Mother of child shot by WPD: My son was unarmed and shot in the back

The mother of the 17-year-old boy who was critically wounded in a Wichita police shooting yesterday says that the police are lying about the circumstances that led to her son being shot.

Tiffany Ford posted this video of her son in the hospital, and says that this information “needs to get out”.

Click on photo for video
Click on photo for video

In a separate post, Ford states that the police and media are lying about her son having a gun, and that he was shot in the back while running away.

According to initial reports by the Wichita Police Department, officers were pursuing a vehicle they mistakenly thought to be connected to a homicide in NE Wichita, when that vehicle pulled into Wichita West High School’s parking lot.

Police claim that a young man exited the vehicle, ran towards the doors to the school, and that the person was holding a gun. The police state that they ordered the young man to drop the gun, and then opened fire on him.

Three other people that were in the car have been taken into police custody, for questioning.

At this time, the police department has not stated whether or not the officer was wearing a body camera. The City Manager has repeatedly stated that the goal is to have every officer equipped with an Axon body mounted camera by the end of this year.

There are security cameras at Wichita West High School, two specifically in the vicinity where the shooting occurred.

WPD releases still shots from body camera in shooting


8 thoughts on “Mother of child shot by WPD: My son was unarmed and shot in the back

  1. Do you realize how foolish this parent is behaving? I can understand no parent wants to see their child hurt. But lets stick with the facts first. Her son is involved with a gang. The 17 yr. old ran from the truck after the police stopped the truck.
    There are photos with the 17 yr. old holding a gun. If a police officer tells someone to stop or freeze, that’s what you do, you don’t run from the police. Secondly, if a police officer tells you to drop your gun, that’s what you do, you drop your gun. By you posting this mothers video and claims that he was shot in the back is untrue. The investigation will show that the actions of the 17 yr old lead up to his own demise. Maybe if his mama parented this boy then he would not be in this position in the first place. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others.

    1. You are a liar dawg and it is disgusting. The kid ran because he feared for his life. Intuition is real and look what happened, police were after him and shot him without questioning him. Do you know how many white adult men threaten police officers and wave guns at them and aren’t shot? Wayyyyyyy more than black people. This young man was shot like too many others. The only people that deserve blame in this situation are the police that shot him.

      He ran to a high school looking for help from people trying to fatally injure him. I just scrolled back up to your comment dawg you are pitiful.

      1. Why didn’t he drop his gun. For those out there that don’t get it, if you’re involved in a violent altercation with the police, or if you have a gun during a confrontation with police, you do so at you at your own peril. The police are able to use deadly force at their discretion when they feel that their lives or the lives of other may be in jeopardy. This kid was running from the cops with a gun. It has nothing to do with being black. The reason white kids don’t get shot is because THEY DROP THE F&$KING GUN when ordered to. The ones who don’t get shot.

    2. So we use deadly force against someone running away from police? You blame a 17 year old child who has to ask permission to use the restroom at school for being adult enough to know what to do when faced with such a scary situation? We do not know the entire story, but we do know that this CHILD was chased by police, ran AWAY from police and rather than being pursued on foot or by vehicle he was shot down. All because of a vehicle description that ended up being mistaken.

      Our youth see what the media portrays about police- that they use deadly force against young black males. He was terrified- just as I would have been at 17 years old and I am a white female. So tell me when it became okay to shoot someone because we are to lazy to pursue any other way. I understand the scary things that our police are faced with but that is why they go through immense amount of training- to handle situations such as these with utmost care. Instead- they shoot in any situation.

      How about instead of blaming the CHILD, you take a look at the entire picture. Kid can’t even enroll in the damn army yet or buy a pack of cigarettes yet you feel he should be adult enough to know how to handle this situation. Media propaganda regarding racial discrimination and targeting injures and almost kills another one of our youth. These poor children have no idea what to do anymore.

      Prayers for this child.

      1. It became ok to use deadly force when he was trying to enter a high-school with over 300 other people in it while running from the police with a hand gun. My child as well as many other children and adults were in that school and could have been harmed by this gun toting teenager. I am glad that he was stopped.

  2. As a black woman black lives matter buttons story has too much going on. The car was suspected in a murder he ran etc something ain’t right

  3. A white guy walked into a clinic and shot a lot people with gun crazy as hell . He is still alive something is wrong folks . Something is wrong. Executing . People is a execution of your own Americans .💞

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