Man accused of shooting WPD house identified and guess what

According to the Wichita Police Department, two people were arrested yesterday after a Wichita Police officer’s home was shot at. The officer was not home, but his family was. Police believe the two suspects targeted the officer’s home because he was a cop, due to the fact that his squad car was parked in the driveway at the time of the shooting.

No one was injured.

Social media posts identify the adult shooter as 19-year-old Brock Bishop. Posts made to Bishop’s Facebook account by others report that he is being held in the Sedgwick County Detention Facility on a $150,000 bond, which is confirmed by the county website’s searchable database.

The other person arrested was 16-years-old, and we will not identify that suspect due to him being a minor.

These are pictures of Bishop, from his personal Facebook account:

This photo was posted on Feb. 1, and is unrelated to the current charges Bishop is facing.
This photo was posted on Feb. 1, and is unrelated to the current charges Bishop is facing.
Bishop, far left, with friends.
Bishop, far left, with friends.
Bishop, throwing up what appears to be a pitchfork, which is the Folk's gang sign.
Bishop, throwing up what appears to be a pitchfork, which is the Folk’s gang sign.


142 thoughts on “Man accused of shooting WPD house identified and guess what

  1. I wanna know how they can identify him as the shooter when the gun was found at the other kids house. Either way Brock, my son is innocent don’t always believe what everyone else has to say !!!; the people got to blame somebody!!!

      1. First off unless you know brock and are apart of his everyday life & knows exactly what he dose on the daily then shut your mother fucking cock sucker straight up,, he is a great father ,& far from strung out on any drug let alone meth,,, & even if he was to be “strung out on meth” instead of talking shit about it & blasting it all over the internet why wouldnt try to offer him some help & offering some fucking support to him instead of being some hater ass mother fuckers,, quit to hop up on some social network & be some judgemently cock sucker

              1. Are you aware a person is innocent until proven guilty according to law? Sounds like you convict people before they have a fair trial. Its people like you that are against the U.S. Constitution and should be arrested for treason. Whether true or untrue that one is gang member is not automatic proof the person committed the crime. That is quite hasty conclusion on your part. Imagine if you were arrested and convicted of a crime on the basis of being a member of freemasonry which by definition can be construed as gang.

                  1. Well not real sure where you are getting your info at but he did not take any plea and is awaiting jury trial next month so please get your facts correct!

            1. Seriously? You’re all a bunch of scrawny ass little limp dicked punks. Who do you think you’re a threat to exactly? GTFO bitch!

              1. He really is that gun is actually my husband’s brothers that his cousin stole when he broke into our house knowing me my son that was under one and me being pregnant was home alone. And it’s not his first charge one time he came over with a stolen 2014 car and we told him he needed to leave.

        1. I dunno… Maybe because he sit at a house that had innocent people in it… Including kids? You’re as fucking stupid as he is.

      2. And you know this about Brock based on what evidence? Also the use of meth if true concerning Brock is irrelevant to subject of the charge. Just because one uses meth does not prove Brock uses guns or used a gun to shoot at an Officer’s home. One may shoot a gun without being on meth. There is no charge on Brock for possession of illegal drugs. Thus you seem to be confusing the subject of the pending case against Brock.

    1. You should maybe watch the video found on Brock’s phone of him shooting up the cops house. I’m glad your kids off the streets. He’s dangerous & stupid.

      1. All yall some birches talking shut about my boy. I grunted why like your all behind anonymous comments. I grunted tall would be to scared to say anything in person to anyone. Hiding he behind social media. He is a great friend an helps anyone in need. An he’s a great father to. An to his mom. I’m truly sorry what’s happening. I believe he will overcome this. And I’m praying for your family he gets out real soon. Don’t let these negative comments affect your emotions. We know the truth an what will happen

        1. He tryed killing someone and could of killed anyone in the home oh yah he is a great guy good guys always try to kill people for no reason

        2. You grunted what? No wonder your boy is so messed up. You must’ve dropped out of school in the third grade. You write like a moron.

      2. So people who don’t look a certain way according to your shallow subjective opinion deserve prison. Yeah, that’s a fair trial. Sounds like you don’t believe in the United States Constitution and should be charged with treason.

      1. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard! So what about sororities that throw up their sign of “alliance” should they rot in jail “just” because of their alliance regardless of what they represent and the activities they engage in?

    2. one of his gang banging friends got chased off my block 2 times and had a gun pulled on the 2 times because they wanted to talk shit so yeah they need to be locked up before they end up dien

    3. they need to be locked up they done came to my street and got ran off 2 times because they got a gun pulled on them so they need to be locked up before something bad happens to them they cant just act like they can do anything..

    4. Your son who you say is innocent bragged to friends. Confessed to shooting the house that had the officers wife and son inside the house. Your son is not innocent and shame on you for saying he is.

    5. Lmao your son is trash and should be bury under the jail along with the rest of your trashy a$$ family. Just cause you got white privileges doesn’t give you the right to be dumb. Please do humanity a favor and take your family out and play a game of tag in the middle of Kellogg thank.

  2. If his prints weren’t on the gun & there was no proof he was their how is he still being accused of this ? Evidence is whay you need, not he did this & I’m blaming him because I can.

  3. I believe the boys who got arrested should be held accountable!! Obviously they found some proof that he was the shooter and the 16 yr old was in with it. They cant just arrest who ever. Sorry to break that news. Besides that, how would they have known to arrest those two in particular?! Finger prints on the gun?? Whether it was found on him or at a friends house, he has been charged with it. I think some parents need to accept the fact their children arent the perfect angels they’d like to think they are.

    1. First off never said my son was an angel by far but you all just need to down talk someone or hes a gangbanger, or hes on meth! Thats the funniest shit I have ever heard dumb ass close minded peeps, my son despises meth so unless you got anything positive to say to maybe help this boy whom obviously has lost his way get back on track shut the hell up really isnt their enough bad in this world already? And are all you snub nosed uppity people trying to act as if you have never done no wrong you need jesus cuz you obviously lyin too! Gangbanger? Yeah he might be but does this make him a bad human being? Until any of you personally k ow brock the one guy whom if he seen you being hurt or trapped or any horrid thing being done to you he would without a second thought run in to help you or give you hislast dollar or his last breath so think before you speak people but truely what should I really expect coming out of wichita ks!? And some of you just mad because my son if guilty , did what you all have wanted to do for a long time just never had the balls to do!

      1. He didn’t do it! He is a good kid! He’d give you his last breath, or his last dollar!

        But, IF he did do it he has the balls to do what all of us want to do!

        Way to cover all your bases Shatz. And it is incredibly brave of him to shoot a house full of women and children, takes real “balls”.

        Hiding behind a drive-by….kinda like hiding behind a keyboard and a computer screen…maybe parenting IS the key.

        For Christ’s sake spell check, proof read, hire an editor, have another member of the Fourth Estate glance over it, or just take a second glance at all the words underlined with the little red squiggly and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, something needs recalculated.

      2. Lol oh so he a good kid but your justifying that he had the balls to shoot at a cop house like it good he should rot in prison like the pos he is losing ur way and trying to kill someone a big difference and if he so good and would help anyone why je try to kill someone

      3. Your son is in the picture throwing up Gang Signs u dumb fuck. U must be one dumb son of a bitch or maybe your doing dope and shootings with your kid that wouldn’t surprise me better hope u have the money for. Good Lawyer actually i dont let your son go to prison and get fucked

      4. So….wait….this gangbanger who shot at a cop’s house would give me the shirt off his back? GTFOH, your son is a coward and a punk. What if he would’ve hit a kid? Or the cop’s wife. YOU’RE an idiot….and you shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

      5. Good Lord woman, have you seen his Facebook? Pictures doing drugs, posts about selling drugs, pictures of his drug money, posts about how he’s gonna kill himself, pictures of him in jail, pictures throwing up gang signs, you admit he’s in a gang, there’s video of him shooting up an officer’s house WITH HIS WIFE AND KIDS IN THERE….what in the actual fuck do you define as a “good person?”

        1. And he was also charged with shooting up his baby mommas car with her in it.
          They found the video of him shooting up the house on HIS phone & then he snitched on his 16 year old friend & tried to put all the blame on him.
          The DA was smart enough to figure it out & he accepted a plea & plead GUILTY. Cuz he’s guilty.

          1. Actually he didn’t accept a plea you dumbass. And he never shot up his “baby mommas” car. How about getting some facts before opening your mouth. Didn’t Evan Rufe the “16 year old friend” take a plea for the same case…hmmm..sounds guilty to me.

          2. Actually you dumbass bitch, he didn’t take NO PLEA. but didn’t he “16 year old friend” Evan Rufe take a plea? He never shot up his baby mommas car obviously you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Crying cuz you baby boy got his dumbass caught up. Learn truth before speaking on it.

  4. None of you know Brock he is a good kid and will what he can for anybody don’t point no fingers he ain’t been found guilty yet . Brock love u and got your back .

    1. If Brock is a good kid why would he go shoot a cops house up and is damn lucky he didn’t kill the people inside. He didn’t have their back.

  5. I don’t believe this but the simple fact he’s a fucking pussy. I mean he got his ass beat by a fat mexican he ain’t shit

  6. Yea he seems like a really good kid shooting up the police house and throwing gang signs…. “but i seear he is a good kid”. Lmao get over it and hire him a damn good lawyer cause his ass is state pen bound. He is damn lucky he didnt shoot the cops wife or kids cause he would be dead by now. J.s.

  7. Yea he seems like a really good kid shooting up the police house and throwing gang signs…. “but i seear he is a good kid”. Lmao get over it and hire him a damn good lawyer cause his ass is state pen bound. He is damn lucky he didnt shoot the cops wife or kids cause he would be dead by now.

  8. Actually, Brock is FAR from a good kid. He’s a 19 year old meth user who has been terrorizing Wichita with a gun. As far as evidence, police have pics of him with the gun & a video (that was on his phone) of him shooting up the cops house. The gun was found somewhere else after Brock led police to it & told on all his friends trying to save his own ass! Glad he’s off the streets.

        1. Who give a flying flip, there is paperwork on the other kid too. Get over yourself, you just mad your family member got caught up. Cry about crybaby ass bitch

        2. Look him up in the Sedgwick County Jail: Brock Bishop. I tried to post the screen shot of his charges but I can’t on here. Multiple gun charges, multiple charges of discharging a firearm, discharging a firearm at an occupied vehicle, discharging a firearm at an occupied residence. He’s a menace to society. He’s been terrorizing the southside for years. Glad he’s off the streets.

    1. Yeah thats right we probably are you stupid ass clise minded beotches, but you thi k you know me come hit me up yeah thats where he gets it! Stupid!

  9. Wow reading the comments on this just shows how quick people are to judge someone smh what makes any of the people who put negative comments on this better then that kid. I can tell you what does….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  10. As a relative, I feel very bad that he is in jail. You always want to think the best about your kin. He made his choices and if he is guilty he will do his time. All the rude comments about shower time and all that are just plain evil and unnecessary. What he allegedly did was wrong on so many levels but being hateful like that, wishing him harm will come back and bite you. His parents are not bad people and they want what is best for him. Their parenting skills should not be in question… it was his choices and his choices alone that put him in this predicament.

    1. I agree on the harm people are making for this kid. He will be punished for what he has done. The parents and brothes of this kid also need to stop the threats they are posting. Actually this needs to end and let what happens to these kids take place in court. This will be my last post.

  11. No judgement but. I dont know what to Beleive. If he did it he will learn his lesson hopfully and if not then i hope he makes it thrpugh this mamma to this boy hang in there hun. If he did it hold your head up. He will stop this if he didnt then fight mama thats her baby she doesnt need to be having people on here calling her a bad mamma he makes his own desisions no one is perfect what if this was your kid? How would you feel? Keep your head up mamma theres people out here looking out for you. Hugs from me and my family. Love you!

  12. DO NOT JUDGE THE MOTHER SHE DIDN’T TELL HER SON TO CHOOSE THE ROUTE HE IS GOING. I was a very bad teenager had both parent’s in my life, My husband was a bad teenager as well with only his mother taking care of him. It’s not the parent’s, We are our own person with our own was of thinking. I never seen my parents telling me to do something bad they were alway’s wanting me to do my best at everything. As teenager’s everyone makes stupid decisions. NOBODY ON THE WORLD IS PERFECT… If he did or didn’t do it who are we to judge unless we were there to witness it. There is tones of people getting charged with crimes they didn’t commit 5,10 years later you see on the news that they lost all those years for what people see on the outside because the way they look, dress ect. Now if he did and there is video then he will do the time. So let’s grow up and stop trash talking this Mother, I would be the exact same way trying to prove my son’s innocence. The mother it’s don’t make you look any wiser commenting to people to come hit you up all you doing is proving them right talking like this, BE THE BIGGER PERSON….

  13. Brock could have been a good kid, but sadly he had a horrible upbringing and no good guidance in his teen years, at least that he would listen too. Surprisingly he was pretty well behaved when he was locked up in juvie during his teenage years…but then again I and several others were telling him what to do. In no way am I condoning his actions, but he was lost years ago. Oh and yeah, bring a gangbanger does make him a bad person.

  14. Well, if this was his mother making the comments it’s clear why his education was not important leading him to make poor life decisions.

  15. I’m still confused as to why A) the parent thinks that their son being a gangbanger “doesn’t make them a bad person” and B) they seem to think we all want to shoot up a police officer’s house full of his family? Just those remarks right there make me think that he was raised to hate the police. Newsflash: stay out of trouble and they’ll leave you alone.

  16. That kid is moron and anybody who defends his punk ass is also a moron. I see his pic and see a follower, easily lead. Good kids don’t gangbang.

  17. I’m his older brother and I can say any of you scared ass mother fuckers hiding behind your anonymous comments talking shit about how he is a gangbanger or a meth user that shit is funny I can clearly tell you have no ideal who my brother is and for the person who said he ain’t shit he got his ass beat by a fat Mexican that’s funny to because I’ve never seen him loose a 1on1 fight but you can say what you want you don’t know shit you won’t do shit because all you can do is sit on a social media and judge people like a pussy. I bet you wouldn’t say any of this to me in person… Enough said you are all some pussy’s

    1. My name is Ryan Lockaby and I got your back. Teresa is one of ny very close friends, I got your back and if you need someone, look me up and we can fuck up some haters together.

    2. Bitch made mfer u gonna get yours too my friend sound nobetter than him your whole dirty ass famliy need b locked up

  18. Anonymous people, my name is Ryan Lockaby and my best friends are Brocks friends. If you have anything negative to say, stop being anonymous, look me up, I’ll give you my address and you can say it to my face with my friends behind me. I’m awaiting you pussies. Internet thugs, you guys are a fucking joke.

  19. I just got out of the cell next to Brock, he is most definitely sucking dicks in there to save his fake ass from getting beat. 100% true

    1. LMAO, I doubt he was sucking dick. That was most definitely you. Taking it straight in the ass every night, you fucking queer. Probably a pedophile anyways.

  20. Well I love I Brock keep it head up bro see u when u get out u will beat this I have faith and one thing for sure not a lot of people gotta life but hey u got one big fan pool lolz but honestly some kno him some don’t ppl gonna have opinions of there own but not one will say it to his face lolz social media is way better to say it then to the person your talking about right???? And a lot of y’all are using the word fake for what lolz

  21. The cop proly did somthing to make him retaliate cops are fare from innocent thay shader than half the people out here free that fool

  22. I’ve known Brock for quite a while! If he did this , keep in mind he is young & the generations just keep getting worse in my opinion. If he did this it was a mistake, but he’s doing his time. Keep in mind all these negative comments don’t make any difference. He’s doing his time. Not one person is better than the next. He does not do dope. He is a good person, & amazing with kids! Quit bashing him, his friends, & his family. Of coarse we will point out the positive in him! If it makes everyone feel better to kick someone when that are down , go ahead. It still won’t change anything. I’m glad the cop & his family weren’t harmed. I hopa things change positively for Brock. Let me just throw something out in the open.. To everyone saying he’s a gangbanger a dope head a punk etc.. If you feel he is like that why wouldn’t your next thought be ” hed like the negative attention I’m thinking of putting” since your all so smart you wouldn’t feed into these things. So ask yourself why you add to the negative instead of building positivity in the world?

  23. Doesn’t matter whether I know him personally or not. It’s obvious to anyone from the comments from his “family” and his past they are all complete trash.

  24. Wow!!! People are crazy. You should never shoot up a house period!!! You do not know who is inside or who you could kill in the process. If he was on drugs cool still not OK. Ya he may need help but he will never get the help he needs as long as his family an friends think so highly of him. Sometimes we are blk.d to what others do because of how close we are to them. People leaving comments saying bad stuff should just stay out of it instead of bad mouthing somebody that can’t defend himself. As for his family an friends ranting about how great he is. Stop! Clearly somebody went wrong along the way whether it was his parents or hisself. an to be honest once your old enough to make your own decisions what you choose to do is completely on you not your parents!!! As a mother I’d stick up for my son but also sometimes you have to know when to stop an just realize your child messed up.

  25. Must be a pretty bad ass banger to pull off a drive by….when the cop wasn’t home…..and get caught……what a fucking wannabe…..

  26. Anyone that does drive by shooting is punk, you his buddies need to get cleaned up, get your education, and join the military, the Marines will shape you correctly! If you want to impress someone, try that !

  27. Forgive them father they knoweth not what they do!! Only God can judge! Nobody is perfect & you definitely shouldn’t judge if you never been in someone’s shoes we all sin its what makes us human! I pray whether he didn’t or did do this that when he comes out of this he chooses a different path not for him or his friends or his family but for his kid so his kid can have a way better life the kid deserves better and coming from someone who didn’t have her father that kid is going to wish they had him Brock is a good person just sometimes he makes bad decisions its all apart of growing up you live and learn. I’m happy no one was harmed that’s a big plus! I’m praying for everyone who commented on this I’m also praying for you Brock I know your a good person and I hope that after this you be the father I know you can be forget everyone else do better for your kid. Your kid is going to need you more then anyone on this earth.

  28. Do the crime pay the time no excuses. Make mistakes deal with the consequences. Just glad nobody was physical hurt and the victims arena effected too much by the mental damages.

  29. For those who don’t know and are trying to defend this piece of shit, punk, the cops house wasn’t the only house he shot up. There were 2 others. And he’s not a real gang banger, he’s a wanna be. Pretending to be you are a GD when you are not has consequences just like snitching does. He spent his second night in the infirmary for throwing up GD signs and for snitching. Sorry Brocks Mom, but you raised a thug. He’s getting exactly what he deserves.

  30. I really thought in this country it was ” innocent until proven guilty” among a jury of ones peers. I know Brock he’s a friend of my son’s. Never stoled from me always treated me with respect. Thankfully the officers wife or child was not hurt. If he is guilty I pray that the time he spends in jail will be enough for him. I still believe in rehabilitation. His heart is good in so many ways. As far as him being a meth addict that information is so far from the truth.

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