Missing Wichita man suffering from dementia still not found

Written By: Meko Haze 12/23/2015

UPDATE 12/24/2015 12:28 pm: John was reportedly seen at the Dillons on Douglas and Hillside in the last 24 hours. He was said to be pushing a cart and very confused. Those who live in that area are asked to keep their eyes open and notify police immediately if they see John.

Almost a week ago word began to spread of a missing man in Wichita, Kansas. John Wilson, 64, went missing around 5:30 on December 17, 2015. As pictures of him circulated, the story behind his disappearance did not.

 John is not just a man that wandered off. John suffers from dementia. Dementia is a terrible disease, which is what makes the situation extremely serious. John’s nephew, Jeremiah Wilson, said John is fine with his medication, but without is not good. As of now it has been almost one week since John has had any medication.

On the day of his disappearance, John was seen at the Kwik Shop at South Oliver and 31st street in Wichita, Kansas. He attempted to buy gas, but when the clerk noticed he had no car or gas can, she attempted to help John. He left the gas station and in the process left his phone and wallet on the counter.

Many do not understand how damaging the disease dementia is. Dementia is quite similar to Alzheimer’s disease. So similar, that the two can often be misdiagnosed for the other. In severe cases of dementia, it is almost impossible for the person to function without help. They have no understanding of time or geography.

This means someone in John’s situation may not understand where he is, what year it is, or who he is. The longer John is without his medicine, the more severe his dementia will become. Many of the medicines given to help treat dementia patients can have devastating results from discontinuing use alone. Mix that with the effects of the dementia, and you are flirting with a life threatening situation. Since John was trying to purchase gas without having any reason to need gas, then left his wallet and phone a the gas station, it would seem his dementia was already taking hold. That was 6 days ago.

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