KS DCF worker stalks mother for her blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby

When Nicole called Kansas’ Department for Children and Families to report the father of her children for neglect, she never expected that she herself would eventually end up in the agency’s cross-hairs.

The story, according to Nicole:

In May of 2013, when Nicole went to pick up her two young daughters from their father’s home, she found the girls, ages five and ten at that time, in appalling conditions. These pictures, which she took at that time, show marijuana and cigarette butts/ashes on the dresser in the bedroom belonging to Nicole’s five-year-old, as well as cat feces on the floor and near the children’s toys:

DCF in Sedgwick County opened a case on the father, placed the children in Nicole’s custody, and were set to close that case in December of 2013. All of that changed when, on November 28, Nicole received a call from a St. Francis worker. St. Francis Child Services is a private foster care organization that DCF uses to place children.

The St. Francis worker told Nicole that DCF had received information showing that Nicole was pregnant with another child, and had recently applied for WIC benefits, and that they would need to have a meeting.

At that meeting, DCF informed Nicole that they would not be closing her case, took her two daughters from her, and placed them back in the care of the father, who had kept the children in the above documented conditions. Nicole was granted weekly visits.

The DCF worker, Thursa Jarvis, aka Thursa Weier, told Nicole that her children were being taken from her because the father of the child she was currently pregnant with had a drug charge from 2007, and that he had not paid the related fines.

When Nicole reached 16 weeks in her pregnancy, Thursa, the DCF worker, began pressuring her to tell DCF the sex of the baby. Nicole refused to divulge this information. DCF also repeatedly questioned Nicole about her boyfriend’s children from a previous relationship, wanting to know if his children were blonde-haired and blue-eyed like Nicole’s were.

When Nicole refused to answer these questions, Thursa revoked her visitation privileges, and would only allow supervised visits at the father’s discretion, and with the father as the supervisor. Again, this is the same father who provided the atrocious living conditions seen above. As a result, Nicole did not see her children for months.

Once Nicole’s daughters were removed from her custody, Thursa began following Nicole, and sitting outside her home for hours at a time. In March of 2014, Nicole received an inheritance, and used the money to hire an attorney.

The attorney arranged a meeting between Nicole and DCF. In that meeting, Thursa continued her questions about the sex of Nicole’s baby, and about the hair and eye color of her boyfriend’s children.

At one point, Nicole’s attorney stopped the meeting, took her outside, and told her that she should not give Thursa this information, and that the situation sounded like a Faithbuilders scam.

Faithbuilders is a private foster care organization that the state contracts with. Faithbuilders was investigated for a myriad of allegations involving improper practices, and of having undue influence over DCF’s decisions.

That investigation concluded that Faithbuilders did have undue influence, and faulted Wichita DCF workers for giving Faithbuilders access to confidential information. DCF says that several case workers were disciplined, but did not reveal how many workers were involved, or how they were disciplined.

After the meeting with Nicole’s attorney and DCF, Thursa continued to sit outside Nicole’s home. On one occasion, Nicole’s boyfriend stepped outside to speak with a friend, and police officers immediately arrested him.

Nicole, shocked, came outside to ask what was going on, and the officers told her that Thursa had called them to report that her boyfriend was beating her with a baseball bat. At that time, Thursa came walking up, laughing, and told Nicole, “we are going to get that baby”.

Thursa, the social worker accused of stalking Nicole.
Thursa, the social worker accused of stalking Nicole.

After this incident, Nicole packed up her belongings and moved to Reno County, fleeing the harassment she had endured from this social worker.

After completing the requirements set by Reno County’s DCF workers, Nicole was supposed to regain custody of her daughters, but their father ended moving away, and she only regained custody of her eldest daughter. For some unknown reason, the father still has Nicole’s youngest daughter, even though he is not that child’s biological parent.

DCF has not contacted Nicole since August of 2015.

Editor’s note: If DCF chooses to start harassing Nicole again, as retaliation for this story, Kansas Exposed will make it our mission to ensure that the whole world knows the names, addresses, finances, personal histories, and other personal information of the workers involved, beginning with Thursa A. Jarvis/Weier, D.O.B. 03/26/1974. 

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  1. I am so glad someone is finally taking these animals to task for their actions!!! My Children were taken from me and my ex boyfriend back in 2003 and kept for over 2 yrs, we did everything they asked us to do, court ordered or not, if they even suggested something we did it. then after all that they tried to scare us by saying they were moving from reunification to termination and would not give us a reason. Thanks to our attorney they were stopped and we got our children back but only after lots of out of pocket money for expenses and evaluations. and after the kids were tormented with cutting visits short or cancelling them all together for no reason, then pulling them away from us at the end of visits(our little guy was diagnosed with attachment disorder after it was all over he was only 2 yrs old when they stole him from our arms (literally) Kansas DCF needs to have a full on investigation done and lay all their crap bare!!

    1. I fully agree. The Department for Children and Families only works for certain people. It’s completely ridiculous the power they have with people’s families. They claim to want to reunite families, but it’s all about the money. It’s Godless. This program has so little intent to do anything, but look out for the organization’s best interest.

      1. How do i get a hold of him my kids have been in system over five yrs all my kids have been beat over three time this last Tim couple days ago my 15 year old was in the Boys Home one of the staff members had put bruises and wealth on him and broke his glasses when he called me from school because the Boys Home would not allow him to call me I called his probation officer she would not take my calls so I immediately called the police department of Great Bend Kansas and they picked him up from the voice sound and took him straight to his probation officer I went up to the probation officers they would not allow me to take pictures and they would not allow me to see him except supervisor for 15 minutes and I was not allowed to talk about the incident and for over a year I have had weekend visit unsupervised all of a sudden I’m being treated like a criminal and can’t take pictures of my son and has bruises and welts given to him due to a staff member of the Boys Home and was informed that I will not be able to see him and unsupervised until the investigation is over somebody help me please I

    2. Soooo did you get busted for drugs, seek a handout or was it simply domestic abuse that brought DCF into your life? They only investigate if you invite them i.e. Act like a moron..

      1. That’s actually not true. If someone calls and makes a complaint they will investigate. Doesn’t matter what the complaint says. It could be someone jealous of you or getting revenge on you for something.

        1. Exactly I had 52 reports made against me on two of my children. 2 of the 5 that lived with me. 3 of mine 2 of his. All because my ex’s new girlfriend wanted 2 of my kids to live with them. Tfi took 2 left 1 (other 2 had moved to thier moms) took 4 mths, 12 ua’s (passed all), 5 different soical workers assigned, and 5 court visits to get my daughter back. Took 8 mths, 7 foster homes (2 of them removed by police for drugs in foster home) to get my son back. All because of 52 complaints. Did I mention one complain was we didn’t have food and my daughter was under weight the other was the house was dirty. she was 8 yrs old and weighted 112 PDS. Sound underweight to anyone?? Took tfi a month to come check the house. Which was clean before and after the kids were taken.

        1. I know that’s not true. There is a reason alright- money for CPS. They are heartless, evil and seek to destroy the family unit. CPS here in Wyoming Co. WV harassed my elderly parents, put our entire family through hell and for what? They wanted the title VI money from the federal government. My child was never in danger but I had to fight for him for a year before I finally got him back. CPS/DHS will stop at nothing to get that money, including make up lies which they did!

      2. Hey John, read the first paragraph. She called to report abuse/neglect to her children. To get help. That is what it is suppose to be for, help.

        1. I would be going ballistic if this was happening to me. It would be on the news as they led me away in cuffs and taking my guns before I would ever allow someone to take my kid. This is wrong in so many ways. It needs to be investigated and someone needs to be held accountable, and changes made, before it happens again. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I would be making enough noise you’d think the wagon was coming apart.

          1. You would think so…. that’s what you FEEL like doing that’s what you WANT to do…..
            But then your “attorney” tells you to stay calm, shoe no emotion, do what they say, be compliant and you’ll get them back. But…. that’s all big fat lies and you should have been noisy and emotional and irate and squeaky… no… I take that back not squeaky mice are squeaky roaring like a lion growling like a bear…. all the way to the courtroom!
            DCF illegally took my kids, and illegally took ME too! I was painting the exterior of my home one evening, at abt 7pm, (that morning had had a fight with my mother who is literally psychotic), when 3 police officers showed up, handcuffed me (due to my psychotic mother’s false report that I was suicidal), and took me against my will, without any warrant or court order, in a police car, in handcuffs, 30 miles from my home, to a private mental hospital… shortly after taking my daughter, who was 15 at the time, from a local restaurant where she was having dinner with friends, and my son, who was 16 at the time, from his room where he was playing video games. I was released three days later when I was determined not to be suicidal or a threat to myself or others, and at the 72-hour hearing which was in the afternoon I have been released that morning the DCF worker recommended that my kids be returned home. The judge said NO! I was @ 3 months pregnant at the time by my daughters father, and he had just moved in DIRECTLY across the street from me with this girl (a real winner) and told me to “get an abortion” he “didnt want anymore f******* kids”. He beat me while I was pregnant, put me in a headlock in front of my neighbors at 8 mo pregnant, he was an alcoholic and still is an alcoholic, yet somehow he was given full custody by KVC… he raped me the day after the trial to determine if in fact JB was a child in need of care, (which she was determined to be) and at this point his mother was her placement. (I reported it did the rape kit the whole thing). After that, the GAL and KVC worker both pretty much flat out called me a liar to my face! The police investigated and Fathers defense was that I had “called him in the middle of the night to come over to see his and my oldest daughter (she was not living with me as she was in custody and with my aunt) and when he got there I seduced him!!! He also had been given a citation earlier in the evening in the town I live in for urinating in public, (he lived over an hour away). HE WAS NEVER CHARGED for either.
            I had another child in 2013, DCF came to the hospital and said they had received a report that I was on heroin (I have never done heroin in my life, and my babys (who’s 2 now) tox screen was negative for everything except nicotine)! due to that phone call (I wonder who made that call)… DCF opened an investigation, I had home visits twice a week for a year, when it was over I filed a motion to reconsider & change the visitation order with my daughter, now 4, the court determined my youngest son (2 now) who I have full custody of, was never a child in need of care. When I went back to court to apply for a change in visitation due to a significant change in circumstances with my four-year-old daughter JB, they said they had not seen a significant enough change and would not allow visits unless they were in an approved facility (@$35/hr and a mandatory minimum of 10 hours a week or @ $1400/mo) even though I have full custody of another child that THEY determined I was fully capable of taking care of. JB’s father calls me drunk with her in the car as he is driving around from party to party and I can hear her in the background talking. I haven’t seen her for 2 years! At this point the court case is over, the father has the ability to let me see her whenever he wants, he’ll call me every once in awhile and tell me to come on out and when I do she’s never there. He just wants to have sex with me, and when I refuse… he doesn’t call me again for another 6 months. When I was not refusing, I saw her all the time. Unfortunately, the mental trauma of that was causing me to not be a good mom for my 2 year old KB.

            1. I’m so sorry Liz. I’m at the beginning of what you went through but please don’t break down, you are doing everything you can and are a good mom. Don’t ever let anyone tell you or make you feel different. YOU ARE A GOOD MOM.
              people don’t understand that abusers HATE the people they surround themselves with. Not only do they hate themselves but they hate their partner and their kids too. Abusers are very manipulative. People don’t understand.

      3. That’s not true. Back when my child was little someone reported that I was abusing and starving him. When they came to investigate I was caught napping in the middle of the afternoon and lost custody. I hired an attorney and it was revealed that someone who used to babysit for me kost their kids for abuse and since I knew them personally they were trying to get my parental rights then away. Luckily I had my own attorney and not a state appointed one. I was glad when I heard that Youthville was losing most of the contracts in KS, but apparently things haven’t changed.

        1. I understand now why they fought against my daughter so hard. They stole her blonde haired blue-eyed babies. Must be selling to the highest bigger. Sick freaks. They lied to her and they lied to us. They also made up alot of crap on their own. I may not be able to do anything about it now. But I know there are places in HELL waiting for those creeps! And the court appointed attorney didn’t do anything but tell her to do exactly what they say, including urging her to sign away her rights to them or they were going to take her new child as well!

      4. John public:

        Actually, in the state where I live, an investigation can start from a simple phone call. The investigators do not look into the background of the accused person and they are discouraged from investigating the victim/accuser. The logic is that an accuser might not make a report if they are afraid that their potentially questionable past might be looked into.

        In order to substantiate, the DCF investigators need only believe that a “reasonable person” (i.e. a person from DCF) could assume that the incident might have happened. There are 27 states that use this type of logic. I’ve written about this topic on my blog a couple of times, and I’ll provide you with a link if you would like it.

      5. I call bull sh#$ John public . One of my grandson’s was in the hospital because he was not gaining weight as all the charts say he should now mind you he was energetic happy and other than the slow weight gain he was healthy. But the hospital called DCF stating medical abuse . (My daughter is the one that forced the DR’s to run test to see if there was a reason for the slow weight gain) When they couldn’t find a reason instead of Quieting my daughter’s fears they instead saved faced and blamed us. So no, no drug abuse, no seeking a my daughter had a full-time job and had gotten a promotion Definitely no domestic violence. We did not ask or invite them into our lives lives . Thankfully my daughter was still a Colorado resident (she moved here for her promotion) so she packed up her boys and went back home. Yes CO DCF was contacted and they had a home visit Friday , but she knew she has a better chance in Colorado then she did here in Kansas. You don’t have to act like a moron for those DCF morons to invade your life.

      6. Wrong….all it takes is some idiot to be mad and name a call and they come out..read the story.the kids were taken from the father because of bad conditions and the mom was pregnant and so they get title 4 funding for eqch kid adopted they stalked the mom and took the kods and gave them back to the dad..You have no idea what these monsters are capable of.They tried to take mine because of the medication a doctor gave me during the birth..they failed

    3. KVC and DCF both need to be looked at . They say they are there to help you…lol its a lie. They make up lies and try to make you look bad in front of the judge. It’s like your dealing with corruption with both agencies. Very one sided and definitely for the best interest of the child.

      1. Don’t fir get about St. Francis, I use to work for them and did f I stereo c as re with them -they need to be looked st seriously!

    4. Kim Cross is a fantastic attachment therapist in Wichita, if you need help with this after effect still. Recommemd her highly and above all others we had tried and seen. Wish the best for you now that this is over.

  2. Thank you michaelshatz for taking a stand much love to you sir maybe you can look into the case of baby Vincent Moore from Wichita Kansas I think he may be in the same situation he has been missing for way to long with no answers to anything the only people trying is his family from his dad’s side

  3. This is my mother. None of this has ever happened. You guys just need to know that DCF is a thing for a reason. My mother is the sweetest lady that anybody could ever possible meet. She would never lie about taking another persons kids away. This “Nicole” person is the one who made up the lies. So stop getting butt hurt about all this crap. And go back to your normal lives and stop believing everybody says.

    1. So glad you could leave your input. Thank you so much for sharing. Are you a minor under her care? I can not even imagine what that must be like. This whole thing must be so hard for you. It might be that this situation is creating an unhealthy living situation and imposing undue stress and emotional damage upon you. So much so that the conditions your mother has inflicted upon you warrant investigation by the very organization that is currently being publicly scrutinized.

    2. It is fair that this sw can’t defend herself. She can’t post her side of the story because of confidentiality. All DCF workers are not bad people. They don’t get money for taking children. They spend hours away from their loved ones to help others.

  4. I guess I don’t understand how this “faithbuilder” is in business or contracts with a state/government type of place…I’m sorry but that should be the area they cut grants, I do not believe they are for families. No families should be separated UNLESS there is evidence of sexual, emotional, or abuse of that child. Are they (meaning that company or lady) getting punished, fined or anything…if I was the families I would either get together as a group or individual sue them..I would like to express my deepest apologies for what you and your children had to go thru..God bless you

    1. Aww you see there is the catch. Who provides said evidence? These agencies. And they are believed every time to be telling the truth even when they aren’t. In kansas you don’t have to have “proof ” of any kind to open a CINC case. Just a substantiated finding or one pending investigation an that’ll get you to court and begin these agencies process. And substantiated is that the report “could have happened, or is probable” that is the only burden of proof that has to be met. Could Sally have locked her child in their room? Well without videos of her entire life, yeah Sally COULD have, but that doesn’t mean she actually did. See the issue?

  5. So I guess we’ll believe this hokey article rather than investigate anything implied. A simple google search and a few minutes to read some documents will show the whole FaithBuilders crap to be unfounded and unsubstantiated. But let’s take the word of a mom who is on baby #3 with daddy #3- 2 out of 3 fathers involved in drugs. Lets people sit outside her house and watch her and never report it. Maybe those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  6. They broke my family up as well. My youngest is Blonde hair blue eyed. The schools are in on it too. Claimin me an abusive father. I jump through there hoops and once I brought my lawyer to the meeting all bullshit stopped. But the gal that supervises Reno Co also does Harvey co and is tied into Sedgwick. Follow the money someone is getting paid to steal children from their true parents

  7. I know Thursa personally and I assure you that this article is totally wrong. I don’t agree with alot dcf does but even I don’t believe this

  8. It is all about the money any more. It used to be when it first started, it was for helping. But they soon found that the more kids they got into the system the more money they could get from the state. Greed.

  9. Sounds like a lot of assumptions are made pretty quick by reading this story. Yes dcf is not perfect, but then again, neither are parents…any of us. If this was an article about an abused child who was not “saved” or “rescued” quick enough, I think there would be comments about how unreactive dcf is and how little they do to protect kids. Maybe we (society: big-mouth, little action people) should get a more knowledgable insight of the agencies. (For instance, how there is NOT a contract with faithbuilders and how attorneys do get paid to take A PARENT’S side, right or not and paid by the state or not). The bias in this story is evident but the validity is zero.

  10. First you have dcf, who investigates the claim no matter how big or small and will always recommend services of their sub contracted agency no matter what the finding is. Enter sub contracted agency- Saint Francis is a non profit agency that relies on state grants to pay their employees wages. They hire fresh out of school social workers with no work experience and use them for their services. (Much shorter route to state licensing than the traditional one because let’s face it, non profit work ALWAYS looks good on paper) That breaks down as follows, each child in a placement is worth X amount of dollars per month. If that child has behavior problems or is on medication (the most frequently used diagnoses are ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder) they are worth more. They also choose to use only certain medical providers for therapists and medication. ( high plains mental health is a big one.) The providers they use cooperate only with them and do little with or for the actual families and patients, but they keep those medications going, and saint Francis ensures they get the court to order the continued use of these services and medications for at least a year. So, to catch you up, saint Francis gets the grant money for each child, then funnels them to specific providers (whom are obviously compensated for their services legally, and each session ranges in price from $48-450) who will find in the agencies favor to continue both of their cash flows for at least a year minimal in any case. But they will drag it out as long as they can because after all, Peter has to rob someone to make sure Paul and Paula get paid. In the mean time they will drag you to court promising your children back to you, and then each time you go to court they will want something new. A psych evaluation, you have to pay for that, but they would be happy to refer you to a great place. Parenting classes, etc.. And onward the hampster wheel goes because parents, at least real ones will literally do anything to get their kids home. And you see they really target families who can’t afford legal counsel because they know public defenders don’t want to combat dcf too much for their careers sake. Yeah, it’s always about the money people. If it weren’t the people working for these agencies wouldn’t lie so often. Children wouldn’t be treated as cattle and shuffled from foster home to foster home placement just to keep them in the system. They will ignore your work schedule and show up at your house when it’s convienent for them, and if you don’t make sure you’re there at their command they will say you’re uncooperative in court. You’ll probably have to get a job that pays less because you’ll have to call out often for their appointments and meetings and court dates. If you have a visit scheduled with your child there is a 50/50 they will arrive, because transportation is just so hard for them. You’ll go to court and tell the truth, and they will say they’re doing everything they can to reunify the family and that you’re the issue, the judge will do what they recommend. Your child’s guardian ad litem will probably never even meet your child or speak to them, and will go along with whatever the agency recommends. But if you get lucky, your kid will catch on and become a handful and burn through all their placement options and they’ll finally have to send them home to you because they don’t have anywhere left to put them. And then you’ll be left trying to fix all the damage your child has suffered while they were in these “safe” foster homes. And you’ll never get an apology, neither will your child. But yes, dcf helps soooo many families. Yeah they help them into debt, financial ruin, grief, anxiety, and more pain than most people can imagine. But they certainly do NOT help keep families together or healthy, because there just isn’t as much money in doing that.

    1. So who is getting rich off of this? Because I know for a fact it’s not the social worker. So what incentive does the SW have for doing all this? They don’t get a bonus.
      Everytime a SW goes to a home they offer the family services because that is a requirement. The purpose of these services is to avoid the child/children being put into foster care.
      When a child comes into care an affidavit has to be presented to the courts that make the final decision as to whether the child comes in. Not the SW. Not the contracting agency.
      It costs a lot of money to keep a child in care. That’s the reason why they have family preservation services. Because it is cost effective to keep the child OUT of the system.

      1. No it feeds money to all of the agencies involved by way of grants and services. It may be surprising to know that kansas has a much higher rate of children in foster care than other states in the nation, and an even higher rate of parental rights termination. This is in comparison to other states whom do not utilize a subcontracted agency to manage placement and services for children. States that require dcf to place and manage the children have a much lower threshold And amount of involvement time and reunification success. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Dcf and these contracted agencies are literally unchecked by any other agency in the state or court. Zero checks and balances are in place. In kansas the average foster care placement ranges from 8-36 months. Do you have any idea how long that is for a child? That is much longer than the national average of 2-6 months. Now let’s talk about the adoption rate. Even higher, and there is an adoption credit of $5000 for each child adopted through the assistance of an agency. They may not pass this on to their employees, but the employees are trained to do their jobs by a supervisor who encourages them to follow the companies status quo, and they receive job security by continuing that work. Most social workers who have worked for these agencies move on to other places if they have a moral issue with what they are doing. I know first hand that saint Francis has an extremely high turnover rate. Is it also surprising that the last saint Francis supervisor in this county was forced to resign from her position after being caught perjurizing herself heavily in a court case giving testimony about a family? Did that spawn a review of any of the other thousands cases she had handled? No. If a social worker wants to help families dcf and saint Francis are absolutely not shining choices. Facilities, and outreach programs are much more efficient. As far as what the social workers get who continue to work for these companies, they in my opinion have no moral compass, and enjoy unchecked power, authority, and job security.

  11. I absolutely DESPISE DCF/DCS/CPS. They come in, LEGALLY kidnap your child(ren,) traumatizing and ripping your family to shreds. Tell you that you MUST do exactly what they say, exactly when they say it, EXACTLY how they say to do it, or else. Even if you bend over and lick their assholes clean they will come up with some outrageous accusations claiming it came from your child. They came in and kidnapped my three YOUNG childen, my oldest has dark brown hair and BRIGHT blue eyes however he
    is dyslexia and was molested by my ex husband(my BIG mistake, NO he is NOT the bio to any of kids) three years ago, my middle child who is shy with a speak problem, and my youngest who is now 18 months old, WAS almost completely potty trained, only wore diapers at bed time (not even nap time) just in case. But 9 out of 10 times the diaper would still be dry un the morning. However, my 18 month has severe separation anxiety from me and will go into full blown fits harming herself if/when im not in her sight. My middle and youngest both have blonde hair and BRIGHT blue eyes. All three have deep dimples, with a contagious smile, they’re all intelligent, with the mot amazing, unique personalities, DCF (its called CPS where I live) asked not only the night they came and kidnapped my children, but has asked 15 times in a 67 day period what they can do to/what soothes her. Yet at my visits (when I actually get them) NOT once have ANY of my children misbehaved or have any sort of fit until it comes time to tear them away from me again. The foster home they first placed my children at was supposedly through a Christian based agency, as was the foster home. Forcing my children to not only attend church but forced religion on them (I have NOTHING against Christians nor religion.) I am now on my FORTH visitation agency. Every time a visit schedule is established and is going great the social worker changes the agency. Meaning weeks go by without neing able to see nor talk to my kids. The first time this happened it had been a MONTH after the kidnapping that I hadnt seen my children. The father and I were alloted visits by the courts 2 hour visits, twice a week. I had FINALLY gotten two hours ONCE a week, bright and early in the morning with the agency being over 35 minutes from my house and almost an hour and a half from where my children were placed. Mind you its the law that when placing children, unless it is a HUGE threat, DCF/CPS MUST place the child(ren) within the same community so they can continue attending the same school. My childrwn were placed almost two hours from their community, my oldest went from attending school full time (5days a week, all day) and my middle child went from 4 days a week for 3 and a half hours to no longer attending school what so ever. The reasoning behind taking my children is COMPLETE bulls***. They received a call a YEAR AGO. They came out, began their investigation, due their investigation we complie with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they asked of us. After about two montha of dealing with a crooked social worker, thw accusations were UNFOUNDED, they said our home was safe, and they closed our case. A year, almost to the day, they show up at 8PM and rip our family apart. Their reasoning: we did not comply with the remedial services they offered. They paperwork we received when we were dealinh with our case before they closed our case states otherwise. Its going on three months now of our children not being home with us. Thank God after a HUGE fuss, we got them placed into relative care. However, due to them asking for continuance at our facr finding and coming up with inase new accusations we havent had the chance to present of innocence to the judge yet.

  12. It’s a system that needs some help. The public needs to educate themselves on how things work. I certainly don’t know who is making big money from this because it’s not the SW’s. At least none of them that I’ve worked with and known. I do know it takes a lot of work to have a child place into foster care. And a Judge makes that final decision.
    A SW does not have the power to make that final decision. I’ve also met parents who have discovered that they messed up and made changes to get their kids back. And they do. I’ve met foster parents who bend over backwards for the children and their families. So the system isn’t all bad. It has flaws. Because SW’s are human too.

    1. SW made my entire families life hell for a year. They will stop at nothing to get the federal title IV money. The SW do what her supervisor tells her to do. They came into our house, acted like they owned the place, did the same with my ELDERLY parents, constantly threated to put my blue eyed, blonde haired son into foster care, were always looking for a reason to terminate my rights, went through my medicine cabinet, forced me to take stupid parenting classes, drug screens- even though I’ve NEVER failed one, for a year! They are unscrupulous, power mad idiots and should be shot down like the filthy dogs that they are!

  13. One day someone will ask my story it has to do with a mother who would move heaven and earth to be with her kids, kansas kvc/dcf and a foster family who payed 50 thousand dollars for my daughter thinking they were adopting her. And their father who made mistakes but got EVERYTHING taken from him because of KVC and DCF. They have caused so much pain to my family.

  14. Just remember there are two sides to everything. Last year I was in Arizona and saw way to many crosses to even begin to count. I was wondering what it was about. It looked like a veterans cemetery. No it was not. Each cross represented a child, under the age of 5, who died the previous year to domestic violence. I am sure there is some corruption, but overall we would have many more abused, neglected, and dead children if it were not for DCF. Always do right by your children and there would be so few cases of overreaction of DCF.

  15. This article is absolutely ludicrous….. Why would you believe something that’s is a totally one sided STORY. It’s like reading celebrity magazines. I know people aren’t fans of Child Services but it’s their job and sometimes they have to do the bad stuff. Just like police officers. They are doing their job and it’s not always good! Really people before believing this crazy story get your facts straight.

    1. This SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic and needs to clean up her own life before she’s allowed to mess with other people’s lives

  16. this SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic that need to clean up her own life and shouldn’t be allowed to mess with other peoples lives.

  17. this SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic and needs to clean up her own life before she’s allowed to mess with other peoples lives.

  18. This SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic that needs to clean up her own life before she’s allowed to mess with other people’s.

  19. This SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic and needs to clean up her own life before she’s allowed to mess with other people’s lives.

  20. This SW is a despicable liar and an alcoholic and needs to clean up her own life before she’s allowed to mess with others people’s lives.

  21. Need help DCF take my babys and im really sad and my kids whant to back home and brake my heart every time they tell me they whant to go home! :'(

  22. First of all…

    I am not sure how anyone is getting that the state of KS makes money off of foster care. It is extremely expensive to have a child in foster care and the number 1 goal is to get that child home. The social workers get incentives to get those children home quickly and actually get docked on reports when the children have been in custody too long. The state of KS gives SFCS/KVC a certain daily allowance for each kid in care, they also give that child Medicaid insurance-more state money ( yes there are certain mental health and primary care offices we recommend, why? Because the insurance card covers their services.) SFCS/KVC then pays a portion of that money to the foster placement and the rest is used on Case related expenses: evaluations, transportation, drug testing, clothing, etc. If parents cant afford to do the things requested of them, then we help pay for it. Social workers do not make a lot of money, do not get incentives to get children adopted out of the system (not legally anyway- if that’s happening then that is personal choices and not a system wide approach) and absolutely look at some point for different employment (not because we cant face the “atrocities being committed” but because we get burnt out on caring more for these children then most of their parents do, spending countless hours on the road, and missing out on everything in our own lives. Yes it’s true, most workers come fresh out of school, why? Because these jobs are hard, they’re stressful, the hours put in are not condusive to having a family or social life, (most social workers are salary- not because we’re making bank but because 99% of the time we all work over 40 hours a week and the state cannot afford to pay all of us overtime.) I have worked in child welfare for over 3 years, yes I was one of those straight out of college, I love my job- I love helping kids! Do I plan to stay working in child welfare forever? No they’re is no way- I currently work a schedule regularly of 8am-8pm and am only paid for 40hrs, I’ve put over 50,000 miles in my personal vehicle to transport kids and do visits, and I am on call 24/7. I don’t know what other places do and I can’t 100% say that I always agree with what happens at DCF level but I can tell you this. Social workers do this job because it’s necessary. I have yet to have a kid on my caseload that I truly did not feel they needed to be in care, have we made mistakes? yes, are we proud of that? No but we work ourselves to the breaking point to do everything we can to keep the children in our care safe. If more people thought and acted that way then we would have less need for these programs. I don’t know what happened in this situation but definitely check your facts before you try to tell me that this is all about the money. What is all about the money is the State making cuts to agencies and then requiring the same outcomes with less resources and manpower to complete those requirements. Nothing can be successful and effective if there is not enough resources to do it right.

    1. You know what? FUCK YOU. You assholes tear up families and CPS broke my little boy’s heart. They traumatized everyone in my family to the point where we all felt like criminals. They violated every civil right and Constitutional right we ever had and my dad is a veteran who fought in the war. We were all treated like we committed some horrible crime so unless you’ve personally been victimized by this EVIL organization, take your sympathy with these child trafficking devils somewhere else!

  23. Dcf does not look out for the next interest in the children at all… My daughter admitted her father pushed her into a fan to dcf and they did absolutely nothing i am fighting custody now… Dcf kept her in his home i got a pfa on him dcf overturned the pfa and put her back in his home

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