed, Casurole called him to tell him that he could come and see his daughter in Coffeyville.

What Tayler did not know is that when he left Coffeyville to return to Arkansas City, Casurole called Bedolla to inform her that Rock was heading back to Arkansas City. Bedolla then called Deputy Deill who agreed to stop Rock on his way home, which he did, after following Tayler along the rural road (Hwy W-166) under the pretext of a child welfare check, and because Rock had a suspended license. She is believed to have moved out of the state.

Shea Casurole
Shea Casurole

Tayler Rock’s Death

Deill alleges that upon approaching Tayler’s vehicle that Tayler had his torso and arms hanging out of the driver side window. Tayler’s family believes he did this out of fear, due to Bedolla’s threat to have him shot by a deputy. According to Deill’s statements, Tayler then rolled up the window, then rolled it down a few inches. Deill says that he then reached his arm into the window, unlocked the door, and opened it.

Deill says that he informed Rock that he was under arrest, and then attempted to remove Tayler from the vehicle, despite being aware that the car was running, in gear, sitting alongside a steep embankment, and that a baby was in the backseat.

At this point, Deill alleges that a struggle ensues, and that, despite being significantly larger than Rock, that Deill is unable to remove Rock from the vehicle. Deill says that he then drew his firearm, and told Tayler, “Don’t make me shoot you”.

Then, according to Deill, Rock grabbed his wrist with his right hand and accelerated the car forward. Deill says that he was dragged by the car, and that while being dragged, he opened fire, killing Rock, because he was in fear for his life.

Deill alleges that at that time, he was able to break free, and that the car then travels off the road, into a ditch, and then out of the ditch, through a barbed wire fence, coming to a stop several hundred yards into a field.

Deill claims that he was dragged and ran over by the car, but was listed as having “extremely minor injuries” by hospital staff that night. From the time Deill called in the initial stop on the radio, to the time that he reported “shots fired” on the radio was only three minutes.

During the traffic stop, a witness, M. came upon the scene. His accounting of the events do not support Deill’s story. M. states that when he arrived on the scene, Deill had the driver side door of the car open, and was bent over at the waist, feet planted on the ground, and his entire torso inside of the vehicle.

M. states that he never saw any struggle, never saw Deill with a gun, and that Deill’s body was not moving as if he were struggling with anyone. Despite being present when Deill claims to have fired the shots, M. states that he never heard any gunshots. M. did see the vehicle lurch forward, and says that Deill had both hands on the steering wheel as the car moved into the ditch.

Deill’s patrol car was equipped with a dashboard camera, but, according to the Cowley County Sheriff’s Department, the camera was not operational. The car has since been sold, and the whereabouts of the camera are unknown.

Despite having evidence of the relationships between Rock, Bedolla, Casurole, and Deill, as well as the testimony of M., which clearly suggests that Rock was shot sometime prior to the car lurching forward, contradicting Deill’s story, the Cowley County District Attorney ruled that Rock’s death was justified.

Tayler Rock (in the hat) with his mother and his uncle.
Tayler Rock (in the hat) with his mother and his uncle.

The video below was made shortly before Tayler Rock’s death. Tayler, in red, was a talented musician, and an exceptional athlete. Rock was also crowned the winter homecoming king at his school. In a sad twist of irony, the song is entitled, “My Final Farewell”.

58 thoughts on “The worst police shooting in America

  1. Maybe…just maybe he might have broke the law while he was driving on a suspended drivers license. Cause to be pulled over……justified.

    1. There is a reason you replied as anonymous, your an idot… Yes if he had a suspended license then clearly he had no right to drive, but that is not the reason he was pulled over by the officer at that time. It was a bs child welfare check for his little sex mate…. Know your facts before you go around posting coments.

      1. Clearly a good man will go to great lengths for his children. I would drive on a,suspended license to see my kids. Get them food or medical care without thinking twice. If caught I would tell my story to the judge and pray for his mercy. Clearly the cop new the child was in the car. The cop endangered the child life. Tayler did what he did for his child. He knew his life was in danger. The family can still ask for a Grand Jury in this case. Justice can still be served. This crime was not properly investigated. I am a retired law enforcement officer. There are three suspects in this HOMICIDE. Paul Davis and other Kansas law makers should ask for an investigation buy the DOJ.

        1. He was not a good man and he could care less about his kids. He was just being a DICK trying to hurt the women by getting the kids. This whole story is a bunch of shit to slander these people to try and portray his ass in a better light. Bitch please!!!!

    2. That may be true but conspiracy is what it is…clearly this was an abuse of power that got out of hand and two children are fatherless and he will never get to know them which clearly he was trying to do

    3. so he deserved to be shot and killed? in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. then you are sentenced if you are found guilty. last I knew, this deputy was not a judge or jury, and there was no trial. there was no reason for excessive force over a suspended license.

    4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are a fucking moron. If you knew Tayler then you would know that he isn’t the kind of person to do something without reason.

  2. Know the true facts before you start posting BS!!! This article is so full of untruths it is pathetic. This is what the family has made up to make it look awful for the officer. Get real people!

    1. Not made up. Documented. This was a murder. Diel says he was falling away when the shooting happened. The witness says, no. Deil was steering the car into the ditch. Deill says there was a big altercation going on between deill and Tayler at the scene just prior to the shooting. Witness says no. He was there while the car was STOPPED on the side of the road (before car starts moving into ditch), and saw no altercation, or Tayler (Tayler was already shot and slumped out of view on right side-where all the blood was found). What the witness describes, and why he stopped (because something seemed odd about the scene he happened upon, says witness), was seeing only the legs and backside of an officer bending down at floorboard of car, then the car, with the deputy with both hands on steering wheel, accelerates rapidly into the ditch. The car disappears into ditch, and when it reappears, the deputy is no longer with the car, but climbs out of the ditch on the incline the car went into. Deill says when the car went into the ditch is when the shooting happened. Witness is there while the car is stopped alongside of the road, and despite being a small county road, hears, sees, no shots…….just an officer messing with a car, then steering it into a ditch. No shots, or altercation, as deill describes. Also, if Deill sees that there is a child in a child’s seat (as he says in the report), and knows that the car is running, in gear, and with very steep embankments on either side of the road, why is he attempting to remove Tayler from the drivers seat (as he states in report)? How does entire incident, from the time deill radios in the stop until the time he reports shots fired, with conversations he says he has with Tayler outside of car and inside of car(and with physical altercation), happen in less than three minutes?They committed a murder. They lured him onto the road, and killed him, just as Ana had threatened. Ana Bedolla, her admitted “friend”, Steve deill, and the disgruntled mother of Taylers eldest (disgruntled because tayler would not sign the birth certificate until there was DNA proof that he was the father), shea Caseroule, set Tayler up to be on that road, and murdered. Why is the witness account so very different from deills account? Why were so many violations of officer protocol committed, and why do officers who are cleared(deemed by the county, justified), never work another day with their dept (and move out of state, away from their families and the place of their upbringing)? Why is Cowley County stonewalling at every turn the release of evidence (taylers phone, clothes, etc)? Why have they sold the vehicle used in a case they have kept open (to prevent the timely turning over of evidence)? Stop excusing the actions of wrongdoing cops, and think.

      1. There is 3 sides to EVERY story:
        1. Your story
        2. Their story
        3. THE TRUTH
        Unfortunately sometimes you never know the truth!!

      2. You are absolutely right. I worked at the Winfield Courier at this time and I was in the courtroom when the officer was cleared by one man that he had worked with. Why was there no trial where all of the facts were presented? How did they get way with this? It was a total set up and then it was covered up. It makes me sick.

      3. If he was driving the car into the ditch he would have had to jump out before he hit the ditch he would have been hurt. Extremely minor injuries when have u ever heard a hospital say that. Trying to get his kids hmm I remember him being in the studio all day and night trying to make it big wht kids……only people that know the story is rock and the police officer and god. The witness seen everything but didn’t hear a shot hmmmm sounds fishy

      4. your points are right on this was a cold blooded murder done by a Sherriff Deputy that the county don’t want to see him get the death penalty

  3. Mr/Mrs Anonymous, your ridiculous reasoning that there are 3 sides to every story is laughable. This may come as a shock to you, but people lie (sometimes). Police are People, and they lie a lot. The facts are what I listed above. When police are innocent/justified they release information immediately. When they aren’t, they don’t. If they’re innocent, why did they resign, or be fired, and leave the state? Why did they sell the vehicle used in an investigation they have kept open to prevent their turning over the evidence to the family? Nothing I say will sway you, so keep on sucking it for cops. Dont forget to swallow. Sounds like you might have some in the family. A guy like Tayler is bound to make enemies in such a racist area. He was just about the most confident, handsome, cultured, athletic, talented guy in town (and had been since he was about 7 y/o). That’s a bitter pill for a lot of yokels……..playing perpetual second fiddle to someone like Tayler. Anyway, suck on…….

    1. If these are all proven facts then why was it deemed justified?? Investigations don’t work that way. If Deil was in the wrong, then he would’ve been crusified and sent to prison/jail.

  4. I grew up with Ana Bedolla and Tayler Rock. She was always a snake trying to get what she wanted and make sure you didn’t get any of it. Tayler on the other hand was complete opposite. FYI Steven Deill has been ugly since I was in grade school he was a cop then as well

    1. You are a liar!!! Taylor lived with her for a long time, and even after baby was born. He would party all night and sleep all day while Ana worked. I went to the house they were staying at and he was outside doing drugs. Ana and her family took him in when his mom kicked him out because he was not getting along with his step dad and his step dad did not like him. After the fact they try to act like a loving family. BS. Ana is getting a bad wrap in this and this WHOLE story is made up our of vengeance and it it PATHETIC !!!!

      1. I dont know any of these people. If he was such a low life why let him babysit? A child that may not even be his and the other baby mom just so happens to allow him to see his maybe child #2 the day he dies more than a coincidence.

    1. Having known Taylor and being told about some of this stuff, this story is largely here say and highly embellished. I do believe there is wrongdoing, but it is not right to pass if suspicion as fact.

  5. There wasn’t a reason to pull the trigger. Even if he was going to drive off you could’ve called for back up and procceded a chase.

    What officer pulls out a gun so hesitently for a routine stop like that. That whole conspiracy story might not have been “planned”, but it was definitely done unjustly. Makes me sick.

  6. Seriously he was a wanna be gangster. He had a rap sheet. The cop was put in to the situation and made the call that ended rocks life. No one knows what actually happened so its all just hear say

  7. This makes out like Rock was some perfect angel and the cops are terrible murderers… You guys watch too much TV. Conspiracy Theory is really what this sounds like.

    The people that wrote this article are probably hid off in some basement somewhere wearing aluminum foil hats thinking the government is coming for them.

    I hope God brings peace to this family. Case closed.

  8. The KBI agent that investigated it is running for the Sheriff of that Same Department. And is going to have the same Undersheriff as the current one………. Just food for thought!

  9. Tayler Rock wasn’t even close to the angel this article portrays him to be. In fact his Facebook had several hate messages towards police, and he was a wannabe gangster. Get out of here with this bs story of “facts.” I have zero ties with the police and actually don’t like most of them bc of their entitled attitudes. Had Tayler Rock not lead a life of crime then he would still be alive today. He is not dead bc of the police officer he is dead bc of his own actions. The only pity I have is for his family. Not everything is a conspiracy, in fact most things are not conspiracies and are actually exactly as they seem. Ever think the cop left the force bc he couldn’t mentally handle the fact that he HAD to take the life of another human. Something nobody should have to do, due to the selfishness of Tayler.

  10. I suggest anyone reading this post read the complaint – The complaint is the plaintiff’s version of the facts. You can see the exact argument “story” all over facebook within after the shooting. You can even see that the story evolved. Next, look at the websites of the law firms of these cases and the practice areas. The Thompson attorney seems to have a legit bio and is a vet. The snook law llc looks like a straight up ambulance chaser. Guys like that are looking for a paycheck. I wouldn’t believe everything said on here or in the complaint. The other sides haven’t said been able to say shit to respond to the two “witnesses” that weren’t even called out in the complaint (who also didn’t hear gunshots in the complaint if you want to use that as all facts). This whole thing is a damn shame and a boy lost his life, but that is what it is a damn shame. I really doubt anyone of those three thought the cop would be dumb enough to shoot anyone and I doubt anyone would have expected Tayler to drive off or freak, but then again who knows what the cop said to him. Either way it’s a shame that a family has to grieve the loss of Tayler and this elaborate “conspiracy” that someone decided could be worth 5 million likely got the family worked up and is what had to happen to justify the loss and they’ll never see a dime of it. Not one of those fools can afford anything.

  11. Wow sounds good but a little far fetched. I mean why would he do this to get paid maybe but she was broke to help a friend maybe but in the end u might get caught and get nothing. I think I was horrible but I also think this is a stretch and someone trying to get paid. Wrongful death suit maybe but un justified post the evidence post the public info don’t do a blog that sounds he/she sayish. Show if u can’t then u have no ground to stand on. I’ve was around the dude a couple times thug no bad decisions we all make those. He focused more on his music from people that hung around him more then me told me. Conspiracy what’s to gain from killing a friend for life with no money doubt it. Maybe rock was just scared of losing his child and didn’t wanna cooperate that night maybe the cop could have not shot and just tasered instead. It’s a horrible situation but we will never know the answer.

  12. Wow sounds good but a little far fetched. I mean why would he do this to get paid maybe but she was broke to help a friend maybe but in the end u might get caught and get nothing. I think I was horrible but I also think this is a stretch and someone trying to get paid. Wrongful death suit maybe but un justified post the evidence post the public info don’t do a blog that sounds he/she sayish. Show if u can’t then u have no ground to stand on. I was around the dude a couple times thug no bad decisions we all make those drugs yes. He focused more on his music from people that hung around him more then me told me. He wasn’t a star with his music just a local talent. I was told many stories of things he did girls he had etc. By him while in the studio.This case is simply one sided there is no real evidence or witnesses they claim to pull up ass the car was going toward the ditch so the events that lead up to that they have no knowledge of. Conspiracy what’s to gain from killing a friend for life with no money doubt it. Maybe rock was just scared of losing his child and didn’t wanna cooperate that night maybe the cop could have not shot and just tasered instead. It’s a horrible situation but we will never know the answer.

  13. Both them bitches is fucked up. This man only wanted to be part of his kids life’s and they just unhappy and selfish!! Them bitches in to rot in hell and when they kids get older they are going to hate their mothers once they first out the true about their dad. And for this fat as a cop he need to get hit by a car and get ran over!!

    1. You do not know them so STFU. This story is a bunch of BS written by the family of Taylor Rock to be mean and vicious – have to find someone to blame. or in this case 20 other people – cuz Taylor was such an angel right? BS – and he could care less about them babies with his partying all night and sleeping all day – wanna be rapper instead of getting a REAL job to support them babies that you think he cared so much about them. And what money he did come up with (illegally) he spent on his drugs. Good father figure. And I can say cuz I knew him and these girls – you dont so keep your POS opinions to yourself and quit believing this FAKE STORY

  14. This is laughable at best! I have personally viewed threats from the Rock family which were vile….and that’s putting it mildly. Diell was injured extensively and had suffered a great deal of physical pain as well as psychological pain. This family is trying to piggyback off of legitimate police excessive use of force cases to try to justify his death and likely get a paycheck. There are no winners here people. Diell isn’t a good man…..he’s a great man! Taylor’s actions changed more lives than his own. These kinds of allegations dim the blacklivesmatter movement because it’s total crap. And before anyone asks, I am not family to the officer in question. I am merely a person who has witnessed all the evidence and it is quite contradictory to this account.

  15. US166 isn’t a “rural” road.

    Driving suspend is a misdemeanor, something he was no stranger to.

    You could tell anyone of your friends that an ex is sleeping with someone, doesn’t make it true. Provide it with factual proof.

    You attempt to take off in your vehicle with someone not just an officer, but anyone for that matter to cause harm recklessly or intentionally is a felony.

    The fact you’d put your kid through that ordeal definitely outlines your lack of competence to be a parent with sound judgement.

    Let’s stop with this bs cover up, you couldn’t win civilly which is the easiest way to win in any court. Why? Because your burden of proof is a preponderance of evidence which is way less than beyond reasonable doubt.

    He fucked up, and unfortunately forced a use of force situation that doesn’t happen at all around that area so they probably aren’t as disciplined.

  16. This ENTIRE story is hogwash and everyone from this town knows it. Taylor had a lot of issues and was no angel. I knew him personally. This boils down to when someone has a death in the family, they always want to find someone to blame. Let’s play the race card and portray him as a victim when he was not. This is a bunch of BS and shame on this FAKE NEWS story

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