Kansas DCF financially devastates family

In this second installment of our series on Kansas’ Department for Children and Families, we examine the case against Floyd and Jamie Williams.

Two years ago, Floyd and Jamie had their 9 children removed from their custody by DCF because Jamie swatted her teenage daughter on the leg with a broom after the daughter cursed at her over an argument over household chores. There was no bruising as a result of this action, but the daughter did report the incident when she went to school.

As a result, the police came to the Williams’ home, and to the children’s schools and took them into custody.

At that time, Floyd had been working for Coleman for three years. Presently, Jamie has been employed by Kentucky Fried Chicken, where she is a manager, for nine years. Floyd lost his job at Coleman due to emotional distress, shortly after DCF took the children.

The Williams owned a nice home in Andover, nice cars, and were a self-sustaining family receiving no financial assistance through the state. After two years of fighting to regain custody of their children, the Williams family has lost their home, lost their vehicles, furniture, and virtually everything they own, due to attorney fees and child support payments they are required to make to pay a foster parent to care for their children.

Floyd and Jamie do not have a history of substance abuse, they do not have criminal records, and the only substantiated allegation against them is the single swat to the leg with a broom, which did not leave a bruise on the child.

Floyd and Jamie Williams.
Floyd and Jamie Williams.

Yet, DCF has deemed them to be unfit parents and is using financial pressure to convince Floyd and Jamie to sign over their parental rights, permanently.

Currently, Floyd and Jamie are required to pay $2,800 each month for child support, but they only bring home $2,600, due to Floyd losing his job. DCF has told the Williams that if they want the child support to stop, they just need to sign over their rights to their own children.

The Williams’ attorney withdrew from the case because Floyd and Jamie could no longer afford to pay for the legal services.

Most of the money Floyd and Jamie are paying to the state is being distributed to the foster mother, Carlene Adams, who does not have a job, and makes her living solely by caring for seven of Floyd and Jamie’s children. The exact amount that Adams is paid each month is estimated to be around $7,000.

Carlene Adams, the foster parent who makes $2,800 each month to care for Floyd and Jamie's children.
Carlene Adams, the foster parent who the state uses to care for Floyd and Jamie’s children.

Initially, the state took custody of 8 children in this case. After their children were taken, Floyd and Jamie had a ninth child, and DCF took their infant five days after she was born. This same foster mother, Adams, neglected that infant, who now wears a helmet due to being left laying on her back for extended periods of time, which flattened her head.

Adams, on her Facebook page, cites caring for the Williams’ children as her job, as if being a foster parent is supposed to be a form of employment.

Started working?
Started working?

Adams has told the Williams’ children that if they stay with her they will have their own ponies.

On March 27th of this year, Adams posted a crowd funding account in an attempt to collect donations for the care of Floyd and Jamie’s children. The account has since been removed, and the amount of money Adams was able to raise is unknown.

Adams attempts to raise money to care for the Williams' children.
Adams, along with the boyfriend she lives with, attempts to raise money to care for the Williams’ children.

Since the state took Floyd and Jamie’s children, all of the kids, with the exception of the infant, have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, and they are all on sleeping medication, including their five-year-old.

The Williams have been financially devastated, having sold everything they own so that they could pay their attorney, and so they could pay this Carlene Adams to sit at home and care for their children.

Floyd and Jamie will go to court this Wednesday, December 9, at 8:00 am, at 201 W. Pine Avenue in El Dorado, to fight against the state which is attempting to force the Williams to sign over their parental rights. They have asked that the public attend this hearing.


177 thoughts on “Kansas DCF financially devastates family

  1. I will be there. I have visited the Williams when they lived in Missouri never saw any abuse. Went camping never saw abuse. My kids when asked by us, never was told by the kids was abused. Kids tell kids these things. My son said I was harsher then they was. They had their ducks in a row in Kansas, but it was the state that destroyed that household.

    1. Dcf destroyed my household. I have no criminal record and no drug past. The refuse to let me see my children and have any kind of visits

    2. I think that the state should pay back all the money that the family was out for paying child support. That is what is wrong with the state they r always willing to find anything to get kids out of their home, they don’t go after the parents that reallllllllly abuse their children and they get by with it. As for giving their parental rights up ” Don’t do it”. The DCF has not proved anything and that woman that did that to the baby she should not be a foster mother itsher fault the baby is now hurting because of what she did!!!!! I vote for the family trying to get their kids back!!!! I pray u do get them back….

  2. I understand that this family is devastated and I pray for the return of there children. But I am a foster parent of going 38 years. as a foster parent I work with teen girls and it can be challenging. But we work with the parents to get these chikdren home as soon as we can. We have transported children for home visits and went and picked them up. As foster parents we want the children to returned or get them ready for the world that is ahead of them. Please remember that every situation is different and don’t take one case and think foster parents are doing it for the money we are not all like that.

    1. This by no way is an attack on Foster parents there are truly good ones out there doing this for the good of children..But,then there are those that are only in it for financial gain and abuse the children in many ways. I personally hold dcf accountable and their incompetent social workers.

      1. As a former foster parent there s no financial gain in taking children. It usually costs way more to parent than they give you. In this case with this many children can see that it may have made them some money but that is not usually the case.

        1. Only if they use the money to buy the supplys needed
          my daughter never had anything she was suppose to get(money for clothes) they give her hand me downs or tell her have your family bring her clothes
          money for food snacks( she never had much to eat(we snuck her food) the money is not being used appropiately most of time
          the conditions of living were cleaned up during inspections and never any surprise visits so this was very easy to get around:(
          ( i have not personally ever spoke to a child in fostercare that had a good ending story)
          I know Ive seen some televised and thats great
          but just saying
          its not all like the “Fosters”

          1. I totally agree with everyone. I think families should get together and start a riot. All of the group’s kvc dfc and whatever else are money hungry fucktards. My girl had a bike wreck and gotten a big bruise on her arm. Anyways she told her school that I hit her. Okay I smacked open handed not hard enough to even begin to leave a bruise like she has. Not sure where exactly bc she moved trying to avoid it.. when I was a child I got my ass beat an I mean beat. No days you can’t even do that or a simple swat. No wonder why kids act the way they do. I’m only 32 but respect and a firm believer of the older method of punishment for kids. Another thing she told my parents, friends, and family what really happened to get a bruise the size of what she has. Yes I’m going to have them all testify this in court. We have 4 kids all together. 2 8 yr olds 7 and 3 month old. My girl and the baby are with my parents. The other 2 are in foster care for now bc I’m not their biological father. My court orders says nothing about them not being around me now. Only child can’t is my 8 yr daughter bc she’s the victim. I was put in jail for a week bc of this bs. Didn’t know what was going on or happened until I was bonded out. Went in Tuesday night and was able for bonding Thursday morning. Okay I tried to get a hold of my parents bc my wife was at work and she’s like me hates answering unknown numbers. Yea or jail or all probably have a system that let’s you make a call from them but goes to another place or makes a unreal number. I understand that buy damn. So the guard even helped me. No luck. So she asked if I could try someone else. Yea my wife after 2. This took place at a 11:45 or so.. okay you can try again then. Waited until that time. Finally someone came. Asked them about a bond call. K we’ll have check. Never came back. Next morning (Friday ) asked again. We’ll find out. Around 2 to 4 not sure I asked again and said I have to wait till Monday now. Had to fill out a request for to make the call and to get my parents number. Not sure how many of you do this. I have it programed under parents bc I hate dialing numbers. Plus they gotten new phone and number. Monday finally gotten here. I was able to make my bond call. Got the number for my parents to. Didn’t call them. Called the wife’s work. Was bonded out about 3. She had the money Thursday. The only reason why she didn’t bond me sooner is bc she didn’t know what was happening at the time and trying to find me a place to stay just incase she got to keep our kids. Wanted me to be aware of it. Fine with me bc I love her and our kids with all my heart. I would find a place to stay just for them to be home. But after a hearing the 2 of hers are going to stay in foster care until the case is over and my daughter and the baby will stay with my parents. Plus he’s being breast feed. 5 days on formula. They said he was cranky. I wonder why. Then my wife was able to give my parents the breast milk from which she had stored from previous pumpings. Now he’s doing a lot better. But gers me why the hell the other’s are not home with us. Yea I can see their point of view n a way. Saying it unsafe or I could be a threat. But she should have the right to have them. I can find another place to stay. They had to change school’s to. Our 8 yr son has anxiety really bad and started the school year of bad. Pretty much was on the border of being removed from us. We tried everything. Then some councelling and therapy. That help. Some medicine to help with his anxiety. He’s totally a different child. Now starting with a new school and making friends. I wish I could be the one not him. … I really wish this case workers knew what its like to experience the pain from all this. And most cases are dropped or over something small. I dare them to step into our shoes for 5 min of all this bs we have to go thru for wks, months and yrs. I bet they would feel like us. Would be nice to have the power to switch it from us to them just to make them feel the way we do? ?? What is this world coming to

          2. I was in foster care in Kansas many years ago and I guess I was lucky because we had Fantastic Foster parents. IF if had not been for them I don’t know where me and my sisters would have been. WE lived with our father and step mother and were physical abused with beatings, raped and starved. So sometimes they do get it right.

            1. so either your them state goons pretending or maybe you got lucky. just becaus you had a pleasant experience does not make them all pleasant sweetie. the best foster home in the world is not as good as the worst natural home. but yeah thanks for calling, i really think you might of swung the jury your way. oh, no you didn’t.

            1. It’s pretty obvious from your call name that you would be a very positive influence (not) in a child’s upbringing. While the state could have gotten this one wrong, there is a reason all this started in the first place. The mans explanation does not even make sense, bike accident? Open hand slap? Abuse is not always physical either. Obviously this man has a trash mouth that while not a reason to remove the child, it certainly is a negative influence for a child. His rant speaks more about “his” experience in jail, not about the child.

              1. You are being judgmental. YOU aren’t the judge. YOU have no idea what this man has gone through and who are you to say he’s not a good parent. YOU are making assumptions, just like DFS does. Just because someone doesn’t parent the way you do doesn’t make them unfit. Open your eyes.

          1. People making $612+ foodstamps a month for 1 child are making a profit. You don’t have to pay for anything ecept their food at home (they eat free at school, breakfast & lunch) no school fees, soooo…how could you not be making $ unless you’re taking them on big shopping sprees or buying them designer, expensive clothing. It is hard to be a foster parent, but this isn’t about FP. It is about Kansas taking away children for BULLS HIT reasons! I have personally witnessed it OVER AND OVER. It’s pitiful, disgusting and not the states kids!

        2. Bull crap. Maybe you are one of the good ones but I definitely see the ones that are in it for financial gain and oh the money they make and use in themselves.

      2. Yes, my out of control daughter
        went to foster care
        utimative was get her in a treatment place within a day or she goes(treatment places are not that quick to get in and DCF knew this) my daughters fostercare place was aweful
        she was basically there for the Fostering Lady (will never call her a mom) to geg money to go on her trips and never followed any rules, my daughter complained to the Lady and her Life just got worse there and when she got out and came home, we knew noone would believe us !!!

        1. Per your statement your daughter was out of control. Did you ask to have her removed from your home or did the state make that decision? Obviously what you were trying at home was not working, and she needed more structure. It’s pretty sad to complain about someone who has taken in a child with “special needs” that the parent could not take care of, then complain the foster parents are mistreating your child. SAD!

    2. You exemplify what a Foster Parent is suppose to do. In your opinion based on these facts you can not tell me, this case is legitimate and the foster family has these children best interest at heart. if you are in the system you might speak up for these children.

      1. I personal was in states custody from the age 10 until i was 21. The state dont care about you. You are anoyher way of money in their eyes. When i was in a foster home i received cloths that were too small or too big. The foster homes were mostly nasty and i was the slave. Like most of foster parents are in it for the money. For just me they received almost 3 grand with me and my sister they recieved almost 5 grand. The state had my real mother on child support and having her pay this money. After they took us out so she went broke. She lost everything including her credit her kids. She just now paying off that child support and i am 27 years old now. They put you on medication i feel to dope you up so you dont know what is going on. When i would refuse the medication they just gave it to me by a shot in my leg or on my upper butt. THE STATE IS FUCKED UP. ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

    3. Most foster parents are wonderful, caring folks. I pray all are not painted to be like this woman. Thank you for what you do to help the children

    4. Thank you for what you do Marilyn, I’m sure it’s a very hard position you are in. You sound like you are the exception to the rule of great foster parents doing what is best for the children. Have heard so many horror stories, maybe such as this one, that the only thing these people are in it for is the money that comes along with being a foster parent.. Kudos to you!

      1. Great foster parents are not the exception to the rule. There are hundreds of wonderful Foster parents in this state. But sadly the ones that aren’t so wonderful are always the ones to make the news. I’m not saying this situation is not one of those situations as I don’t know but jumping to conclusions when not knowing all the information is not fair for either side.

    5. Do you know that you ARE compensated 3× the amount that a family member who fights to foster that child is? Do you know that you are bound by far fewer restrictions and recieve atleast twice the resources as a family member?

        1. This is all so ridiculous. In the past, we have fostered nineteen children. Let me tell you about a few of them. No names, just a rundown of the conditions that they came into the system with. Three little girls, emergency placement, heads covered in lice. Extremely dirty, clothes of youngest crusted with dried urine, crying and in pain from skin sores. The older two, silent and withdrawn. One with bruises on her arms and shoulders. Another, a five week old boy. His arm was broken, he had bruises around his middle and on his hips and buttocks. A bruised kidney and a concussion. He weighed nine pounds. We had him for about four months before he was placed with his grandparents. Two little boys, Three and a half and six weeks old. Older boy, filthy and intoxicated from drinking whiskey and coke. Baby was covered in yeast infection, had severe ear infections, a baby bottle half full of whiskey and coke mixture, was in a diaper sodden with urine and feces, the blankets around him also sodden and was in a dresser drawer for a cradle. A little girl, age five. Sexually abused since age two. Already sexually aggressive toward males, both child and adult. Had to be moved from my male dominated home to a home with only one female foster parent and no other children. Three little boys, one, hit in a public altercation between parents while younger two, thirty two months and eighteen months left locked in a room at home, alone. I could go on. But I won’t. SRS, now known as DCF, has better things to do, than randomly selecting children to remove from safe and loving homes. There are reasons these children come under the radar of the agencies that step in. As for the financial aspect of this issue, Bunk. Total bunk. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, makes money off of these children. The state pays for all of their care. They are issued a medical card. Most of them require, not only medical care, but psychological care. This is covered by the Medical Card. As well as all medications. The amount paid to the Foster Family is intended to cover the child’s personal needs. Food, clothing, formula, if it is an infant. Yes, infants get WIC, but that doesn’t cover everything an infant eats each month. Toys and bikes and roller skates. Birthday parties and presents. Sheets and blankets, extra beds, Extra amounts of personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, lotions and OTC medications such as Tylenol and cold and cough syrup. Laundry detergent and fabric softener. Increases in household use of water, gas and electricity. Extra Gasoline to take child to Dr appointments and parent visits etc… A stuffed toy to comfort a troubled child. All of these things fall into the needs covered by the monthly payments a Foster Parent receives each month. No one gets rich by being a Foster Parent. Most Foster Parents are not money grubbing monsters. And the ones that are, get weeded out. Then, take into account the stress factor. Changes to family habits to accommodate a special needs child. I’ve dealt with head bangers, face scratchers, runners, kitchen raiders, pet abusers, physical abusers, stealing, property destruction, and children who eat dangerous substances. Yes, STRESS. Foster Children are typically removed from troubled environments. And are in most situations, troubled children. They require special attention. No, I and my husband are not Saints. We wanted a family and couldn’t get one in the regular biological fashion. So we Fostered other people’s children when they failed to parent in an appropriate manner. We did not steal these children. We opened our homes and our hearts to them in their time of greatest need. When the state had done all it could to reunite the family members, if it was deemed necessary to terminate the parental rights, we applied for adoption of many of them. And let me mention, we had a hand in trying to reunite the children and their parents. I personally have picked up parents and transported them to visit their children because they had missed their own transportation. I have provided afternoon snacks for children and their parents so they could experience eating together like a family. I have made myself available to the families so they could vent. And given advice on how they could get their children back. Some of those children we eventually adopted, because the parents refused to cooperate with the agencies. We were taught that the reunification of the family was our priority. Yes taught, in classes, with instructors. With professionals who used role playing techniques and interactive modeling to help us provide a safe environment for these children. Professionals, paid for by the state, to give these children the best homes they could. If a family truly wants their children returned to their home, they will move heaven and earth to make it happen. They will spend their time and energy making a home environment suitable for their children. They will follow the guidelines and except the help and support of the agencies involved. They will stop blaming the state, the Foster Parents and the agencies for their own shortcomings. We are not the enemy. In fact, we are the people making it possible for these children to be returned to their families and insure that they are safe. If the Parents truly love their children, isn’t that what they themselves would want for them?

          1. You have experienced some true cases of neglect and of course there’s truly cases where that happens. Perhaps what you do not know or realize or are turning a blind eye to is that there are MANY children taken from homes that are good, loving homes. It is true. I have witnessed it firsthand! The social workers have come into my friend’s homes after someone makes a vindictive call to the state on them just to get revenge. Often these families set up are not as well educated as many, are financially struggling, perhaps have some mental health problems, but as long as they are being cared for, fed, clean clothes, safe place to sleep…why is it ANY of the state’s business to take away the kids? I have watched it happen several times. These people come to me because I was a former Foster parent whom witnessed a lot of injustice many patents were being put through. I didn’t realize how many people were so judgmental until I started reading these comments. You foster parents all seem SOOOOO PERFECT! Guess what….families fight. Kids argue, talk back and need to be taught boundaries. It isn’t the states job to tell us how to discipline our children. Unless they are truly being physically abused, multiple bruises, cuts, burns, etc or true neglect…the state needs to BUT OUT and let the parents parent.

          2. It sounds like some of the children you cared for came from very serious situations. But have you ever considered that some of the children’s behaviors actually came from the trauma of being removed from their home in the first place? Radical attachment disorder is very real, and head banging, face scratching, stealing and other difficult behaviors are common with RAD.

    6. Not all foster situations are bad…ours just happens to be one that is…god bless you for being a good one that does care about kids

      1. Yes ever situation is different. We fostered for 8 years for all ages if children. Fostering wasn’t our full time jobs, we both worked full time and were full time parents to all the children we offered our home & hearts too. I’m so sorry this poor family has been treated like this and been tramnized beyond belief. I will pray for them. God Bless and I pray for your children to come home soon.

    7. Yes ever situation is different. We fostered for 8 years for all ages if children. Fostering wasn’t our full time jobs, we both worked full time and were fuul time parents to all the children vwe offered our home & hearts too. I’m so sorry this poor family has been treated like this and been tramnized beyond belief. I will pray for them. God Bless and I pray for your children to come home soon.

    8. These people haven’t been allowed to see their kids in over 2 and a half years. There has been NO more to re-integrate them. I also know a foster mom who does wonderful work but that is not the case in this situation. They’ve done all the things they were told to do.. anger management classes, parenting classes, evaluated by a therapist… taken meds prescribed by the therapist.. NOTHING has gotten their kids back.

    9. I am so glad to hear you are a good foster parent, the system sucks for you also I am sure. However, there are major problems with this foster lady. I happen to know Jamie and Floyd and the situation with this foster lady; it is criminal. I am heart-broken for their children and the parents. They are good parents. They should not have been taken. May the Lord bless them with unity and healing!!

  3. I would sue the states ass. Maybe they could get everything back that they have lost. How devistating for the parents.

  4. Its a shame families like this go through do much be…when others have done a lot worse to their children, and not only do they still have their children but nothing really has been done for their actions towards their children. DCF needs to get their priorities straight.

  5. It is a shame that this continues to happen to good people. The system has failed this family and I hope they get there kids back and are able to sue the state and be compensated for what they have been put threw. Meanwhile the system also failed the little boy in Winfield that his mother killed him after numerous attempts even by family members to protect the child.
    Dcf needs to investigate first before taking the child out of the home. Unless there is clean cut and dry no if ands or buts about abuse going on in the home.

    I have so much more to say but I am holding back because I as a grandparent of a child in DCF custody and just thankful I am able to have my grandson placed with me right now.

    1. Be careful because the judge lied to my parents and myself telling us my children would not be pulled from them and 2 days later they were there taking pics of my babies to post online for adoption!! Like selling my children to the highest bidder!!

    2. Finally someone else. Thank you! But if you take out the sugar coating, this, in its rawest form, in my opinion, is called KIDNAPPING FOR A RANSOM!$$$ Come on Kansas, why are these politicians still in office. Poli=many, tic=blood sucking parasite, & ian=from somewhere. Dont know where they come from, but I’m convinced it is a dark,heartless, slimy place, not of this earth!

    3. Did the same thing yo our family. Now they want 6000.00 for child support. My daughter and I had him and I really had him but she helped me. She was unable to take care of him. She did get . WIC. I bought everything. Have receipts to show. His case worker over dosed and died. They finally got hom back where as I did threaten to sue. This was KCK. Drug addicks got their children back after 6 wks. Did it effect him yes. He now stays right by Mama. Terrible.

      1. I have seen with my own eyes some nasty dirty scummy people n the homes they live in that foster children. I use to haul inmates n foster kids. I seen foster parents making kids sleep on screened in porch on blanket n sheet just because they didn’t like them. I seen this when I went to pick two kids up that was sleeping on side porch of house. The foster parent wasn’t there she was out with her friends they said. She didn’t know we were on way to get two girls n transport elsewhere. I’ve also seen kids get taken away for no good reason and made up accusations n fabricated stories. But yet look at the city councilman in topeka that has 2 biological kidd 12 adopted n 4 foster something like that but anyway total of 16 kids. Him n his wife just got arrested for abuse .but yet he was one of dcfs top client …..SICK !!!!!! I witnessed dcf n st Francis ladies talking n fabricating a story bout a father they didn’t like . They didn’t know I was present I heard them say oh well he deserves it he acts like a smart ass.

  6. close there doors they are kid napers and well take your kids for any reason its all bull shit…they need to have there doors close..now…and santé franises there kid naps in Kansas,,,, your kids well be next…. they took my grand kids for frozen watter lines god give us a brake from this kid napers..

    1. Don’t even start on St Francis. Nothing and I mean nothing good to say about that organization! I’m so sorry for this family and it’s sad there are families who need investigated and aren’t but yet these parents obviously made their children mind and lost them. Shaking my head!

    2. St. Francis does not remove kids from parents, that is the court system and DCF. St. Francis is a contacted reintegration agency which their job is to work with the families to put the children back in the home. It still is up to the cout system, even if SFCS is recommending the children be placed back with their parents. I assume there is more to this story than what is being told.

  7. This is just plain wrong!! Why??? This poor excuse for a foster parent…And I use that word very lose with this piece of work!!! Get those babies back to their Mom and Dad!! What is wrong with DCF!?!! Makes my blood boil to hear of this sick heartless wrong doing!!!

  8. I totally understand the financial burden due to this happened to my family due to the same thing. I lost my job of 13 years due to it and have had a hard time to find employment due to KDHE background checks due to DCF substantiated.

  9. They violated their 4th and 14th Amendment rights. Also they can get a court appointed lawyer if they can’t afford one. It’s crazy. My ex husband tied my daughter up and spanked her with a board and a slew of other things as well as abused his other kids, shootj g them with pellot guns, twisting ones arm almost breaking it, telling one to cut her throat and giving her the knife. Even have neighbor statement. My daughter has PTSD from years of abuse and they did remove his kids and put them in foster care and I got sole custody of my daughter but he got his other kids back and they are trying to force my daughter to visit him which is bad for her. The courts need to start looking at the ACE research done by the CDC and implementing rules on it. The state is abuseing these children. Not the mother. Court appointed child abuse needs to stop. The stress these kids are dealing with is now going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. The ACE research shows profound information on the affects of child abuse. They live shorter lives and are high risk for other health issues due to constant state of stress. Also at high risk of taking dangerous risks, suicide, crime, drugs, teen pregnancy. Those children have rights as do the family. DCF if already being sued and I’d add this case to it.

    1. This is so much like my personal case, my nieces have been involved with DCF since 2003 yes 2003 and these children know more about illegal drugs, and how to play the system. The case workers and Theropist know and every court date we go to none of the information is submitted, they almost allowed a 4 to be put on medicine because of the foster parent. There is so much more. I want to know why there girls are still in the system after now 12 years.

  10. This is nothing more than BULLSHIT on the states end of things. Hats off to ya Ks. DCF. Hope this makes ya proud of your job. May you all have many sleepless nights for destroying a family.

  11. My situation is kind of the same, I was raising 3 children on my own with no support at all, was working 2 jobs to support my babies and the state came in and ripped them from me claiming neglect because my children were with the sitter more than they were with me!! Parents are frightened of the state especially when nobody will help them!! No attorney here in hutch would even be hired to go up against the state!! I have never had a drug or alcohol issue at all ever and was lied to by my court appointed attorney, the judge, dcf, st Francis and all of them!! If maybe anybody is interested in hearing my whole story email me!!

    1. I am they took mine too! Lost them to there drug addict dad. I am starting a group on facebook for parents who were victimized by DCF.

  12. If these are the facts, 1. the Foster parent needs to be arrested for child neglect and cruelty to a child. As a parent I would have them arrested for bodily damage to an infant. 2. The Foster family needs to be reviewed because they have used these children for personal financial gain by starting a fund me account. 3. These children need to be returned immediately as it sounds like the teenager was mad at the mother and retaliated by talking to someone at her school. The school took the right and required steps but the state has overacted and need to move on to cases of true neglect and abuse. Swatting a child is not abuse. At this point I don’t know who can help the this family but possible there is a state board to appeal to. This is disgraceful.

    1. I agree!! I was a foster parent and had some wonderful kids. The state claims the are for the kiddos but I’ve seen kids go back to drug addicted parents that tested positive less than 30 day before court and the state gave the kids back to the parents. I think the state need to be held accountable but also the foster care agency’s should screen a little better they know who is fostering for finical gain they choose to do nothing to keep there numbers up the money a foster parent makes is reimbursement money and if they don’t have a job other than the foster money 9 out of 10 have falsified the income form on their income form they fill out when you become a foster parent like I said the agencies over look to keep numbers up!! Please don’t get me wrong there are great foster parents and there are parents that get on the wrong end. I’ve have always said that the foster program and the state are broken and needs to be fixed my heart goes out to this family and all that have had an injustice with the state and the foster program

    2. The need for a helmet to reshape a baby’s head is not a sign of child abuse. I am not saying that I know either party or who is right. Some babies, regardless of how you place them in any seat, crib, swing, etc., will turn to the same position. An observant and concerned caregiver will notice this. Thankfully, these helmets do a wonderful job reshaping the head. Surely not all of the babies needing these are victims of neglect. Just saying, because it sounds extreme if you are not familiar with this corrective method.

  13. Unfortunately, this is another example of news not checking the facts. This woman and her husband lived in a house too small for their size family, they owned one car, and Mr. Williams stopped working prior to the children being taken away by the state. I am not saying that the state should take kids away because of one child’s report at school, I am just saying that there may be more that happened that led to this family losing their children that they aren’t telling the press. With the omitted information that I stated above, who knows what else in the story was fabricated or distorted in their favor. News needs to be factual, not just one person’s story. Kansasexposed.org, you have failed at reporting factual information and have only reported a tale.

    1. I’m not going to bother researching such nonsense. There is NO EXCUSE for this. A “house too small for their family size?” Have you ever read Little House on the Prairie? What the heck is a “house too small for their family size?” and why is THIS the concern of the STATE? One car? Are you even serious? It is now qualifying as “abusive environment” for parents to have ONE car? Sickening. What’s distorted is your mindset that the size of a home and the number of vehicles one owns as a parent has any bearing whatsoever on whether an environment is abusive or not.

      1. You commented on two of the facts I pointed out that were incorrect, but failed to comment on the fact that the reason Mr. Williams is not employed has nothing to do with the children being removed from the house. Like I stated earlier, there could be more to the story that wasn’t mentioned in this article. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet, because people lie. Maybe there were past issues that were looked at by the state and the complaint by the daughter brought on more scrutiny that ended up with a reason to take them away. I don’t know what is true about the story, but I know a few untrue facts that, to me, make this story a lie.

    2. Okay im the mom…we had an excursion and an olds…we also had a 2600 square foot house that was deemed wonderful by st francis….floyd did not loose his job until feb 2015…i had become suicidial from them removing the baby…and he was scared to leave me alone…but to admit it and seek help would only make them go against us more…he has another job now…and has been there for 9 months….i think you need to recheck

      1. I’M ON YOUR SIDE JAIME AND SO ARE THOUSANDS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHERS. I KNOW HOW HORRIBLE, MANIPULATIVE AND STRAIGHT LIARS THEY CAN BE. THEY BEING THE INVESTIGATING SOCIAL WORKERS, THEIR MANAGERS, KVC (HERE), SCHOOLS, ETC. I am devestated for you. It’s nobody’s business to tell you how to raise your children. I home school now because I’ve seen so many people I know who’s children I watch every once in a while because we’re friends go through terrible fights with dfs. 2 different families I know personally, whom are GOOD parents have had their children permanently taken away. Don’t say you have depression. They’ll use that against you as well. I’ve considered going back to law school JUST so I can help people get their kids back. KVC & DFS is sometimes right, but often WRONG.

      1. Well now , aren’t you the person with all the knowledge, putting out innuendo’s and suppositions, never saying what , but ” more than they say ” quotes. Don’t you feel important now because ” you know it all ” . So , how is it, you know these tidbits , if you work for any agency , uh, you might be breaking a law if this agency is connected to this case. I am curious, does not the foster woman deserve some scrutiny , having a gofund account for a room addition, bigger car . or does your interest lie only with the parents . Or how about the picture of her holding a rifle, flipping someone off , or her boyfriend in the same house. If I was those parents I would be concerned as to what is happening with my children with a boyfriend there . Are my girls safe, my boys ? So , when you say ” more going on than people know “. Maybe there is and you are part of it. Guess my research now will be to see if you are involved in any aspect of this or any case pertaining to this agency or DCF.

    3. well I am gald dcf was not around when I was a kid we had 6 kids in my family my dad work but my mom stayed at home to take care of us kids.. and we lived in a 3 bedroom house here in Hutchinson,,Kansas,, so you would have taken us out of our home .. too you all are kid nappers… and it time for a change befor the familys of Kansas stands up for there rights.. and then it well be to late what do you want another war on your hands.. we had them in the past when we freed your black brothers…we well do it to free your kids……

  14. My grandson is in dcf custody. Their trying to make his Mom and Dad sign they parental rights away. I’ve Ben told I can’t see him with out a back ground check now. They have had my information for four years now and have done nothing with it. I’m at a loss.

  15. What even worse what about the social workers taking sides of other state employees that beat their step children so bad then a judge has to step in and get a restraining orders against the step parent and parent. oh by the way both parents and step parents still work for the state

  16. Ok the state of Kansas took the 9 kids over this. Which is not right. But the state of Kansas did nothing when I called them about my husbands ex leaving 3 kids home alone. The kids ages were then 9, 4, and 3. They told us that Kansas has no age limit to when a child can be left home alone. Then we have pictures of the kids in her care and she let them ride with people drinking. Kansas needs an eye opener and they need to be help responsible for all of this!

  17. This is sad I want to help get a lawery for the family they need they babies back that lady looks like a Crack head with a rifle and that poor infant my God el dorado dcf u suck kake on my side in would be calling they investigate but plz email me in would love to help donate for nursing all a lawery

    1. I wouldn’t be too quick to donate for a lawyer. The State of Kansas is required to appoint a lawyer for the children. We taxpayers pay for the lawyer.

      1. No way!!! Because then u will just be dealing with their attorneys on their payroll. People have to have an attorney with a SOUL. out of curiosity….has anyone had an attorney named Chris Chuaves or something like that?…. that works at the Wyandotte county courthouse and is a court appointed attorney as well as a judge from what I understand. he hung my boyfriend and his son out to dry. need a PAID ATTORNEY

    2. I wouldn’t be so quick to donate for a lawyer. The State of Kansas is required to appoint a lawyer for the children and also a lawyer for the parents, paid for by the tax payers.

      1. Wrong. The biological parents can hire who ever they want as an attorney it’s their legal right, but the children are designated their own attorney and they have a certain name they go by not lawyer and not attorney.

  18. This is bull shit. Repremand them as frauds. You have no idea what happens in foster care like I do. Spent 5 years in it and my kids will never go!!! This family need their children back and I hope they get them!

  19. I have been fighting dcf and st francis since October 2014 to get my kids back. Due to my ex Molesting My 10 yr old daughter that I knew nothing about. Which she has been in 2 hospitals since then. They kept her from me for 10 months. I wasn’t aloud to talk to her or see her. Now they have taken my visits away on my youngest daughter because she is showing signs of sexual behaviors. The messed up thing is that Reno co didn’t arrest him or charge him. He walked away from this. And because of this I’m still fighting and not getting anywhere. All i know is that dcf and st Francis need to be investigated for pulling kids out of homes they shouldn’t be pulled

  20. My sister-in-law is classic definition of a neglectful mother. She’s putting the concerns of her deadbeat bipolar boyfriend over the well being and safety of her toddler daughter. Dcf has been contacted numerous times and have said there is no cause to remove my niece from her custody even though her boyfriend has repeatedly tried to kill them, harm them, and leave them homeless yet dcf will take the children for one swat from a defiant teenager. It’s ridiculous and hurts the children above all, those unnecessarily taken and those that are ignored.

  21. To many kids are in jail and prison … Why … Cause their parents are to afraid to discipline them cause of carp like this. My daughter was taken from me and put into dcf cause she was 16 and she called me a F@/?$%* B&?!# and I popped her in the mouth and they took just her out of my home. If I talked to my parents like that when I was little I would be sitting for a week. She was placed in a foster home where there was 6 other kids and she had to baby sit them and there was physical abuse in that home and she was removed from that home cause of the husband and wife beat each other up( mind you that wasn’t the case at our home) luckily after. Six months of her being gone she was home with us. She now has learned that she won’t talk to mom like that and home is not a bad place. I’m a mom of four and I have three special needs children ( she was not one of them)

  22. This is going on for 1. They are under staffed at DCF, 2. The workers are over loaded with cases of foster children they overlook a lot when visiting these kind of foster homes, 3, If they are getting paid that much they have labeled the children high level of care, even if they are normal so they get more for caring of children, 4, Next foster parents have to have a job to pay for the extra expenses occurring with foster children if they want them to be treated as their own kids. The family home is nothing if the children were sleeping on beds, fed well and clean in body and dress. I raised 9 in 2 bedroom home and they all turned out just fine. They respect each other, I think, than kids with their own rooms . DCF needs to be revamped to allow parents to correct their kids without recourse like they were handed. A bachelor got the law passed in Topeka so parents cannot correct kids without loosing them so , what happens, gangs, teen pregnancies, rapes , murders, caused from parents fear of repercussions from DFC and the law. They need to get the lawmakers on this and rewrite the law in favor of parents and not the kids, who are to young to be in control. The Bible says: spare the rod, spoil the child, spanking is still legal but beatings are still not acceptable, that is abuse!

  23. About fifteen years ago, there was an ongoing, CLASS ACTION Law suit : Parents VS The State of Utah & The DCFS (not sure if actual A VS B, but very similar) Long story short, the DCFS & Utah Family courts were basically taking children (breaking up families) & holding the children hostage for FEDERAL FUNDS. Running the parents through a gambit of… what I call “Hoop Jumping”, many of which the DCFS couldn’t accomplish themselves!!! I am one of (if not the only one) the parents that maintained custody of my children in it’s entirety! Most not only lost custody, they lost their parental rights, due to the fact the system drug out the suit so long that the time expired on the parents legal rights to regain custody…. this went on for years. Honestly I never heard the outcome of the case. I do know there is a book having to do with this… a lot of years have gone by & the title escapes my memory. If you research this the year I dealt with them was 1998 & I was in the Salt Lake Valley, Salt Lake County. Because this is worth saying….. CASA is not your enemy! They are volunteers & they are all about whats best for the kids! If your a good parent, you got no problem with CASA!

    1. CASA is not trained
      not paid and most of them have NO children
      CASA has alot of bad people too
      the court system has figured this out in the last few yrs and I have personally watched them not have much legal input at all that amounted to anything with custody

  24. the state took my kids and all they’re findings were unsubstantiated and we still don’t have them back we lost our home to a fire and 2 day after the fire i had our third child and 2 months after my kids were taken now they r in the system of Saint Francis community service and they are in foster care with people we know and trust but still they need to be back my son is 4 and he as autism and is actting out he never did that till they were taken so i know how they fell and if i had a ride i would go.

  25. DCF took my kids also.. All because I had me, my husband at the time and a friend living with us in a one bedroom house. They took my oldest first while I was at work, then told us that if we signed over Guardianship then we could keep our unborn son. Well DCF took him straight from the Hospital at two days old. Sent him straight to Children’s Mercy hospital where he had a spinal tap done, and was treated for ten days for Herpes (which I never had, he had a severe allergic reaction to Pampers dry bottom diapers)

  26. When my kids were little it was DCF that was always the boogeymen. In the entire 40 years I’ve lived in Wichita, I’ve seen countless babies taken for ridiculous reasons and in only one case has the family been successfully reunited. The hell they put her through was incomprehensible. But they continue to get funded and are not allowed to be overseen by any outside sources. It’s horrifying. I recommend to all my friends and family that if they want to keep their kids and not live in fear, they have to leave kansas. They steal them legally and sell them to the highest bidder they can find.

  27. Def is a joke, they don’t investigate enough. I know a drug addict couple who have 4 children and receive chance after chance. From no dl, driving with out one. Wrecking cars and getting charged with crimes like stealing. The state pays for them to dose at methadone clinics. They also have had children addicted to drugs at birth and dugs in there system and they sell there food stamps. They have been reported yet still have the 4 children. So sad .

  28. When my brothers and I were in foster care they separated us and my little brother went to a foster home that was very verbally abused to him and called him names and made only him do chores and he didnt get to eat dinner with the rest of the family and he only got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner didnt get to go with them anywhere and made him go to sleep when it was 6pm and he had to stay in his room the whole time and he didnt get to watch tv and they would not buy him anything he needed and he was only 10 at the time to and he now has a bed wetting problems to this day he is in his 20s also. The foster home he was in at they also had 2 kids of there own and they got to do whatever they wanted!!! My older brother and I were in a differnt foster home and it was a good one! Thank goodness that we all got adopted out by our family it only took 3 months. If I knew back then when I was a kid I would have turned in that foster family!!!

  29. I agree. DCF and Kansas suck! I’m dealing with St. Francis. My kids came home after a year in foster care. They were home for two and a half months and St. Francis removed them again. We as parents need to band together and get these children returned.

  30. Bottom line is KS steals children from thier families. Even if parents are unfit, anyone that can convince me that the childrens ENTIRE families are, need to play the lottery, IMMEDIATELY!..because you are sure to win!!…. I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. I’ve been a “foster parent” to some “step”-children in my family. There are some awful realities of this system that have left many more families and children than needed DEVASTATED. You would absolutely choke if you knew how hard they make it for family members to take these kids in;, how restrictive they are in allowing you to seek help from other family members and how much MORE non -family member ” foster- parents” are helped with resources and funds. KDCF steals KS children from KS families!! I like to call it the greatest “injustice system” in KS!!!

    1. Finally someone else. Thank you! But if you take out the sugar coating, this, in its rawest form, in my opinion, is called KIDNAPPING FOR A RANSOM!$$$ Come on Kansas, why are these politicians still in office. Poli=many, tic=blood sucking parasite, & ian=from somewhere. Dont know where they come from, but I’m convinced it is a dark,heartless, slimy place, not of this earth!

  31. My youngest daughter has been taken by the state of kansas and i had joint custody but didn’t notify me of anything until after they had removed her from my ex husband’s home. She once told me that she wanted to live with me and then changed her mind after DCF and St. Francis employees told her that if she came to live with me she would be abused. They diagnosed her with PTSD and major depression disorder after they essentially kidnapped her. They find ways to keep me from having visits with her and its a major trip for me to get to kansas since i dont even live in that state. Its always something…..usually that i didnt arrange the visit when i do……..they just don’t want me to see her. He father and his family on the other hand get to see her regularly. Her father has 2 visits a month atomatically schedualed every month and his sister is allowed weekends when ever she wants. But no one in my family does. I have a cousin that was a foster parent for the state of kansas and i gave them contact info for cousin as a possible placement and they never contacted them. Instead they place her with strangers that ignore her and use the money to pay for things like gymnastics and other things for their biological children. My daughter ran away from them 2 days before thanksgiving because my ex’s family didn’t plan to do anything to include her and the foster family was going to have her placed with another foster family while they thanksgiving.

  32. I have always wanted to become a foster parent, to help children and teens better their living situation and give them the love and attention and a chance at life that might not come to them otherwise. Knowing me, I would try to adopt all that came into our home. I want to know how to become a foster parent and help any kids/teens possible. What this family has gone through is absolutely insane and uncalled for. I pray they can get their family back together and be compensated for the financial loss. If I can help just let me know, if they can get the kids back I can babysit for free so they don’t have to pay daycare, I can donate kids clothes and baby items, and I can gather up what they might need.

  33. I want to become a foster parent but no clue where to start. I want to give kids and teens the love, attention, compassion and safety they not only deserve but need, I want to give them the chance at life, and education they might get otherwise. Pray the family gets their kids back, along with compensation for the financial loss. If they are reunited as a family unit I can donate kids clothes, baby items, and other items if needed. ALSO TO HELP I WILL WATCH/BABYSIT FREE OF CHARGE SO THE PARENTS DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR CHILDCARE AND CONTINUE TO WORK AND FIND WORK, I will charge not one penny so they can rebuild the life that was taken…. let me know if I can help in any way!

  34. If we lived nearby, we would be there. How dare the head of the DCF for letting this happen in the first place. And for letting it continue to go on is outrageous. Someone, besides the foster “parent”, is benefitting from this action in order for it to continue to reach this level of inexcusable behavior by someone responsible for the DCF’S continued unforgivable torture of this family. And their “lawyer” should have to pay back every penny he stoled from the family, since he apparently did nothing to actually earn a dime! This is so horrifying to think that one agency has that much power, or someone in charge is twisting the law so as to appear to have that much power. Surely the judge will see thru this “poweruhungry” group of bullies. I am just thankful my children are grown. Our prayers for this terrorised family will continue. May God bless them, especially the one who kicked this giant ball in motion.

  35. The EPD took my kids with no investigation and one of their officers made threats if I don’t sign my rights over he would make my life a living hell then the harassment started. Saint Francis told me my kids and everyone that I had a no contact order so I couldn’t see or talk to my kids because of they said not proper living conditions and I didn’t even live in Kansas I was just visiting family. They broke a lot of laws in two state’s.

  36. KANSAS DCF in my OPINION, are nothing but KIDNAPPERS, who hold OUR children for RANSOM!!!!!!!! Plain & simple $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Brownbackian B*******.

  37. I feel for these folks and would consider supporting them but the Kansas Exposed website reports false information on a regular basis and I do not feel they can be trusted.

  38. Before passing judgement on either family biological or foster know the facts which are often difficult to do because these are sealed case. While the system does not always do things right and needs to be monitored, learning, and changing always there is not a simple fix. The first question that needs to be asked is what have bio-parents done in the time that children have been out of home to get them reintegrated? The state is required to make and show efforts to the court that this is being done. Inviting people to attend is only going to create more problems and make all parties look bad. These are sealed cases and only those involved will be allowed in the court room. Most judges do not look fondly on encouraging others to attend sessions they are not allowed in. Please assure that we all get facts before passing judgement and focus on the ones who are being affected by the entire process THE CHILDREN!!!

  39. Praying for this family. Praying God grants them favor with the courts. Prayers for the children and parents emotionally, physically and spiritually. Praying for restoration, unity and healing for this family. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Too many stories just like this . something needs done. DCF needs to be investigated themselves and an accountability system put in place for inflicting so much terror and pain upon innocent families.

  40. Someone really needs to investigate DCF workers. The workers! You have a DCF worker in Andover that enjoys taking kids and making up lies about other family members so kids can’t be placed with them.
    Tells judge crap that isn’t true, and never one introduce herself to the other grandmother. But DCF is very proud of finding a father and his mother that never onces suported the children. 3 children could be at home with family but DCF will not approve. Makes you wonder with this story of the Williams and a lot of others in Andover, is this DCF worker making money on the side by steeling children? I hear just in 2 weeks time Butler County took 32 kids.

  41. What has happened is wrong. I was a foster parent and I’ve seen kids go back to drug addicted parents the tested positive less than 30 days before court and the state sent them to there bio parents. The state and foster program are broken and need a major overhaul. The foster agencies know there are people in it for finical gain but do nothing cause it keeps there numbers up. I’ve been in the program so I can and will say again the system is broken. Most generally if your a foster parent staying home you have falsified your income verification on your foster application I do know and understand stand the are other situations that’s why I said most of. I’ve been in the program been to capital to express that the system is broken. I wish the best to this and all families that have ended up on the wrong end of things. If your in it to collect a paycheck your in it for the wrong reasons and there is nothing that can be said to change my views.

  42. they took my son away from me for 4.5 years.he is bipolar/manic and adhd. they put him in over 40 different placements and had him on over 60 different medications. the only way I got him back was I moved out of state.

  43. Wow Kansas DCF you are way out of line that is so wrong to do this to people then you see kids that need take away and don’t system is so messed up for once listen to the kids.

  44. Please get your facts before getting pulled into this Lil game.. I want to tell you a little about myself. My fiancé and I are both Fosterparent. We became foster parents to help families work to get their families back together. We wanted sibling sets so the kids could stay together (because they have already lost so much).
    We were looking for a home that kids could be outside and play in the country and so we began looking for a home before we got our first child. This was important to us. We were waiting for the right one to come along so it took awhile.
    We found the perfect place for our home and it just so happened to be around the time a sibling set came into our home.
    So now we have a nice place to live and call our home and the children had plenty of space to run and play.
    We are not on this for the money and it saddens me that you are judging me and know nothing about me. Yes I stay at home but my fiance has a awesome job that allows me to stay home. We enjoy shooting guns.. We eat deer meat… We have our guns locked up and the are behind several different locks.. The kids know the dangers of guns.. We talk to them about this all the time. We want them to have the right knowledge of a gun being around and the dangers it can be. We would never put these children in any danger..

    So before you judge me and try to say things that are not true please get the facts.

    And kansasexposed.org shame on you for not getting your facts..

    1. Explain how the baby was neglected and has to wear a helmet. Explain why you had a fund built around getting money to help support these children when the state and the biological parents are obviously providing you with cash to take care of these children along with probably no out-of-pocket money for food because you probably get food stamps oh and you probably hot deer which is free meet so please the number one thing I want to know is how the infant was neglected sounds to me like you have too many children to take care of and you just let the child lay I wonder how often you change the diaper even used sicken me you need your license revoked and during this whole DCF process of the biological parents are going through the children need to be placed in a different home in my opinion due to the fact that already one child has been neglected and has to wear a helmet due to the neglect and the other ones have been diagnosed with PTSD and around medications which is absolutely outrageous in my opinion put yourself in the biological parents shoes what if those were your biological children what would you do how would you feel what answers would you want

      1. Obviously you’re an idiot, deer meat is not free you have to buy a hunting license then you have to buy a deer tag then you have to pay someone to process the animal. You have a smartphone use it, foster parents are not allowed to use food stamps. Use your smartphone because obviously you are not a doctor look up cranial band where and why infants all over United States need a cranial helmet. Before you open your big fat mouth you need to do some investigating and find out the truth instead of running your lips. I am so disgusted with most of these comments because most of these people are blooming idiots their phones are smarter than they are. Some of the spelling and writing skills are of a third grader. Instead of putting in your 2 cent’s do some investigating.

        1. Listen lady calm down your attitude. Does taking care of someone else’s children have you stressed out to the point of being angry at others? Sounds like I hit a nerve. Good, I’m glad. As I sit here with a smile on my face because you know you’ve been caught. Did you notice that you only pointed out that deer meat wasn’t free and food stamps aren’t allowed but no defense on the fund. You’re sick sick people. In your picture you look like YOU used to do meth and still drink with that old wrinkly face and beer gut. Oh heaven’s forgive me if I left out the fact that a deer tag, hunting lic, and ammo or if you really knew how to hunt like myself you’d shoot a bow. But anyhow, you might spend what, about100$ oh and possessed? What’s that? We hang field dress ours on site and bring home and butcher it our selves. Do not under estimate who your talking to cause the big fat lips know what they’re talking about.

          1. I’m am sitting here smiling as well! Because I’m not mad or angry.. And I wish I could give you all the facts. But as a fosterparent I can not. Hope when this is all over that Kansas exposed comes clean with the truth . And as for the comment that you are talking about, well it was not mine. I’m not here to hide anything. The sad part about all this is, its the children who will be hurt in the end.. Because one day they might come across all this and wonder why people are so quick to judge by listening to one side of a story that they know nothing about.. So while you are so angry at me, please say a prayer to keep these kids safe. Thank you.

    2. If his job is so fantastic, why the gofund account. and yes , from the one picture, sweetie, you sure aren’t what anyone would want around children. So , you little story sounds fraudulent like you .

  45. This is a bunch of BS and this is coming from a Foster Mother whose kids went back to their drug dad in 6 months, and is doing drugs again. Our system is so messed up. These kids do not have a fighting chance.

  46. Pretty sad that dcf does this crap. When my 10 yr old step daughter made a report of abuse against her mother and her mother’s bf, nothing happened. Dcf seems to be taking away children that don’t need to be taken and not taking children that do need the help. I am praying for this family and hope everything turns out alright.

  47. We had this problem with DCF after my grandsons homicide ,they took the baby and his 3yr old brother because of a homicide that didn’t even happen neasr the boys.We were told we would get them back if we did everything KVC asked. KVC would cancel our visits, telling us it was at the foster parents request,or schedule visit and not notify us so that went against us when we took Xmas to KVC for boys it took them 4 months to finally remember to give it to them. We would ask for visits but no one would call to schedule them .Then they wanted DNA testing on my grandson ,knowing he hzad died, our attorneys was told by judge that we could have our DNA done ,well by the time we did and we went back to court we found out that KVC attorney had pressured the judge to let this KVC family that already had adopted 7 other foster kids to adopt outs.Some of these foster parents ma!e over $ 7000 month off of these children, This family also bought a 400,000 home using state money and held a full time job, so during the day the foster children hasfz sitter that watch them.
    And the last I wasd told by my Attorney the Phelps family runs KVC.,no wonder so many children are taken, it makes money for them and Ks. and puts parents in poverty ,so they don’t qualify to get them back I don’t have any use for KVC people,and there foster parents,there all liars ..

  48. Remember you are only getting one side of the story. Nobody knows what floyd and Jamie do when doors are closed. I know theyou own a bunch (10) of horses, you can’t pay child support but you can careach for that many horses?

  49. I have a special needs child that was taken from us while he was in the hospital after sustaining an injury from a nurse. He is coming home soon, but the state made my family jump through so many hoops and threatened to take our other children away too. We are financially sinking like the Titanic because we spend most of our money trying to get everything in place for him to come home and visiting him in foster care. St. Frances expects us to be perfect and the threat is always looming over our heads that our other children will be removed from our home. What about the children that really need help? Why are the focusing on people who may have made a small mistake, but are GOOD parents. The only mistake we made was trusting a LICENSED professional to do their job the way they were taught. The state of KS needs to get their priorities straight and worry about the children that are slipping through the cracks.

  50. Yes sounds like ks dcf could use a little more policing. But we can’t lump every case as misconduct u are only getting one side of the story. I know for a fact they not only lost there kids in kansas but also on missouri where they moved from so there kids wouldn’t be taken again, so is missouri dcf also to blame or is it a big conspiracy or maybe is there somethig not right in the home.? Also know for a fact they have 10 horses they have more than enough time and money to take care of but yet they can’t pay child support or an attorney? Sounds like maybe there big focus isn’t on doing what it takes to get the kids back.

    1. So 10 horses huh…yeah..nope…i sold off all the ones worth any money to pay lawyer including my horse that was my best bud for 10 years…actually i am left with my elderly brood mare that was given to me…i promised when i took her in she would have a retirement home forever…she was old and slow great for our autistic son…and yes i keep promises….i have my palomino mare that is a free lease…so horse people know i dont own her….i have her…but i cant sell her…she had us a filly this year that is for my daughter….when she comes home i have her something she always wanted….a pb baby…i have two ponys the rescue has on our land…you cant touch them….i took them in because they were in a hoarding situation…and a little pony that belongs to my kids…not worth much….and i dont want to sell their pony…i rent a 26 acre pasture that only cost 100 bucks a month…its well seeded and horses eat grass….so im sure that 100 bucks a month would do so much for a lawyer…geee like 3 emails….i dont do drugs…i dont drink….my horses are my escape….last time i checked that was legal and healthy…our kids were taken in missouri when i had already moved to kansas and was moving my family here…..i was not escaping them…i chose to come here because the people i call family are here….and thats right…they were taken cause my son snuck out of our home….he was 2….and got a whole block down road….the judge DROPPED it because missoui dcf said that there was no signs of abuse…and oh yeah…the judges son had snuck out of his house at 2 also….the foster parents that had my kids..she is my friend STILL….and prays for us every night….the case in missouri had nothing to do with abuse or spanking….just a dad trying to keep up with 8 kids alone while i was gone in kansas for a month setting up a home for all of us….i came to kansas with a job….i transfered kfc…and started work here and started house hunting. But in the end the whole thing is this….we are loving parents….was i wrong…YES aboslutly….did i make a mistake and loose it …yea…should i have asked for help…100%….i was struggling with work….a husband that had severe sleep apnea…he was always tired…i had no help..i was frustrated…did i ever kick my kid in the face….NO…..did my husband ever have a wreck with kids in car while he was drunk? Check his driving record….he is 50 yrs old and never had a dui…he dont even drink…and…there is 1000 other lies they have told….i did everything they asked above and beyond….my caae worker even says so….was my kids abused for year and years NO….did i with hold food from them?….no…i would not eat until my kids ate their fill. These are what the state says i did and its total bs….anout of 8 kids NONE of them ever had a cavity…so i guess their nutrition was met and hygene was met as well…..parents make mistakes….why not have therapist work with parents and kids to strengthen familys…..not just take them refuse to give them visits and refuse to let them stay a family. Thats what st francis says they do….thats what federal law says they have to do….and they have not done that. I guess some of you are perfect parents…well im not….but i love my kids and i am dying inside missing them…..fighting is my only option….the system is corrupt….they took my kids…i should not have to pay more than i make in child support…the foster mom should not have a go fund me to get a van she already had months before the go fund me started…and if she is so upset they are not together why the hell is she not upset our WHOLE family is not together….my one son is in a mental center….my daughter has to go to a stress center weekly….their grades have went down…and their mental has went down….GREAT job! Your doing a great job with them….i will not stop fighting til those kids are in my home! Im their mother! They have a bond with me and my husband…their dad that no foster parent can ever replace and foster parents dont need to try to replace that bond. Alienation is abuse too…and ST Francis and the courts are guilty of abuse…and they need to be held accountable!

  51. My husband and I have been foster parents for over 20 years. It’s really hard to know where to begin this conversation, however, let me first say there are two sides to EVERY story. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most wonderful human beings….social workers….who dedicate their lives to the children and families they serve. They LIVE their profession… Cry at night…have nervous breakdowns… And still work tirelessly for the safety of children. I have also worked with birth parents and kinship families that are wonderful people and sometimes did not deserve the treatment they received from an over zealous social worker. We have stood on both sides, whichever is right….Buuut… I will tell you that there are times that we have been fooled and when there were questions without sufficient answers the social worker opted on the side of caution. Whether right or wrong…this is what they need to do… Keep in mind that these people are human beings…they DO make mistakes…and just like police MOST of them are dedicated public servants.
    Now… I have NEVER heard of a house full of children being removed because of ONE smack anywhere! We have had over 100 children and that just doesn’t happen around here. There must be much more to do with this situation then we are being told!!!!!!
    Don’t jump to conclusions based on what people are saying… And unfortunately there are privacy rules that keeps the truth..PRIVATE! My gut tells me there are extenuating circumstances…
    Then as far as attorney expenses go… The court appoints attorneys free of charge to the parties involved. How they claim to have lost everything as a result of attorneys fees is a mystery to me. The attorneys I have dealt with for the most part have been good at what they do but are overburdened with cases. Just like every other profession there are turds, jerks and jackasses. But that is the minority… Still the attorneys are provided without any cost.

    As far as how much that the foster parent is being paid…. I find that amount VERY hard to believe if these are normal children. If that was the case there would be a hellofa lot more foster parents in this state…bad foster parents don’t spend their stipend on the children for whom they receive the money… Good ones do…I have seen good and bad…the bad are usually weeded out, in time.

    You should also know there are laws about how much the state or anyone can assess a child’s parent for support… It is a percentage of their income…so there is something amiss with the statement that these birth parents are being assessed 120% of their monthly income.

    I can tell you both my husband and I work full-time jobs outside the home. We make a decent living. Foster care is not a job… It is what we do to give back… It is heartbreaking and rewarding… The system is flawed and so are some of the people working in it… But we treat our fosters as our own…where we go..they go…they are taught manners and self-sufficiency. To be respectful and kind, to understand that they deserve unconditional love.

    We have personally put birth parents up in a rental home, helped them get on their feet, understand that there is a better way… All on very little pay with a 24/7 responsibility to these children.

    We make sure they are well fed, well dressed get a proper education and know they are always welcome in our home… Many of them come back later in life to show us the incredible people they have become… Birth parents do too… So you see the system, while flawed, is not completely broken…

    But put these pieces together with all negative players and that is a recipe for disaster… That is what this case sounds like… Parents screwed up…not owning up to whatever it is that really happened, over zealous heavy handed social workers not resolving the problems and foster parents that are not upstanding and dedicated. Perhaps money grubbing…

    These children have to have a guardian et litem…an attorney that is appointed to speak in the best interest of each child… Also, you need to ask for CASA to get involved… Mental health providers…. Where are they in this equation? Teachers? Principals? Clergy?

    If this story were wholly true, you can bet there would be advocates on the side of the parents and children… There are avenues that people can pursue to seek resolution, rather than trying this in the court of Public opinion.

    I myself will pray that justice is done and that these children are protected and safe and secure wherever they are meant to be…

    If you want to make a difference, become a foster parent… It is rewarding and draining, honorable and personally defeating, you get lied about and loved all at the same time…
    The answer to this situation is knowing the entire story and using the right tools to move forward.

    Call the judge, call CASA, every social worker has a supervisor, shoot… I had a birth parent call the Governor… There are things that can be done… But you had better be in the right… If you open that door.
    God Bless you….

    1. Sharon; you remind me of me and my husband. I was president of the Foster Parents Association for one year, back in the nineties and saw first hand so many situations. During the six years that we were foster parents we saw every aspect of how the system worked. Of the nineteen children who came into our care, only one child went back to live with his extended family, that I know of. Missed visits by the birth parents was the most prevalent problem back then, even though SRS provided bus passes or other transportation options to them. Many times, I would take the children to visit and have to deal with the confused, unhappy and emotionally distraught children afterwards. Our home was always busy. At one time, we had five mentally and/or emotionally challenged children in our home. All had to be somewhere, sometime, every day. Therapies, special education schools, parent visits, WIC appointments, Dr appointments, specialist appointments. At the same time, we strived to keep some semblance of normalcy in our lives. We made sure that all meals were eaten at the table, together. We made sure that all children were dressed equally well. Bath time was always an adventure, because most of these kids were terrified of the bathtub. But, we did it. Looking back, I don’t know how. But we did. We raised six of these children as our own, adopted children. As adults, a few of them have sought out their birth parents and have had very disappointing experiences. You are so right about there being more sides to this story than the ones we are seeing. Children in need of care are given so much legal attention. A guardian ad litum, the DCF lawyer, the lawyer representing the birth parents, and in some cases, lawyers representing Persons of Interested Party Status. As I stipulated in my other post, these families were not just chosen at random by DCF. Somewhere along the line, someone made a call, police investigated, something caught the investigation teams ‘ attention, DCF was called, they investigated, something caught their attention. Reading some of these posts, you would think we were living in a Police State and the Gestapo was going out and randomly taking children out of perfectly wonderful homes for no other reason, than that they wanted to. Not So. As I said before, NO ONE GETS RICH ON THESE CHILDREN. The state pays for all of these legal representatives. Including lawyers for the Birth Parents. But not for Interested Parties. You can’t believe everything you read in these posts. I’m not calling anyone a liar, but I will say this, no one wants to represent themselves in a bad light. Especially when they have something to hide.

    2. Sharon. This sounds almost exactly like what I wrote here some weeks ago. You have hit the nail directly on the head. Each of these comments have been one sided. Because of my adopted children’s special needs, our home became very stressful and chaotic. I have lived both sides of this equation. But one thing I didn’t do, I didn’t whine and cry. I did what was required to get my child back into my care. I received lots of help from SRS now DCF. We had a lawyer, provided by the court, each time. We only had to pay $50.00 a month in child support each time. Visitation was consistent and we were provided with excellent psychological therapy, using our sons’ medical card as well as our health insurance to pay for it. At no time we’re we threatened by social workers about our other children. Eventually, we got our child back, each time, and got supports in place to help us keep our child. Something isn’t right with this and these other cases. Honesty is missing here. Stubbornly refusing to except responsibility for their own shortcomings. Buckle under and embrace the situation. In the end, if they do this and except all that DCF and the court system can give them, if they ask the right questions and request the right alternatives, they will get their children back. My message to all these people at odds with DCF: Stop playing the blame game. Pull up your big girl and big boy panties and start sacrificing for your kids. It doesn’t matter anymore as to why or how they were removed from home. Get smart. Find answers to how you can get them back. What do you need to do to get your children back home? Gain knowledge. Get help. Admit that you need help. Use the system to better your situations. It’s all there, just find it and use it. Good luck to you all.

  52. There all screwed up untried stating my story but in short they took my kids it took a year to get them back they are stupid cost me 14000 in that year and they gave me mine back but took them due to a false allegation they had no proof of what happened and I had all the proof if I was a million are I would shut that dcf and every state children taking place down and take their children like they did mine it was the hardest thing a father can do to put them in a police car and just cry is this real now that I’ve had them back a year my ex wife is trying to make another false allegation kids fall kids get hurt I broke 10 bones growing up blood everywhere no one took me I’m sorry to all the families that go through this they need to be stopped asap because I say good luck on getting mine again better bring the army and some …………..

  53. I was in the system for 9 years. I was in 63 placements from group homes, shelters, foster homes, you name it I was there. I am also diagnosed with PTSD due to being sexually abused in my foster home at the age of 12 along with 8 other girls. It was brushed under the rug of course.. I learned everything you could think of in the system. It did me more harm than good.

  54. My heart goes out to the paeents hell u did right DFC needs to be checked someone’s rador ain’t working correctly see I’d whoop mines too cussin at me and washed they mouth out with soap.See a degree don’t mean u can come tell me how to raise nothing.most of DFC is made up of young college grads that do nor have kids so they just passing judgement but unless u have 100 % proof a child is being negk,or abused then stay out of peoples business they ahould have a law punishing those making false reports.It’s all bullshit again I’m riding for the parents they didn’t do nothing wrong if there was more parents getting in there kids ass to do right the world wouldn’t be so crazy.

  55. Yes I agree there is some good foster parents. But as for myself I use to transport inmates an foster children. I can honestly say I seen tons of foster homes n foster parents . My opinion is probably 35 percent of foster parents n their homes are great!! But 65 % are disgusting nasty people and there homes need bull dozed they are so nasty. I once was standing outside a building taking a phone call. After I hung up I stayed quiet n out of sight n over heard a dcf lady n st Francis lady talking. I heard them discussing what they would make up on a father. The dcf lady said yep it will serve him for being so damn rude to us. The st Francis lady said what if he says we lied in report ? Dcf lady said hahaha who cares we always win if it’s false or not. If we don’t win we don’t get paid remember that. I walked around corner n said your both sick individuals n i hope you rot in hell.

  56. And here goes another mother who had her kids ripped away. thanks to my attorney Derek miller who got them released immediately back to me almost after a year of them being takin off straight HERESAY . that bitch ROXY out of dodge city was really mad and harrassed me after to the point it was best for me n my kiuds to leave Kansas where I was born an raised pretty sad but I am a awesome mother and there saying I’m so unfit….no matter wat u do you will never be good enough mother in there eyes I have PTSD an my kids suffered tremendously its very sad . DODGE CITY is corrupt just like el Dorado is someone needs to fire all caseworkers an train new ones that know boundaries an wen to cross the line because it is a big deal messing with a true mother’s kids !!!

  57. There is a HUGE difference between child abuse and discipline. Sometimes a rebellious teen needs disciplined, all though I’m a firm believer that discipline, if physical should not be with anything other then your hand. No objects! I have no idea of the absolute truth but this case does seem to be exaggerated as in DCF is going way too far. All legal problems have to do with money money money!

  58. There is a huge difference between discipline and child abuse. I am a firm believer and discipline especially to a rebellious teenager who will more than likely end up in the legal system if not reprimanded or stopped. ON another note I am a very big firm believer in NOT using anything other than your hand if you have to swat your child. I do not know the insides and the outside of the truth of the entire situation, but this case itself seems to be exaggerated by the State/DCF. I hope that DCF will need to surface more evidence to keep these children from their mother and father or at least an immediate family member. I’m sure since the infant has to wear a helmet due to neglect they should have to go through a whole new vetting process to see if they are even a qualifiable foster parent/”family”! I want to know details of the statement that the child has said about the abuse her mother gave her. also has there been any reports and statements from the children suffering PTSD which is also a form of child abuse which falls back to the foster “family” needing to be through another vetting and screening process.

  59. My son was taken from his mother nearly 2 years ago bc she neglected him. I never had a chance to be there for him bc every time I found them she would move(used him as a paycheck) I was paying child support. One day I got a certified letter from kvc stating my son was in foster care. Long story short- its nearly been 2 years and I’ve been forced to take parenting classes, anger management, upgrade my home, drive over an hour one way to see him for 2 hours once a week, it took over a year to get unsupervised visits. They were taken away due to a fire in my yard and a machete on my porch(out of his reach) and now due to me admitting how much stress I’m under bc this crap I have to take counseling!!! It seems to me that every single attempt to keep him in the system is bc he’s a paycheck to the state. Why isn’t my son home?

  60. Kansas DCF is crooked as hell. I personally know of a situation where a 16 yr old boy raised his fist to his father and when the father pinned him to the wall in self defense the son called the police. The police took the boy. Next day DCF called the father accusing him of all kinds of things. Then they went to the elementary school and questioned the two younger siblings. Daughter refused to talk to them. DCF came to the daughter’s basketball game that night with police officers and told them to walk onto the court and remove the daughter. The officers refused. Said to let the father tell the coach to pull her. DCF lady got pissed off. DCF then took the two younger siblings. A stepchild was left in the home. DCF never once came to the home, had father and step mother in for one meeting and was very accusatory. 16 year old was put in TLC. Ran away from DCF after a court hearing and was gone for two weeks. Father and stepmother found the boy and returned him to TLC. The 16 year old son was then put in foster care near OK border. Foster family was ok. House was dirty and the parents were chain smoking, beer drinking fools though. Eventually, after months of court hearings, child support payments to DCF, $20,000 in legal fees, etc. all charges were dropped against father. After children were to be returned to the family, then DCF came to the home and tried to make nice.

  61. Our public defender pulled off the case on monday because she said she has a conflict of interest….we are speculating she is angry we chose to go public…she advised us to not talk because they are suppose to be closed courtroom and no one is suppose to know what goes on….they claim its for the best interest of the children….well my kids being back with their family is what we feel is in their best interest and we have nothing left to lose. We have nothing to hide and we want the public to know where you tax dollars go. We go above and beyond what we have been asked to do….but no one will even let us visit our children…i offered to pay for a theripist to see my kids that was not part of their “group” because i am still their medical gaurdian..and was told that would traumatize them more. I wanted a second opinion…but we were denied. I have taken 2 parenting classes…and an anger management class…i have worked with a therapist for 2 years…and she says the kids need to be in family therapy with us to heal. Its been a nightmare…we are now waiting to see if we will be getting a dencent court appointed attorney….praying its someone who will care because court appointed really dont try to hard and i gave everything i had to the one we did get. 200 bucks an hour is what a lawyer cost…every phone call is timed..and you pay for it …every e mail is 20 bucks…i work 2 hours to pay for one email…we are stuck having to get what courts give us. We just want a chance to prove have improved our parenting skills..prove we have better coping skills…and show our children we are doing everything…because our first caseworker told everyone that we were not doing our case plan…even after we had completed it. So as of now…we will have a new court date…i encorage everyone to fallow us….i have nothing to hide…yes i still have a few horses…but those were gifts..i wont sell a gift…and i dont spend alot on them…100 per month for the whole pasture….they are my kids horses and i want them to be there when my kids come home…i sold my horse…i had her for 10 years. But the others are my kids horses and they were given to my kids by close personal friends. Currently in my house i have a bed…a dresser…a small tv on top of dresser…no cable..and a table to eat on…that is it….i work 2 jobs trtrying to catch up when we got behind from putting all bills back and paid lawyer first. All i want is my kids…is that to much to ask.

  62. Once a case is brought to the courtroom its open to the public.unless there is more to the story than is being said.. Most cases.. even criminal cases are open to public.. you can go and record the whole session. From the sounds of all this if its true.. you can get the state on Extortion and Human Trafficking . Did you not recieve an investigation? when DCF is called or there has been a report made about abuse. It is REQUIRED by law that they do an investigation.. this isnt just a state law.. this is a NATION wide law..there are steps that each individual parent and child do to regain back into their home.. investigation to rule out any bouts of abuse…therapy sessions.. parenting classes.. and any other ideal learning practices to bring that child back into the home.

  63. I have known this woman for almost 30 years now. She has raised 4 sons basically on her own. I know the family background that she has. While I am sure there are things that could have been done differently I know her boys are all productive members of society. She is a wonderful person and a great mother to her boys. I know if I needed to leave my children her that they would be safe and in a great environment. And if you all take a closer look at the shot gun she is holding the safety lock is still intact and locked up tight. It sickens me to see how quickly people are willing to judge people not knowing anything about the situation. I understand that people have jobs to do, but this is nothing but a witch hunt looking to find someone to blame for a mistake the parents made. None of us in this world are perfect, and I do think the job they are doing is important. But in my years on this earth I have always put the two rules of business into effect in all I do. And those rules are stated below.

    Mind your business!
    And stay out of mine!

    I will end this with a quote from Jon Adams. I ask you not only to read it but to feel and understand it as well.

    “It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished.

    But if innocence itself is brought to the bar and condemned, perhaps to die, then the citizen will say, ‘whether I do good or whether I do evil is immaterial, for innocence itself is no protection,’ and if such an idea as that were to take hold in the mind of the citizen that would be the end of security whatsoever.”

  64. As a former DCF employee, I can say kids don’t get removed for a just little slap, there is def more to the story. It’s very to gets bits and pieces of a story and criticize. Also, when courts remove children, parents have chance after chance after chance to ger their children back. Still a very sad situation for these kiddos regardless of what the whole story is. Prayers.

  65. Do you really think a bankrupt State would really want to assume financial responsibility for the care of 9 children if there is no reason?! Get with the program, folks! This story of a “swat” that left no bruise is total BS. So either the parents are intentionally majorly down-playing things to spin themselves in a positive light, or are totally delusional and mentally ill and have no grasp on reality. Do I think the picture of the foster parent (if that actually IS the foster parent) is in poor taste? Yes, I do. But, foster parents are not perfect and make mistakes because they are human. I, for one, commend these foster parents for opening their home to 7(!) children, and keeping siblings together. My guess is all that “extra” income goes pretty quickly when you have 7 mouths to feed, 7 children to drive to and from appointments and functions, 7 additional daily showers, 7 school enrollment fees, and 7 growing children to clothe, not to mention the extra beds/bedding one would have to buy and potential house remodeling that may even have to occur to keep the home in compliance with State regulations. I don’t know about you all, but I sure don’t have 7 spare beds and accommodations in my house for a brood of this size! I would bet their rate of pay doesn’t even begin to cover the expense of keeping these kids together.

      1. they need to be shout down  in Kansas  they are kid naper  that’s way we are loseing our  kids  and  grand  kids.. bhott  them  and  sanit frances  be for its to late 

      2. I do agree. The state of Kansas has much too much of a financial crisis to pay someone to care for these, or any, children, unless those children have been deemed by the court to be Children In Need of Care. CINC Children are not KIDNAPPED by the state. Evidence has to be present before the police, or investigating official can further an investigation to check into the children’s well being. They talk to teachers, the children, neighbors etc… without corroborating evidence, the case can’t go forward. Once it goes through all the investigation procedures, it has to go before a judge. Then the children are removed. If children are removed by police in an emergency situation, then the state has 72 hours to provide the court with this evidence. They have an evidentiary hearing. Then, again, it’s a Judge who makes the determination. At this point, a CASEWORKER is assigned to the case. The caseworker who handles the reintegration process has no connection to the removal process. I am sorry about these, or any children being removed from their homes but a case that gets this far in the process has got to have some foundation. I used the term , REINTEGRATION PROCESS. And that is what it is. Parents can hire a lawyer, or be assigned one. Most likely, the latter is from a reputable firm, who donates their time to the parents and who’s reputation is on the line, just as much as a private pay lawyer’s would be. I know, I’ve had to obtain a few over the years in situations where one of my children or another has been taken. Yes, my children. And we got them back. We were semi innocent of the cause, but we knew it was in our child’s best interest. They were special needs children and we needed help. We jumped through the hoops, we had Psychological testing, we went to Parenting Classes, we joined Parent Support Groups, we had five other children to care for and my husband worked full time at a mentally and physically stressful job. But we did as we were asked. We did it for the sake of our family and the child in states custody. And we learned what we needed for our children. We made many friends in our classes who had problems like ours and in some cases, children like ours. We didn’t bitch, gripe, moan and groan. We worked with the AGENCIES INVOLVED and DEVELOPED a rapport with them. Our children’s best interests were met and they got what they needed from the system and we got our kids back home with supports in place that benefited us all. DON’T FIGHT AGAINST THEM, WORK WITH THEM.

  66. I’ve created a petition to reign in DCF. It essentially says that the state should not take custody of any child unless both parents are incarcerated, deceased, missing or willing. No other circumstance is even conceivably in the best interests of the child.

    Please, everyone sign it, share it on Twitter and Facebook, etc.


    1. they need to make the partens go thur a perating class.s and put the kids back in the house where they belong and close sant franics and lat d.c.f. do there job..sant francis is just out for the money and they need to be closed… Kansas sucks with there laws and late dcf and sanit franise kid nap our kids…its time for a change in Kansas and the judges needs to fool the laws and stop lateing dcf and sanit fransies from kidnaping our kids.. be for its to late.. what is this country comeing too ,, they want another war on there hands or what,,,

  67. My life will never be the same sense Dcf took my kids out of my home ! Then placed them in a alcoholic an domestic violence home!

  68. I need to know how and who to get a hold of about what KVC is doing to my daughter. They have lied under oath in court about me and my daughter. They have told families that have unborn children that if they give up the rights to their other children they will let them keep the unborn child. My daughter needs help and fast!

  69. I think it is time parents and grandparents get together in unity to fight the state of Kansas and what they are doing to families. Lets get together and change what is happening to our families and our children. we get enough people together with enough information and resources change will happen!

    1. dcf are kid nappers and take our kids for any thing they can find..and well not give them back to there familys.. they need to close there doors and boot them out of Kansas,,a long with saint frances .. I hate living in Kansas couse of these kid nappers that way we have so meany people moveing out of Kansas.. it time to put a stop to them kidnapping our kids..yours could be next..

  70. Omg , My prayers go out to this family but yet my family needs prayers for as well. DCF is wanting to take my kids as well. The first visit was just a check and to see if I needed state help due to the circumstance we were in. Everything was hunky dorry until our roommates daughter got grounded and decided to take it out on everyone in the house. She said we all did drugs . Which none of us do. Hell I don’t even drink . The second time this lady came around she was going to have the sheriff come by for assistance . She w as rude mean and spiteful to me and treated me like a criminal. I have no record nor have my husband or I ever neglected our kids . Why is the state going after normal people when there are real abuse situations going on.

  71. i remember when my family was violated by the system .it is a money game and a manipulation of the facts .my child’s foster family were ok however the subcontractor that SRS uses are crooked i believe they are the ones making most of the money not the foster parents more children more money .some of my complaints would be child removed for alleged unsub stanciated allegations {that actually means we have nothing your honor in a court }that way they can remove them and sound professional. my child did have anger or as i call it i am at the age you cannot tell me what to do. so they put her on 800 mg seroquil yes 800 mg then wonder why she does not act correctly i have talked to 2 men that started on 80 mg and both said it made them have bad thoughts and both seem to do well on 40 mg .that purely is by design to keep them in the subcontractors custody .at the time my children got kidnapped by the state i could not hold a thought and certainly not a decent one i did get one back in 2 days because they could not drag her down .and if any of the subcontractors are using this site to manipulate the truth you are dirty greedy heartless scumbags ..the subcontractor was encouraging and baiting my child .and tried to separate my family by offering to give my wife the kids if she moved out .she was there when i spanked my kid on the ass for telling her mother to suck a d and she was still there when they left now several years later were all doing fine without medication it is simple their are abused children that need help .as well as they are people that will destroy a family for money . to bad the needy do not always get the help and to bad they greedy do not get what they truly deserve .

  72. Kansas DCF is worthless. They returned children to the care of my sons “mom”, a lifetime meth addict with multiple felonies.. Teresa von lintel, the caseworker, did *preannounced* front porch home checks, then *gasp!* was surprised to find out my sons mom never stopped using meth and lost custody of both children again – her daughter from a previous relationship went to her grandparents, my son came with me. I had to leave the state with my son and file my legal motions from here to protect my son from her, where we were both granted a pfa due to mountains of evidence of her neglect and abuse that kansas refused to act on (my sons “mom” has family members scattered throughout ks law enforcement “protecting” her (read: burying evidence). My son and i are safe in spite of kansas DCF and law enforcement, not because. Pitiful.

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