WPD shooting: Are these the same guns?

One day after the most recent Wichita Police Department officer-involved-shooting, the department released a high quality photo of a gun they say was dropped by the 17-year-old they shot, and a very small, very low quality image, presumably a still shot from an officer’s body camera, or a still shot from the school security camera, of a man running, with what they say is the same gun, in his hand.

This is the picture of the gun the police say they recovered, and which they say was actually struck by an officer’s bullet.

This is the image they released, of the man.

We took that image and digitally enhanced it using Adobe Lightroom, which is basically Adobe Photoshop on steroids. Due to the very small and very poor quality of the original image, we were not able to do much with the picture, but we increased the size, 8 fold, increased the exposure, and increased the clarity, and this is what we came up with. You can click the image to enlarge.

This photo was digitally altered by Kansas Exposed.
This photo was digitally altered by Kansas Exposed.

Many people on social media sites have questioned whether or not these are the same guns, or if the image in the small photo is a gun at all.

The District Attorney will decide whether or not to release the video, which is of much higher quality than this image.


5 thoughts on “WPD shooting: Are these the same guns?

  1. Really no one can tell by looking at this picture what kind of gun this Is not even the creator of the gun can say yes that’s one of my guns. So instead of trying to figure out what kind of gun he had we should be focusing on why he had a gun why he ran why he ran towards the school and why didn’t he drop the gun. People try to justify the wrong things. This officer did the right thing. I pray the young man makes it through. We need to stop trying to bring race into every situation. It’s clear he had a gun there is no disputing that so why are we even talking about it cause he a young black man. Well I’m an old black man. Priorities are not in affect. Where was his mother and father hmm mm no on e is asking that are they?

    1. Just some info that has not been shared, for whatever reason, his ENTIRE FAMILY was in that gym.. It was Senior Nite, for all the Fall Athletes, including him.. The Football Senior Nite got rained out, so all Senior Players, for Fall Sports, were there to walk the floor with their family including him.. The “unlocked door” ALWAYS has many police and security, with Wands, checking everyone.. He was there for Senior Nite… Along with his entire family and extended family.. #justsaying

      1. So his entire family was there. But answer me this: what is the purpose of him allegedly getting out of the truck and running with a gun in his hand when the red and blue emergency lights were on, indicating the vehicle he was riding in was being stopped by police? How is it that he, 1 person out of the four inside the truck is the only person to get “scared” and run away? Having a gun n school grounds is not illegal, and officers who are unsuspecting of anyone running into a building where they are located is dangerous. Had he made it in the building, the situation would have been even more dangerous.

    2. Just wanted to answer your question.. His father is dead.. However, his entire family was in that gym for Fall Sport Senior Nite.. Football Senior Nite was postponed due to rain.. So they rescheduled it for the first Nite of Basketball. He was there, to be with his entire family and walk for senior Nite.. The only danger to the crowd, was the police shooting Directly into the glass windows of the Pool Room, with 300 people in the other side of the wall of the Pool Room, and the child.. #justsaying. #iwasthere

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