Kansas Supreme Court releases verdict on Wichita Marijuana Reform

The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled against the City of Wichita in regards to the Wichita Marijuana Reform Initiative, which was approved by Wichita voters in the April 2015 election. The initiative changed first time possession of under one ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor offense carrying a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $2500 fine, to an infraction with a maximum penalty of $50.

Marijuana Reform Initiative organizer Esau Freeman, after winning on election night.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt filed a lawsuit against the City of Wichita to prevent the implementation of the new ordinance, and both sides presented their arguments to the Kansas Supreme Court last year. Today’s decision cited the claim that the petitioners failed to file a copy of the proposed ordinance change with the City Clerk when they submitted the petition, despite the fact that the City Attorney helped draft the ordinance on orders issued by the City Council.

8 thoughts on “Kansas Supreme Court releases verdict on Wichita Marijuana Reform

  1. Denied on a technicality. Kansas Democratic Caucus Day is March 5 2016 1pm to 5pm. Attend and support Sanders for legal cannabis. Gary Johnson is a good Libertarian cannabis choice. These Kansas mainstream Republicans are the front for the Oligarchy here. Oppressive bad government REMAINS oppressive bad government. :-)

  2. The “technicality” was caused by the individuals who submitted the petition, who either got bad advice from their lawyers, or didn’t listen to them. It is not the government’s obligation to craft such documents,
    Even if the “technicality” hadn’t existed, the law clearly wouldn’t have allowed the City of Wichita to pass and enact such an ordinance, regardless of the will of the people.
    If you want to change the laws, you HAVE TO change them at the state and federal level. Municipal governments don’t have power to usurp the authority of state or federal jurisdictions.
    Yeah, I know that’s harder than browbeating the local city council and their lawyers, but at the end of the day you just wasted everybody’s time on this issue.

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