Kansas Sentencing Commission: Prosecutors are wrong about marijuana

Prosecutors defend harsh marijuana laws by claiming that marijuana sales are generally associated with violent crime. However, according to data collected by the Kansas Sentencing Commission, this is not true.

Scott Schultz, Executive Director of the Kansas Sentencing Commission, testified in favor of H.B. 2049, a bill that will reduce the penalty for possession of marijuana from one year in jail and a $2500 fine, down to six months in jail, and a $1,000 fine. The bill will also reduce the penalty for a second offense from a felony to a class A misdemeanor.

Schultz stated that prosecutors’ claims of marijuana offenses being linked to violent crime are anecdotal, and that the data collected by the state shows that marijuana offenses are not linked to violent crime.

According to Schultz’ testimony, in 2015, in Kansas, there were 931 convictions for marijuana offenses, and in 916 of those convictions, there was no associated person felony, which means that only 1.6% of the marijuana convictions in the state were associated with violent crime.

The bill to reduce the penalties passed the Senate yesterday, and is expected to become law after the House debates further amendments.

3 thoughts on “Kansas Sentencing Commission: Prosecutors are wrong about marijuana

  1. you can’t blame cannabis users for violent cartel, and drug traffickers for profit, who carry guns, with the public who use cannabis who are a very peaceful lot, and you have no reason to correlate the violence with cannabis criminals in any way with the public , your position is not backed by scientific studies, of witch there are thousands, and you have a total lack of knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, witch is in the bodies of all mammals , but very important for us, because many of todays illnesses in humans is caused by a lack of endocannabinoids , in other words……..our bodies slowed down, or stopped in the production of endogenous cannabinoids within us, examples of this are Alzheimer’s , and epilepsy, witch nothing can work better than cannabis , because it works within the biological system of our bodies, like it or not Every healthy man woman , and child on the face of of the planet are using cannabis that is made within their own bodies at this very second , that is why cannabis is completely nontoxic, because we are chemically one with the plant, so stop your draconian view from the dark ages of refer madness, perpetuated by crooked politicians , who were racially prejudice white trash that sided with big money to take this miraculous plant away from the public.

  2. Interestingly, prohibition caused violent crime to skyrocket and many cops got killed over it. It was the legalization of alcoholic beverages that brought crime back down. So even IF these guys are right, they are the instigators of the violent crime.

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