Video: Colorado Veteran to Kansas state senators – “Give me my children!”

At times tearful, Raymond Schwab addresses the Kansas Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee in regards to a proposed CBD oil bill, on January 21, 2016. (video below)

Raymond, a veteran of the United States Navy, and his wife Amelia had their children taken by the State of Kansas 8 months ago, due to Raymond’s use of medicinal marijuana to treat his PTSD, which is legal in Colorado, where Schwab lives, but illegal in Kansas.

Kansas Judge tells Schwabs “I don’t care what the law in Colorado is”

Read Raymond’s full story

Raymond and Amelia Schwab being interviewed in the Kansas State Capitol, in Topeka.
Raymond and Amelia Schwab being interviewed in the Kansas State Capitol, in Topeka.

The bill, SB2049, would reduce criminal penalties for possession of marijuana from one year in jail and a fine of $2500 to 6 months in jail, and a $1,000 fine, and would make a second offense a misdemeanor, if passed. Currently, a second time possession of marijuana is a felony.

An amendment to that bill, proposed by Senator John Wilson, would allow for CBD oil to be used by epilepsy patients, but not by patients of various other ailments who say they would benefit from the medicine.

Voters in Wichita approved a ballot measure last year to reduce the penalties for first time possession of marijuana to a $50 fine, without the possibility of jail time. The state has sued, and the Kansas Supreme Court has heard arguments from both sides, but has not yet released a verdict on the issue.

8 thoughts on “Video: Colorado Veteran to Kansas state senators – “Give me my children!”

  1. Kansas hits below the belt as usual. To take away this couple’s children and make the entire family suffer is morally shameful. The judge should care why this man was prescribed the medicine and it doesn’t matter that it isn’t approved Iin Kansas,my he wasn’t abusing it. This man served his country helping to keep that idiot judge to go on bein g a judge. I hope Kansas wakes up and the Kansas Suprem Court allows the use of this type medicine to those that need it. Now doctors would make that decision and most would try a patient on other medicines first. Doctors have become very strict on pain medicines.

    1. Please respond to this. I fell across your website and i’m in desperate need of help.I will also devote my time to anyone who needs mine. My daughters were sexually abused. My youngest was placed with the perpetrator. I have sole custody of my oldest. I cant get into the county. Its the good o’l boy system. He is protected. I have legal documentation to back my story 100% My child is in danger PLEASE PLEASE. I will explain in detail, facts, and not emotion. I WANT MY LITTLE GIRL BACK. THREE KANSAS ORGANIZATIONS WERE INSTRUMENTAL IN RUINING OUR LIVES AND LETTING MY YOUNGEST CONTINUE TO BE ABUSED> THE COURTS WERE FULLY AWARE HE WAS A SUBSTANTIATED> ABUSER

  2. How can they take their kids away if they live in colorado who cares where they are from? This is ridiculous cbd oil is federally legal in all 50 states, and most states have decriminalized cannabis, wtf were they thinking?!!He could have been doing much worse instead of a harmless plant. he could have been cooking meth or shooting up, this system is screwed up!!

  3. A little research goes a long way.

    Kansas did not take the children. They were given to the sherriff with the statement that they were abandoned by a relative.

    The state is not returning the children to their parents is a true statement.

    Based on the information that I have been able to find there is no reason for the state to continue to hold the children. They should be returned immediately.

      1. You are correct. My concern is why the government didn’t find this veteran the medical care he needed for the PTSD. We tend to forget our veterans serve our country and we bring them home never knowing exactly what they have gone thru and then forget about them. Why didn’t someone help this family immediately deal first with the PTSD.

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