WPD officer’s bullet hit gun in police shooting

The Wichita Police Department posted the photos from today’s press conference to their Facebook page. The photo of the gun they recovered at the scene of the West High School police shooting does appear to have been struck by a bullet.

The Department also released these photos along with the following statement made by Interim Chief Mosley, as previously reported:

The last photo appears to show a gun in the young man’s hand. We (Kansas Exposed) enlarged, and made slight digital changes to the photo, in regards to zoom, cropping, clarity, brightness, and contrast, in an attempt to get a clearer look at the object:

This photo was digitally altered by Kansas Exposed in an attempt to get a clearer look at the object in the young man's hand.
This photo was digitally altered by Kansas Exposed in an attempt to get a clearer look at the object in the young man’s hand.

Unfortunately, the image is of extremely low quality, making it difficult to enlarge with any sharpness.

Interim Chief Nelson Mosely provided this statement (via the Wichita Eagle):

“I am going to provide an update on an officer involved shooting from last night. First, the Wichita Police Department wants to extend its thoughts and prayers to all those involved in the incident.

Last night, Officers were conducting follow-up based on reliable information received about the location of suspects involved in the double homicide on Mossman occurring on Monday, December 1, 2015.

The information identified two locations where the suspects could be found. Officers proceeded to the first location where one of the wanted double homicide suspects was arrested during a traffic stop.

Officers proceeded to the second location where they saw a vehicle leaving the address believed to contain the second double homicide suspect.

At about 6:30 pm Officers initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle, a 1997 Ford F-150, occupied by four males. The truck pulled into the parking lot of West High School, 820 S. Osage.

Officers observed a male run from the vehicle armed with a handgun toward the school. Two of the pursuing officers were wearing body worn cameras, and this still image is captured from the video.

A high school basketball game was in progress in the school gymnasium, estimated attendance between 200-300 people. Officers pursued the male in the parking lot of West High while shouting verbal commands to drop the handgun. Officers observed the male continue to run toward the gym entrance of West High while still holding the gun.

Using his duty handgun, an officer fired several rounds striking the male at least once in his side/back area and once in his right wrist and hitting the handgun. The male continued to run southwest approximately 100 yards toward McCormick Street and surrendered to officers.

Officers discovered the male had been shot, and immediately rendered aid and called EMS. The male was treated by EMS on scene and transported to St. Francis in critical (but stable) condition. The suspect was identified later as a 17 year old male Wichita resident.

The case will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges including possession of handgun by a juvenile and possession of a firearm on school grounds.

There are no other reported injuries to officers or civilians. The three other occupants in the truck complied with officers and were taken to City Hall for questioning and later released.

District Attorney Marc Bennett and the KBI were on scene and are assisting with the investigation.
Involved Officers were taken to City Hall and interviewed per Department policy. ”


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