KanCare loophole threatens six-year-old’s life

In late July of last year, single father Jacob Rackler learned that his son, six-year-old Taylen, was suffering from a coarctation of the aorta, with hypoplasia aorta. In other words, Taylen requires open heart surgery.

Jacob Rackler, with his son, Taylen.
Jacob Rackler, with his son, Taylen.

At the time, Taylen was insured through Kansas’ state insurance, KanCare. Unfortunately, KanCare denied Rackler’s claim, because Rackler wants Taylen’s surgery to be performed out of state, in Aurora, Colorado, which is the recommendation of Taylen’s cardiologist.

Rackler attempted to file an appeal with the Kansas Insurance Commissioner, only to learn that the Insurance Commissioner’s office cannot investigate claims filed against KanCare.

Taylen could receive treatment in the Kansas City area, but the doctors in Kansas City want to give Taylen three separate surgeries, whereas the doctors in Aurora will solve Taylen’s problems with one surgery, as recommended by Taylen’s cardiologist.

Because he does not want Taylen to risk three open heart surgeries, Rackler had Taylen placed on his private insurance, through his employer, but Blue Cross Blue Shield’s coverage will leave Rackler with a $27,000 shortage, which does not include travel expenses, nor the work that Rackler will miss, unpaid.

Rackler has set up a fundraiser to help cover this shortage:

Taylen’s Heart


3 thoughts on “KanCare loophole threatens six-year-old’s life

  1. This is not an insurance or welfare problem, this is a disagreement among the various doctors. He is not being denied care, he is being denied the care that his father wants him to have. There is no reason to believe that the alternative in Kansas City is substandard.

  2. I agree Spent Penny. Sometimes we DON’T get what we want. KC can do what is needed. Dad can travel back and forth so he will miss less work and child can get the required cure. I’m sorry, Go Fund Me is greatly over used.

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